51 Black and White Rugs with Striking High-Contrast Appeal

A stylish black and white rug can be a versatile addition to your interior decor repertoire, easy to coordinate with an exceptionally diverse range of color palettes. In this post, we’ve collected our favorite black and white rugs currently available across the web. This guide spans from luxury handwoven rugs by today’s top textiles designers to budget-friendly selections intended for active environments, from large area rugs to small bathroom or patio accents, from classic Persian-inspired designs to fresh modern picks for the trendsetter– there’s something here for every style and every budget.

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Minimalist Black and White Rug for Living Room: Simple abstract patterns are perfect for modern living spaces. This piece features a minimalistic look that shifts subtly between black and white for visual interest that won’t overwhelm its surrounding decor. This rug is made from smart synthetic fibers that are easy to clean, perfect for areas that might see heavier levels of foot traffic.


Modern Abstract Black and White Area Rug: Gorgeous marbling gives this black and white area rug an aesthetic that feels at once artistic and wonderfully opulent. Choose from five sizes to suit a wide variety of placement possibilities. Each size features an all-over pattern that makes arrangement easy.

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Stain-Resistant Black and White Abstract Rug: Bold veins of crisp black traverse the surface of this striking area rug like deep cracks in pavement – a fantastic complement for interior themes that lean toward urban or industrial luxury. This rug is available in a variety of versatile rectangular sizes, round sizes to suit round dining tables, and long runners to decorate hallways.

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Ralph Lauren Black and White Rug: Texture can transform the atmosphere of any room. This gorgeous area rug by Lauren Ralph Lauren is woven from thick yarns worked into an almost bubble-like pile sure to feel especially satisfying underfoot, all while retaining a clean and minimalist aesthetic. Each one is handmade from 100% wool for luxury you can see and feel.

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Eclipse White and Black Area Rug: Inspired by the phases of the moon, this creative black and white area rug is sure to capture attention with its playful geometric patterning. This piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans using a combination of durable wool and light silky viscose – it’s best for accent placements away from unusually heavy foot traffic.

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Chillida Black and White Abstract Rug: With the Chillida rug series, luxury textile house Nanimarquina drew inspiration from the etchings and lithographs of famed Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida – each of the five rug designs reflect a different facet of his diverse creative output. Each rug is a potent conversation-starter, the 100% New Zealand wool construction ensuring lasting satisfaction underfoot.

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Black and White Striped Area Rug: Looking for a rug design sure to turn heads? This piece features bold black and white stripes sure to set the tone for any room they grace. Flatwoven area rugs like this one are especially resilient, favored for their chic minimalism in refined interior themes. This rug is completely reversible.

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Melange Black White and Red Rug: Inspired by traditional kilim carpets, the fascinating Melange area rug showcases incredibly bold contrast and chic geometric themes. Despite its contemporary aesthetic, each rug in the Melange collection is produced from hand-spun Afghan wool using techniques that have been passed down through generations for true heirloom quality.

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GAN Tasili Black and White Area Rug: Designed by Sandra Figuerola for GAN, the exciting Tasili area rug features a flatwoven kilim construction adorned with bold modern patterns in white over black. Choose from three sizes, each one made from pure wool and capped with a colorful orange border on each end.

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Southwestern Black, White, and Gold Rug: A stepped diamond pattern adorns the surface of this flatwoven 100% wool area rug, invoking classic southwestern aesthetics viewed through a minimalist modern lens. Small triangles of gold decorate each end of this black and white rug to provide an unexpected pop of color.

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Modern Black and White Zebra Rug: Designed by Jonathan Adler and handcrafted from pure 100% llama wool, this fun zebra-print rug offers an adventurous look sure to give interiors a splash of exciting Pop Art appeal. If you’re not fully committed to the black and white theme, this rug is also available in a spectrum of bright hues.


Modern Black and White Snake Rug: Bold and edgy, the Thomas Paul Serpent Rug is sure to make a bold impression in any room. Use this piece in a freestanding placement where its artistic snake motif can be fully appreciated. Choose from a range of versatile sizes, each one made with a 100% polypropylene pile for excellent resistance against stains.


Black and White Faux Cowhide Rug: Cowhide is a classic rug material that remains favored for interiors with a rustic, mid-century, or southwestern theme – this glamorous design offers the same natural appeal, but it’s made from 100% synthetic materials sure to satisfy even the most dedicated animal-lover. This black and white faux cowhide is specked with gold for opulent undertones.

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Black and White Polar Bear Rug: Teresa Moorhouse created the charming Polar Bear rug as an animal-friendly selection sure to bring warmth to any room. This piece is handwoven from pure 100% wool with strict dedication to ethical production along every step of the process.

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Checkerboard Black and White Patterned Rug: Checker patterns can be dressed up or dressed down to suit any occasion. This handsome flatwoven rug is hand-loomed from a mixture of llama wool and sheep wool. When flipped, this reversible rug features the opposite colors on the other side.


