51 LED Desk Lamps For Stylish Everyday Productivity

LED offers an abundance of advantages when it comes to task lighting. First, it’s more energy efficient and the bulbs run cooler for better comfort at your workspace. The technology also offers greater potential for adjustability, with many LED lamps allowing for on-the-fly adjustability for color temperature and intensity. And in many cases, today’s smart LED arrays also allow for unique lamp forms that would be impossible with traditional bulbs. We’ve collected a compilation of designer-quality LED desk lamps from around the web – something for every style and every workflow.

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Louis Poulsen Yuh LED Desk Lamp: The sculptural Yuh lamp by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi is a true work of modern artwork for the desk. The angular shade can be raised or lowered to meet your specific lighting requirements, casting glare-free illumination across your workspace.

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Minimalist LED Desk Lamp: Smooth continuous construction simplifies and redefines the standard desk lamp format. The beautiful Tip table lamp by Jens Fager features subtle adjustability, with the angle and the brightness of the lighting easily adjustable to suit the task at hand.


LED Desk Lamp with Marble Base: For a more traditional look, this handsome Jonathan Y table lamp boasts a timeless combination of brass and solid marble. The included LED bulb casts soft warm illumination but can be replaced with your own choice of bulb – even smart bulbs.

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Menu Phare LED Desk Lamp: Designed by Stanislaw Czarnocki for Menu, the Phare LED desk lamp is rechargeable so that it can be used without a power outlet. Take it with you to cast gentle illumination across your desk, your dining table, beside the bed, or wherever you find inspiration.

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LED Desk Lamp with Concrete Base: Glamorous and industrial themes meet in the Layla table lamp by Hudson Valley. This gorgeous design features a concrete base for excellent stability, the shade gently curved for gentle but direct illumination. This piece is compatible with dimmer components to provide even more control.

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Jellyfish LED Desk Lamp: This unique desk lamp combines Art Deco sophistication with modern technology. The glossy black lamp shade conceals a small LED array, the light travelling down the acrylic base to give the illusion of illumination from within. Use this piece to enhance the ambiance of your study space or work desk.

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Solid Wood LED Desk Lamp: Wood desk lamps provide a warm and welcoming alternative in a product category often defined by metal. This piece is handcrafted from solid wood, fitted with an integrated LED array and touch-sensitive dimmer. Use to complement a range of decor themes from mid-century modern to industrial and more.


Balancing Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp: With its weighty octagonal base and lightweight LED array, this unique desk lamp appears to defy gravity through a creative balancing act. Touch-sensitive controls allow you to control the lighting across four levels of brightness. Adjust the angle simply by balancing the lamp on various edges of the octagon.


Adjustable Wood LED Desk Lamp: Enjoy the warm touch of natural wood without sacrificing exceptional adjustability with this unique handcrafted desk lamp. Simply adjust the dowels to create your ideal illumination angle. This piece is available in three versatile finish options.


Minimalist Wood LED Desk Lamp: This beautifully handmade desk lamp features touch-sensitive controls glued between the layers of bent plywood, allowing for a smooth minimalistic look without any distracting buttons. Plug into your nearest USB and enjoy streamlined lighting anywhere in the home.


Unique Magnetic LED Desk Lamp: Mix work and play with a creatively constructed Heng lamp. Rather than utilizing an ordinary switch to turn on the light, this piece features magnets embedded in balls of wood. The light turns on when the magnets are brought together – and then they hang in a whimsical, gravity-defying balance. Simply move the magnets apart to turn the light off.

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Pablo LED Clamp Desk Lamp: Clamp lamps are a fantastic space-saving solution for tables and desks – securing to the edge rather than taking up surface area on the top. This beautiful design by Dana Cannam is crafted from natural wood, the clamp pads lined with leather to protect your table. The colorful cord adds a touch of modern style.

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Leucos Leva LED Table Lamp: Massimo Iosa Ghini created a brilliant marriage of adjustability and natural appeal with the wooden Leva Evo desk lamp. A flat LED array provides beautifully even light, while expert architecture allows for endless positioning possibilities.


Portable Modern LED Desk Lamp: This portable LED lamp can follow you from work to adventure to relaxation all with its smart multipurpose design. Set this piece on its base to provide directional lighting at the desk, use the base as a handle to use as a soft flashlight while on the move, or expand the body like a paper lantern to provide gentle ambient illumination.


A-Frame Wooden LED Desk Lamp: This charming LED desk lamp sits on an a-frame base, the light box able to swivel around in whichever direction you want. Point directly at your work surface to illuminate the task at hand or point directly upward for environmental lighting instead.

