Colouring Modern Interiors With Green and Red Accents

Green and red decor accents come together to create bright breaks of colour inside these two predominantly monochrome modern home interiors. Breakthroughs of green provide the comforting hue of the great outdoors that soothes and revitalises the soul. Punchy red decor elements drop in moments of unapologetic energy and vigour, which transform the character of cool contemporary surroundings into edgy, offbeat settings. Our first colour infused home interior is a tour of freeform minimalism with smooth curves and a powerful execution. Our second tour is shaped with a blend of contemporary and mid-century modern silhouettes, and strong concrete foundations that solidly underpin a host of vibrant statement pieces.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

A fabulous freeform living room rug spreads a gradient of colour across the floor of our first featured home interior. A black living room floor lamp echoes the curves of the rug design with an oversized arched arm.

Living room wall decor is non-existent except for a freeform mirrored spectacle that puddles on the plain white wall like liquid mercury.

A masculine black leather sofa design boldly stalks the perimeter of the room. A segmented backrest helpfully lightens the look of the large black volume.

In the centre of the minimalist living room layout, a white marble coffee table nests with a contrasting black counterpart. The lounge chair beside it is the Barcelona chair, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for Knoll, which was originally designed for the king and queen of Spain.

Steps at the side of the lounge area give rise to an elevated dining space. A modern dining room chandelier competes for attention above a startling red dining table.

The round pedestal dining table is encircled by sleek, glossy black dining chairs.

The modern black dining chairs contrast strikingly with the table, making its gloss red finish appear even brighter still.

In answer to the eye-catching nature of the statement dining area, the neighbouring dining island is executed in a more understated palette of black and clear acrylic.

Above the table and kitchen island, a linear lighting feature smoothly extrudes from the ceiling stucco.

A plain white kitchen extends peacefully behind the black kitchen table and satin silver kitchen island. White integrated appliances blend quietly with the flat-fronted cabinetry.

Designer: 梦太初  

Our second featured home design dips a little darker in shade, with dark grey elements and large black wall panels taking up a dominant role. A large round rug places a charcoal base beneath the open plan lounge area, which gathers an assortment of contrasting furniture pieces together into one snug brood.

A black and white houndstooth pouf ties in with the shape of the large living room rug, and a curved sofa pulls tightly around its edge.

Living room wall decor continues the rounded shape theme and introduces a bold pop of green.

A cylindrical stool rounds out the living room furniture arrangement without adding any bulk.

A mid century modern coffee table places a reuleaux-triangle silhouette into the centre of the lounge, where it nests with a matching circular coequal. Decorative ceramic vases make a shapely adornment and bring in a small burst of red.

Over by the TV, a slimline chaise lounge chair design makes more waves.

As we move through into the kitchen diner space of our second home design, we’re met with a sleek, gloss red dining table.

A unique dining room chandelier blazes bright and bold along the full length of the red table, creating light reflections across its bright surface.

A decorative shelving unit builds a useful room divider between the vivid kitchen dining area and a less colourful formal dining room. A restrained collection of curiosities and books sparsely occupy its double-sided shelves.

Concrete details cool the red accent interior, in the shape of a minimalist modern staircase design, concrete kitchen countertops, and cool concrete flooring.

A low pile area rug underlines the red rectangular dining table with a solid black base.

Modern artwork drops a point of interest onto a dark feature wall by the kitchen. A kitchen peninsula partially fills the opening between the dining room and the culinary space, creating a functional division between the two zones.

A wall of light fills the back of the kitchen in brilliant contrast to stark black appliance cabinets and a matching black panelled ceiling treatment.

A white kitchen island is settled in the centre of the open concept kitchen, where it serves as a casual breakfast bar too. Black kitchen bar stools are paired to accommodate a breakfast or coffee break for two.

Whilst one kitchen sink is situated on the kitchen peninsula, a second finds its home on the kitchen island.

The island runs tandem to the kitchen peninsula in perfect alignment.

Stainless steel bar handles brighten the black kitchen units, whilst black integrated appliances merge simply with their housing units.

The open-sided bookcase allows line of sight to pass all the way from the kitchen to the formal dining room at the far end, which is equipped with a wet bar.

Despite its predominantly dark decor scheme, the home interior appears bright and welcoming thanks to well placed modern lighting and brightly coloured accents.

A moon sculpture is perched on a raised platform beneath the modern concrete staircase. A glass balustrade maintains the floating effect of the concrete treads.

The heavy concrete treads appear almost weightless in their cantilevered design.

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