Cool Gray Interiors With Welcoming Warm Lighting Schemes

Grey interiors, whilst gorgeous, can slide easily into a cool spectrum that appears a little chilly and even uninviting. There are many ways to combat this, from attractively encasing walls with modern textured wall panelling and employing lush soft furnishings to adding small pops of contrasting accent colours and modern artwork. In this pair of inspirational home designs, we’re looking at how to warm up cool grey home interiors with welcoming warm lighting schemes, including unique table lamps, stylish floor reading lamps, atmospheric courtyard lighting, and quietly recessed perimeter mood lighting. We’ll also take a look at how indoor plants add life to a shadowy interior decor scheme with uplifting organic forms.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Reznichenko  

This large villa is located on a mountain in Italy. A large terrace looks out over a magnificent sea view on one side of the house, whilst windows at the rear gaze upon the dramatic rockface. In the large grey lounge area, a small living room floor lamp nestles between two modern sofas, where it emits a cosy glow.

The tufted sofa design is a flexible modular solution that can be reconfigured to suit.

A small side table is set beside a stylish modern lounge chair. A rectangle coffee table and a freeform counterpart nest out in front, displaying artistic ceramics and a decorative tray.

A large grey area rug provides a soft landing beneath the lounge area, separating it from a neat home workspace on the other side of the room.

Unique table lamps are dotted around the cool grey home interior, providing magical pitstops of pretty illumination.

The home workspace that stands to the side of the living room can be concealed behind smooth, secretive doors when not in use.

The concealing doors open up and slide partially inside of their casing to allow the desk space to be opened up to natural light from the windows.

A grey granite backdrop gives the small home office area a luxurious touch.

A unique table lamp brightens the desk nook and gives it a stylish modern flourish.

In the kitchen, a wide skylight feeds an interior courtyard design, where small trees and lush shrubs flourish.

A kitchen island draws along the length of the central courtyard, enjoying the green, natural view across every inch.

The tiny marble lamp that stands aboard the kitchen island is the Solid Table Light, by Terence Woodgate. Modern ceramics extend the countertop adornment.

A hefty linear suspension light pushes an intense tube of light above a black breakfast bar, which attaches to the side of the kitchen island design. Modern black kitchen bar stools complement its stark aesthetic.

Uplighters call further attention to the stunning courtyard design, where they highlight the intricacies of dense foliage and its depth of colour. A granite border is installed around the border of the courtyard to form a shallow seat. Seat pads provide a comfortable landing spot.

The dressing room benefits from the dramatic view and proximity of the mountain rockface. A small floor lamp lights a seating area of tufted ottomans.

The master bedroom design features an open plan ensuite area with sleek light grey bathroom fittings and fixtures.

The upholstered bed is placed peacefully against a plain headboard wall, leaving all eyes magnetised toward the terrace view.

A small bedside table lamp adds a warm moment of interest upon a neat wraparound bedside table.

A matching floor lamp is teamed with a bedroom chair by the window to fashion a welcoming reading spot.

Heavy grey drapes brush up behind the bedroom chair, where they smartly frame the panoramic view.

The bedroom is home to an open plan bathing area, where the bathtub melts into the concrete floor, almost like clay on a potter’s wheel.

A freestanding bathroom faucet fills the tub from the side, whilst a small side table is on hand to hold a selection of toiletries.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

In our second grey home interior, a decorative living room rug lays down lacy pattern.

The rug helps to establish zoning between the lounge area and a closely adjacent kitchen dining area.

A black granite slab raises a breakfast bar from the concrete kitchen island. A black linear suspension light complements the breakfast bar’s dark finish.

As well as the linear lighting installation, recessed perimeter lights paint a warm glow across the concrete kitchen wall.

A wooden frame warmly accents the back wall of the grey kitchen, where it calls attention to the sink area.

A miniature Zen garden is set into the kitchen island countertop.

A glass wall separates the living space from the bedroom.

LED strips emit soft mood lighting beneath the bed.

A freeform bedroom pendant light hangs low to the headboard to provide focussed reading light.

A walk-in wardrobe is attractively decorated with another open weave rug and a round pouf.

Customisable closet systems furnish the walk in wardrobe on three sides.

The wardrobe is separated from the bedroom by a glass wall and a small interim area, where a mini floor lamp and a curvaceous lounge chair fashion a reading nook.

Portieres provide the glass wall bedroom and bathroom with privacy,

Indoor plants grow beautiful organic silhouettes in front of the bathroom window.

Growing tall beside the bathtub, the indoor plants create a fresh feeling of bathing in the great outdoors.

A rainfall shower thunders into a large shower enclosure.

Wall-mounted bathroom faucets fill a double sink bathroom vanity unit.

Floor plan.

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