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Marset LED Desk Lamp with Wood Shade: Utilizing a traditional silhouette, the Ginger Table Lamp by Marset provides functional LED lighting with a timeless aesthetic. Materials take center stage – the honed wood shade and matte metal finishes allow the quality of craft to shine through with clarity.

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Red Bellhop Portable LED Desk Lamp: Cordless and conveniently rechargeable, the handy Bellhop LED desk lamp provides high-end style with excellent portability. This piece features a sleek bell-shaped design in a luxuriously glossy finish, the warm direct lighting allowing for late-night productivity without any eyestrain.

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Muuto Leaf LED Desk Lamp: Leaf is a playful LED desk lamp by design duo Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle, its organic asymmetric shape intended to present a friendly first impression. Select from a range of matte finishes to suit even the most modern office themes.

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LED Desk Lamp with Yellow Shade: Created by French designer Inga Sempé for Hay, the Matin table lamp combines contemporary LED functionality with a clever pleated shade – an homage to sophisticated classic lamp styles. In addition to the playful yellow pictured here, this piece is also available in nearly every color of the rainbow.


Cactus Gooseneck LED Desk Lamp: Bring a playful touch of nature to your desk or study space with this charming cactus-shaped desk lamp and pencil holder combination. The gooseneck design makes it easy to direct the light right where you need it. This piece is rechargeable and portable for on-the-go illumination.

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Jaime Hayón Portable LED Desk Lamp: Prolific designer Jaime Hayón drew inspiration from mushrooms for the Setago LED desk lamp – a unique portable design that balances work and play in every detail. A small brass dimmer switch allows the brightness to be adjusted.

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Foscarini Binic LED Desk Lamp: The charming Binic LED desk lamp is a design by Ionna Vautrin, named after a lighthouse in her hometown and inspired by the shape of nautical windsocks. This charming design casts directed illumination much like a spotlight, perfect for task lighting in the office or around the home.

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Herman Miller Ode LED Desk Lamp: London-based designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin created the Ode desk lamp with an emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, and refined aesthetics. This piece features a spun steel shade that directs the illumination cast by its anti-glare LED array, providing even lighting across the workspace. Simply tap the base or the stem to adjust the brightness. Choose from a white or black finish.

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Circa LED Desk Lamp: The humble task lamp has been smartly refined with Circa by luxury lighting studio Pablo. Where you might expect an ordinary shade, this piece instead features a streamlined disk embedded with glare-free LEDs – tilt this piece freely to adjust the direction of the lighting. This piece is available in white and grey.

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Flos Tab White LED Desk Lamp: British design duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby created the Tab LED desk lamp to provide a chic modern take on the classic banker’s lamp silhouette. The aluminum body is outfitted with a soft porcelain reflector that can be adjusted on the fly to direct the lighting right where you need it most.


White Dog-Shaped LED Desk Lamp: This charming LED lamp is a friend you can depend on – a great way to brighten your workspace while also brightening your mood. This piece features a built-in rechargeable battery so you can take it with you.

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Wooden Giraffe LED Desk Lamp: Timeless wood construction meets playful styling with this handmade giraffe-inspired LED desk lamp design. Adjust the shape to create the perfect lighting experience.


Wooden Dog-Shaped LED Desk Lamp: This friend-shaped lamp can be adjusted to mimic the mannerisms of a real dog – sitting up, laying down, ready to play – all while allowing for smart directional lighting to suit your current task. This piece would make a fun gift for a student or dog lover.


Adjustable Dog-Shaped LED Desk Lamp: Here is another dog-shaped lamp, this time with a square lampshade for a smart retro look. Select from three wood finishes to best suit your decor preferences.


Wooden Dinosaur LED Desk Lamp: Attractively sculpted from start to finish, this playful LED desk lamp is shaped like a cute t-rex with endless adjustability options. This piece features touch-activated controls for power and brightness.


Wood and Brass LED Desk Lamp: Mid-century modern styling meets contemporary technology with this super-sleek LED desk lamp. A brass base provides a glamorous counterbalance to the comforting wood LED housing, a timeless combination of materials for a sophisticated workspace.

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Theia M LED Desk Lamp: The sculptural Theia M lamp is a Marset design inspired by the sun and moon. This piece features an LED array hidden beneath a glare-free diffuser, a glass shade softening the light toward the top while allowing clear illumination to fall upon the table below. Swivel the face to enjoy direct task lighting or ambient lighting to suit your needs.


Brass Globe USB LED Desk Lamp: Made to look like a traditional globe-style lamp, this piece provides modern adjustability with a classic look. Select from a number of LED brightness settings for a customized lighting experience.