Black and White Chevron Wool Rug: Stylish chevron stripes ensure this area rug will serve as a true focal point, ideal for modern interiors that make use of bold patterns and geometric details. This piece features a soft 100% wool pile and a strong cotton backing. Choose from a wide range of size options to suit any setting.

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Plush Black and White Damask Rug: Oversized patterns can bring balance to many types of interior decor themes. This area rug features an upscaled damask pattern in rich black over white, the edges of the pattern carved to create a three-dimensional effect. Choose from three sizes. This rug features a polyester pile for resistance against common stains.

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Easy-Care Black and White Persian Rug: Bold black and white palettes aren’t only found within modern rug designs. This piece features a classic Persian-inspired pattern for truly timeless appeal. Use to lend a formal touch to spaces like dining rooms, entryways, and more.

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Classic Medallion Black and White Rug: This beautifully intricate area rug features a classic medallion and border pattern, refined to stark black and white with shades of grey throughout. Choose from a range of sizes – the smallest ideal for doormats and the largest perfect for the most spacious rooms throughout your home.

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Traditional Black and White Area Rug: This traditional area rug features a classic Persian pattern rendered in a contemporary greyscale theme – fabulously easy to coordinate. This rug is crafted with a plush polypropylene pile for durability to suit family homes and high-traffic areas. Use in casual settings and formal settings alike.

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Cynthia Rowley Black and White Floral Rug: For a chic and stylized take on the classic floral rug, this Cynthia Rowley design is an enchanting option to consider. This piece features a minimalistic take on botanical styling all rendered in rich charcoal over a sandy ivory base. This rug is actually machine washable for easy upkeep in active homes.

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Greek Key Black and White Round Rug: The classic Greek key pattern gets a glam reinterpretation with this gorgeous round rug by Jonathan Adler. This piece features a flatwoven composition made with a blend of llama wool and sheep wool, the edges decorated with a crisp meander in deep black over an earthy white.

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Keith Haring Black and White Rug: Artist, activist, and advocate Keith Haring was widely known for his trademark doodle style of artwork – some of his most famous characters and motifs are beautifully captured in the Block Party area rug by Ruggable. Each one is machine washable.

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Contemporary Black and White Geometric Rug: A geometric trellis is tempered by the organic appeal of wavering lines within this gorgeous area rug from Erin Gates. This piece is actually designed for use inside or outside of the home, fantastic for your most demanding placements like dining rooms or backyard patios.

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Black and White Wool Area Rug: Ideal for interior themes like minimalist modern, mid-century, Scandinavian hygge, or boho-chic, this striking area rug is sure to delight with its bright and breezy look. This piece is handwoven from New Zealand wool with practical cotton for dependable comfort underfoot even in your most intimate interior settings.

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Moroccan Black and White Rug 8×10: A bold ridged texture brings dimensional appeal to this beautiful Moroccan trellis area rug design by Chris Loves Julia. This piece breaks away from stark paper white and embraces a warm cream tone to accommodate interiors that revolve around an earthier palette. Choose from a range of rug sizes for any setting.

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Boho Chevron Stripe Black and White Rug: Bold texture makes every inch of this area rug feel complex and dimensional. This piece begins with a resilient flatwoven base, with wavering chevron stripes looped across the surface – at intervals, these stripes become tufted pile that beckons the touch. This handwoven accent is exciting from every angle.

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Moroccan Black White and Grey Rug: Hight-low pile construction makes this shaggy area rug feel especially warm and welcoming, the plush pile softening the otherwise crisp geometric patterns that play over the top. Use this area rug to flatter interior themes like bohemian, Scandinavian, or southwestern.

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Black and White Moroccan Rug 9×12: It can be difficult to find area rugs made to accommodate larger rooms – this design is available in a range of larger formats. The flatwoven surface provides a resilient base for active interior environments while the raised trellis beckons attention with its rich texture. Generous braided fringes cap each end and punctuate the edges at intervals.

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Moroccan Black and White Shaggy Rug: Ultra-shaggy pile outlines every zig-zag stripe that meanders across the surface of this creative Moroccan rug design, the long yarns building strong texture against a flatwoven base. Although this piece is made from luxurious handwoven wool, its unique fringed pile would be best suited for areas that experience low to moderate foot traffic.

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Shaggy Striped Black and White Wool Rug: Thick flokati-style rugs are a favorite among devotees of the comfort-centric Scandinavian hygge style. This attractive rug combines the classic comfort of plush 100% wool pile with minimalistic stripes sure to fit with even the most modern interior spaces. This rug is available in a handful of colorways and size options.

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Geometric White and Black Rug for Living Room: Dotted lines allow this area rug to boast an on-trend diamond lattice motif without appearing overly heavy. This rug is handmade from wool in a plush yet easy-to-maintain pile, each end capped with a strong braided fringe for a casual bohemian look.

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Handwoven Black and White Wool Rug: This bright white and black area rug features a classic medallion and border pattern rendered with a streamlined look, each line appearing almost hand-drawn for a touch of charming rustic appeal. This beautifully hand-tufted wool rug would look right at home in a casual farmhouse or cottage chic interior.


