Captivating Copper Accents On Dark Grey Decor

Captivating copper accents cause bright and lustrous disruptions through these two dramatically dark grey home interiors. The effect is warming, alluring and luxe, and elevates the overall mood. This rich palette has been expertly utilised to shape sophisticated living rooms with depth and intrigue, and to fashion a spectacular copper-covered kitchen design. We’ll also continue these tours on through a plethora of beautiful grey bedroom designs and stylish modern bathrooms with real wow factor. Be sure to take a peek at the unique floor plan included at the end of the second featured home too, where you’ll find a highly unusual curved home layout of challenging wedge-shaped rooms.

Designer: Mossebo Studio  

In a 100 square metre private house in Norway, a smoky grey modular sofa and matching rug set out a lounge area within dark grey microcement walls. The dark finish also covers the ceiling of the living room in its entirety, to create one complete grey cocoon.

A modern coffee table contrasts darkly against the lighter grey rug. A black throw repeats the two-tone contrast on a nearby lounge chair. Floor to ceiling patio doors fill the dark decor with a glorious influx of natural light and lush green forest views.

A textural canvas stamps out a black silhouette in the midst of a bright LED border.

White dining room pendant lights tumble from the ceiling, punctuating the dark and shadowy surroundings. A thin LED trim edges the base of the walls in place of skirting board.

The assortment of dining room pendant lights form a sculptural arrangement over the chic solid wood round dining table. A simple glass flower vase provides the table centrepiece.

Modern brown dining chairs make a tonal connection with a copper-covered kitchen design at the back of the open plan.

The copper kitchen lustres in the atmospheric perimeter lighting, and comes alive under sunlight from the large windows. Copper cabinet fronts cause a spectacular shimmer across the face of the kitchen perimeter, whilst custom copper tiles build the backsplash.

An indoor plant installs a delicate vista inside of an open doorway just off the kitchen, where the decor palette shifts into a lighter grey spectrum.

A trio of modern wall sconces adds illumination to a small vanity nook. A Sierra chair places a coppery brown accent alongside the dark grey vanity table and matching grey slatted wardrobes.

In the bedroom, an upholstered bed contributes an uplifting sage green accent to grey cement surroundings.

The green bed beautifully pulls in nature’s own accent that grows just outside of the bedroom windows. Plain grey drapes hang an understated frame around the forest panorama.

An elegant black swing arm wall lamp throws a spotlight onto a little Eames bird that shelters under a vase of graceful foliage.

A comfortable lounge area is arranged with a couple of curvaceous bedroom chairs, which are the Pacha lounge chair designed by Pierre Paulin for Gubi.

A solid stone round coffee table is playfully decorated with pine cones from the woods.

Inside the bathroom, a custom cut vanity mirror vastly increases the sense of space. Three bathroom vanity lights have their presence doubled in the glass.

Floating shelves and a wall mounted bathroom sink protrude from the frameless mirror.

An open shower area is screened behind a partition wall.

Designer: Sergey Makhno Architects  

This 344.09 square metre apartment is situated in the residential complex Skyline, in Kyiv, Ukraine. This time, copper accents are flattened to a more matt finish across partition walls and load-bearing columns. A large area rug rolls out a soft grey base for a plush lounge suite.

Matching floor lamps dot task lighting around the large living space.

A terracotta sculpture melds with the copper wall panels.

The apartment was designed as a Kyiv base for a travelling businessman from Switzerland. Rugged rock feature walls welcome him home to his periodic place of residence.

A square dining table stands at the centre of the large living space, creating a theatrical first impression for personal guests and business acquaintances. Four oversized dining room pendant lights expand upon the drama.

A double workspace is set up inside the home office, allowing the Swiss businessman to comfortably take meetings and work on collaborations during his stay in Kyiv.

Bookshelves line one of the dark walls, creating an opportunity to bring in a pop of colour via book covers.

A glass wall at the back of the home workspace looks upon a temperature controlled wine storage room.

A huge round mirror, a stylish upholstered bench, and a set of stem pendant lights make up a modern vignette inside the dark grey dressing room.

In the master bedroom, a swing arm wall lamp sweeps across the head of a king-sized upholstered bed.

A designer bedroom chair adds a touch of coppery brown to the window wall.

A round rug lays the grey accent against a walnut floor.

Directional spotlights aim at modern art and a deeply textural clay headboard wall.

The second bedroom is a crisp and contemporary scheme. Oversized ​​bedroom pendant lights add a smooth white accent to a slate feature wall.

A small bedside table adds the copper accent. Mini decorative vases bring along a dash of nature.

Storage units underline a wall mounted TV at the foot of the bed.

A simple cream pouf pulls up at one end of a deep wall mounted shelf to create a vanity area.

The final bedroom utilises a mixture of materials and textures to create a rustic essence.

A modern lounge chair creates a reading nook by the window.

The master bathroom is a huge space divided by glass walls.

Rustic wooden stools offer a place to stand toiletries.

Copper flooring and a copper wet wall colours the small shower room. A modern pedestal sink drops in a cool concrete accent.

Curved floor plan.

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