Auba Studio converts 1980s bakery in Spain into industrial NZ10 Apartment

Interior of NZ10 Apartment in Spain by Auba Studio

Raw materials and exposed fittings bring an industrial character to this apartment in Palma, Spain, which was converted from a former bakery by local architect Auba Studio.

The 1980s bakery, which is located on the ground floor of a residential block, was stripped back by Auba Studio to reveal its high ceilings and bare structure.

Living room of NZ10 Apartment in former bakery
Auba Studio has converted a bakery into the NZ10 Apartment

Instead of compartmentalising the 106-square-metre space, named NZ10 Apartment, it is split lengthways by a half-height room divider that is made of wood and incorporates shelving.

This separates a kitchen, dining and living area on one side from a bedroom and bathroom on the other, while still allowing light to flow in from adjoining patios.

Open-plan living space with wooden room divider by Auba Studio
The space is split by a large wooden room divider

Overlooked through full-height sliding doors, a rear patio area was created in place of the bakery’s former kitchen, which was demolished as part of the project.

At the front of NZ10 Apartment, a thin landscaped area has been created between a wall of full-height glazing and a screen of vertical steel slats that provide privacy from the street.

Bedroom of NZ10 Apartment that opens onto a courtyard
It has an industrial aesthetic

“This landscape is maximised due to the great interior-exterior relationship that has been fostered throughout the house,” said Auba studio.

“This achieves a feeling of spaciousness, since the patios, front and rear, are visually part of the interior.”

The large areas of glazing at either end of NZ10 Apartment help to ensure the entirety of the deep plan is naturally lit, aided by a large area of skylights at the rear of the building framed by a timber ceiling.

Inside, the concrete and steel frame of the structure has been painted white, with a single concrete column left exposed at the centre.

Entrance to Spanish apartment by Auba Studio
Steel slats give privacy to the home

Both the ducting and light fittings have been left exposed on the ceilings and walls for an industrial look, which is complemented by a kitchen with a stainless steel island.

Other residential projects recently completed in Spain include a home organised around a courtyard by Lecumberri & Cidoncha and Ińigo Beguiristain and a minimal brick home near Valencia by Sanchis Olivares.

The photography is by José Hevia.

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