Easy-Clean Black and White Striped Rug: Offset stripes give this area rug a chic contemporary look, easy to coordinate with a wide variety of decor styles. Choose from light grey and white or black and white. This rug is available in five adaptable size options. Stain-resistant construction makes these rugs ideal for active living rooms and demanding indoor placements like playrooms or nurseries.


Handmade Black and White Bathroom Rug: Your bathroom deserves better than the classic shag bathmat – and companies like Quiet Town are here to provide an alternative. The handsome Topanga bath rug is woven in a trendy kilim style with an organic triangle pattern in black over ivory white. Handwoven construction lends artisanal appeal that can benefit any well-decorated bathroom.


Bath Rug with Black and White Stripes: Woven from cotton and polyester, this casual fringed rug is perfect for accent placements that call for chic simplicity. Use beside the bathtub, in front of the kitchen sink, at a quiet entryway, or right beside the bed. This piece is available in sizes up to 4×6.


Moroccan Black and White Bath Rug: This dark black rug is decorated with a bright white lattice pattern, each diamond filled with delicate pinstripes. Simple fringes cap each end. Use to bring a pop of contrast and drama to a stylish modern bathroom theme.


Plaid Black and White Kitchen Rug: Looking for a way to bring the buffalo check trend to your favorite spaces around the home? This resilient rug is sure to satisfy. The runner format is fantastic for hallways and kitchens while the smaller form factors are great for layering beneath welcome mats and other accent rugs. Get creative with bold color pairings.

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Johanna Gullichsen Black and White Rug: The eye-catching Gaia rug is a design by Johanna Gullichsen that combines bold graphic patterns with irresistibly sophisticated materials, the rug woven from premium cashmere wool with just a hint of the finest cotton. This piece measures just slightly larger than 5×7.

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Black and White Stripe Rug 8×10: Rhythmic offset stripes bring bold graphic appeal to this black and white rug by Safavieh. This flattering accent is flatwoven for dependable resilience, the yarns spun from practical cotton sure to feel soft and satisfying underfoot. Looking for something a little brighter? This rug is available in 10 playful color combinations.

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Black and White Geometric Rug: A clean geometric pattern stretches across this area rug with exceptionally crisp lines well-suited to the most minimalistic or industrial interior themes. As a premium selection from Ruggable, this piece is easily machine-washable – great for family homes and bustling living environments.


Geometric Round Black and White Rug: Oversized geometric patterns make this dazzling modern rug an especially potent focal point. This piece is made from resilient synthetic fibers that resist staining and fading. Choose from sizes ranging from small doormats to expansive area rugs. Shapes include round, rectangular, and square.

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Wool Black and White Moroccan Rug: While area rug trends have been dominated by the breezy white Moroccan rug aesthetic, those with edgier tastes might consider flipping the palette to enjoy a more modern and dramatic aesthetic. This rug is handmade from premium wool to satisfy comfort cravings in any room of the home.

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Tufted Black and White Rug 8×10: Plush tufted pile makes this black and white area rug feel luxuriously comfortable, while the 100% polypropylene rug composition ensures practical appeal even within homes that host pets or children. This piece is also available in a light grey color palette and a fun multicolor palette.


Flatwoven Black and White Area Rug 5×7: Flatwoven from thick yarns of black and white cotton, this kilim-inspired rug showcases a smart geometric style woven into the structure of the rug itself. This resilient piece is available in sizes ranging from 5×7 all the way to 10×14.


Black and White Striped and Dotted Rug: Handcrafted construction lends irresistible charm to this playful modern rug design. This piece features plush wool pile for dependable comfort underfoot, ideal for placements like bedrooms and nurseries. Choose from a range of colorways and sizing options.

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Modern Black, White, and Grey Rug: This striking Bauhaus-inspired area rug features two greyscale arches that meet right in the middle for a strong geometric look. Although white area rugs may cause some decorators to pause, this design offers machine-washable convenience to keep your investment looking fresh and clean even in active environments.

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Flatwoven Black White and Grey Area Rug: The incredible Tres area rug by Nanimarquina is a traditional handloomed dhurrie made using an intriguing combination of wool, cotton, and felt throughout. The textures intermingle to create a sense of dimension throughout the weave. It’s an area rug that celebrates the process just as much as it celebrates the result itself.

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Patterned Black and White Patio Rug: Stylish flooring isn’t just for interiors. This beautiful area rug is woven from durable weather-resistant materials sure to stand up to the demands of patio and poolside placements, stylish enough for hardwearing indoor spaces like kitchens and dining rooms as well. This rug is available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

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Traditional Black and White Outdoor Rug: Want to make your outdoor seating areas feel as comfortable and welcoming as your interior spaces? This piece features a traditional aesthetic that would look right at home within the grandest living room. This rug is available in a variety of neutral colorways in addition to vibrant hues.

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Modern Outdoor Black and White Rug: Make a bold modern statement anywhere inside or outside of your home with this exciting piece woven from 100% polypropylene for true weather-resistant appeal. This fun geometric design is finished with a light fringe on each end.

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