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IE University taught me how to “future-proof” interior spaces says Rasha Al-Tekreeti

January 24, 2022 Dezeen staff 0

Dezeen nsn: studying at the IE School of Architecture and Design encouraged interior designer Rasha Al-Tekreeti to focus on “the process leading up to impactful design”. Al-Tekreeti, who is the senior interior designer at consultancy practice SAY Studio in Dubai, received a master’s in Strategic Interior Design of Spaces from the IE School of Architecture

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Makhno Studio designs conceptual settlement within Martian crater

January 24, 2022 James Parkes 0
Plan C is a 3D-printed Mars settlement concept

Ukrainian architecture practice Makhno Studio has designed a 3D-printed settlement for Mars named Plan C that would encircle the edge of a crater. The concept was developed during coronavirus lockdown when the studio was questioning how underground living could be comfortable if life on Earth’s ground level became difficult. In response to this, Makhno Studio developed a proposal for

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Helsinki Redesigns Its Maritime Façade Through an International Competition

January 24, 2022 Andreea Cutieru 0

Helsinki seeks to transform the Makasiiniranta area into an extension of its pedestrian city centre through a competition that will reshape a significant part of its maritime façade. The two-phase competition has shortlisted nine international groups whose proposals were made available for public feedback under anonymity. As most of the former industrial areas of the city have been redeveloped, Makasiinirantais is the last part of the old harbour waiting to undergo transformation and the most significant one, as it is considered a nationally valuable environment.

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Improvisational Architectures: The High-Rise Scenario

January 24, 2022 Matthew Maganga 0

Cities are growing, and they are growing upwards. This is far from just being a contemporary phenomenon of course – for more than a century, high-rises have been an integral part of urban settlements worldwide. This growing of cities encompasses a complex web of processes – advancements in transport links, urbanisation, and migration to mention a few. This growth of cities, however, is all too often linked with governmental failure to adequately support all facets of the urban population. Informal settlements are then born – people carving out spaces for themselves to live amidst a lack of state support.

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Ceramic Garden Studio / Madeiguincho

January 24, 2022 Susanna Moreira 0

We were challenged by a Portuguese craftswoman to design and build a ceramic studio adjacent to her house, where there were previously two parking spaces. The artisan carries out research work in several areas, such as ceramics, jewelry, and painting, thus needing a multifunctional space that allows the diversity of tasks associated with her work to be carried out in a fluid and organized way.

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Black Star Pastry Shanghai Flagship Store / Linehouse

January 24, 2022 Collin Chen 0

Linehouse worked in collaboration with Louis Li, principal and creative director of Black Star Pastry, to convert a red-brick old villa on Yuyuan Road, Shanghai into Black Star Pastry’s first flagship store in China. Conceived as two venues over two floors, the ground floor operates as Black Star Pastry’s cake and coffee retail space, while the second floor reveals a new dining space for the brand – Black Star Gallery. The combination of the two spaces creates a futuristic retail complex that encompasses dining, design, art, and lifestyle.

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Second Nature House / Wallflower Architecture + Design

January 23, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

The brief was a house large enough to accommodate a multi-generational family with grown-up children. Spacious enough for each to have their privacy, cozy enough for family bonding. This set us thinking on how to maximize every inch of the land within the restrictions of local building regulations. As the owner had the backing of a large construction firm; an award-winning builder recognized for their capabilities in large-scale projects and complex underground tunnel works, it was an opportunity not to be missed.

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January 23, 2022 Hana Abdel 0

This space consisting of interior space and exterior terrace with an area of 297㎡ perspectively, is located between tall buildings. At sunset, the interior space is transformed into a monotonous terrace while the setting sun presents a magnificent view through the gap between the buildings surrounding this space. The design of this space which leads to the exterior terrace area along with two bent windows began from the thought that the inside and the outside should not be interpreted as different spaces.