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Minimalist Gold LED Desk Lamp: This design by Astro Lighting refines the LED desk lamp to its most basic form. This piece features a stable base, a slender body, and a cylinder-shaped shade component that can be tilted 90 degrees and rotated with a 330 degree range of motion. Select from gold, white, or black matte finishes.


Traditional-Style Brass LED Desk Lamp: Perfect for mid-century and traditional office themes, this Adesso lamp offers a classic look with all the advantages of modern LED technology. A switch in the base makes it easy to select from 5 color temperatures while a built-in USB port allows you to conveniently charge your devices while you work.

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LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging Pad: This beautiful brass and black LED desk lamp features a long adjustable arm to provide direct over-task lighting for clear directed illumination. The base includes a built-in USB charging port, and the surface also doubles as a wireless charging dock for Qi-compatible phones.

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Glam Spiral Gold LED Desk Lamp: Looking for something with artistic appeal? This spiral-shaped desk lamp features a sculptural shape that twists upward, one side finished in gold and the other boasting a smooth integrated LED array. Use a design like this one to provide even ambient lighting at your workspace.


Spiral-Shaped Modern LED Desk Lamp: This spiral-shaped LED desk lamp is available with gold or silver detailing for modern coordination possibilities. Simply touch the surface of this lamp to cycle between brightness settings for a tailored illumination experience.


Twist LED Desk Lamp: This simple twist-shaped LED desk lamp is well-suited for smaller work surfaces where you might not have space for a larger lamp design. The non-slip base ensures secure placement.

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Minimalist Curved LED Desk Lamp: Beautifully simple design allows this LED desk lamp to suit even the most minimalistic workspace themes. Work without distraction – this piece leans smoothly over the work surface to provide focused yet directed illumination. Touch the gorgeous wooden stand to adjust brightness.


Magnetic Mini LED Desk Lamp: This creative desk lamp design features a magnetic base, allowing the angle of the light to be adjusted in a clever and fun-to-use way. This piece does not come with the LED bulb included, allowing you to select your own preferred light temperature and intensity.


Folding Rose Gold LED Desk Lamp: Perfect for small spaces, this rechargeable LED desk lamp folds away neatly between uses – throw it in your laptop case or backpack for convenient illumination on the go.

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Koncept Designer LED Desk Lamp : Koncept is a luxury lighting brand that emphasizes industrial aesthetics and precision engineering. The Equo LED desk lamp features an exceptionally thin body for a lightweight look, the lamp carefully counterbalanced to provide illumination that stretches across your workspace.

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Pablo Superlight LED Desk Lamp: The sleek and modern Superlight LED desk lamp by Pablo is a fully streamlined design made with pure functionality in mind. A full range of motion allows for custom-tailored lighting, while the bright base color options allow for creative coordination possibilities.

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Copernica Adjustable LED Desk Lamp: Copernica is an LED desk lamp by Ramirez i Carrillo that draws functional inspiration from Alexander Calder’s iconic mobiles – tilt the shade with only the lightest touch and enjoy the full 360-degree rotation of the arm for flexible directed illumination.


Highly Adjustable LED Desk Lamp: Cycle between four color temperatures and seven brightness levels to create the perfect LED lighting situation for your specific preferences. This adjustable LED desk lamp swivels, rotates, and bends for excellent versatility. Use the built-in USB charging port to keep your devices topped up as you work.


Wooden LED Clamp Desk Lamp: Gooseneck lamps allow for endless positioning possibilities, ideal for those with highly specific illumination requirements. This piece features chunky wood elements for a creative look, outfitted with a wooden clamp for secure placement at the edge of a table or shelf.


LED Clamp Desk Lamp: Clamp lamps like this one are ideal for small workspaces, small desks, and unconventional arrangements. Simply clamp the lighting to any sufficiently thin surface to keep your workspace clean and clear. This piece features stepless dimming and adjustable color temperature functionality.


LED Desk Lamp with Bladeless Fan: This convenient LED desk lamp includes a bit of unconventional functionality – a bladeless fan built right into the base, allowing you to keep cool without the noise of a standard fan.


Gooseneck OttLite LED Desk Lamp: OttLite’s FlexNeck desk lamp provides excellent flexibility for directed task lighting in any environment. Choose from three brightness settings. This piece illuminates with a daylight tone – ideal for creative tasks that require color accuracy.

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Artemide Equilibrist LED Desk Lamp: With its double-ended design, the beautiful Equilibrist desk lamp by Artemide is ideal for large home workspaces where you may need to move around the table as you tackle various tasks. Each side operates on separate dimmer switches for a customized lighting experience.

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