Minimalist Interior With Red Accent Decor (Includes Floor Plan)

Muted red accents add visual heat to the plain white expanses of this large, minimalist abode. Visualised by apple745428, The private residence features a laconic design that is free from excess and fuss. The mind is allowed to peacefully rest in spaces with clean-lined storage solutions, sharp furniture silhouettes, and reserved modern light installations. Red decor elements prevent the contemporary minimalist interior from appearing overly sterile or unwelcomely underdeveloped. Red accents are removed inside the master bedroom suite to present a more restful palette, but make a comeback in the bathroom with punchy red fixtures that glow under an atmospheric mood lighting scheme. Floor plan included at the end of the tour.

A red living room scheme is fashioned with a red modular sofa arrangement and overlapping red area rugs. Blank white walls create a cool backdrop for the intensity of colour at the core.

LED strips are recessed into the ceiling to softly illuminate the perimeter of the room. A central focal light installation appears as a series of different shaped boxes that are fitted flush to the ceiling.

A square wooden sofa table is integrated into the modular sofa arrangement, achieving one streamlined piece within the minimalist furniture layout. A multitude of candle holders, books, gold decorative vases, and small bowls make casual table adornments with a bright and lustrous quality.

The living room rug grouping is perfectly colour matched to the modular sofa upholstery to create an impactful colour-blocked effect.

Beside the lounge area, a large kitchen island is wrapped with the same muted shade of red. Contrasting white kitchen units build the core of the kitchen island and furnish a small appliance housing area behind it.

A low white media unit runs the length of the living room TV wall, providing subtle storage for movies, remote controls, consoles, and games.

Four black kitchen bar stools are situated at the end of the kitchen island to fashion a casual eating area.

In the home entryway, made-to-measure wardrobes provide storage for coats, shoes, and bags.

A custom-cut full length mirror fills the opposite wall, providing a convenient dressing area next to the front door.

Perimeter lighting brightens the small entryway.

In the master bedroom, an upholstered bed backs onto a fully mirrored headboard wall, which reflects natural light from the large bedroom window.

Another huge mirror covers a second wall of the bedroom, causing the room to appear twice its actual size.

The master bedroom features a generously sized walk-in closet design.

The closet is situated behind the mirrored headboard, which splits the sleep space from the entryway into the bedroom.

Inside the walk in wardrobe, the walls are clad with light-reflecting mirrors.

A tension-fit closet system keeps the storage volumes clear of the glass.

Further storage units flank one side of the bedroom doorway, whilst a door on the other side leads into an ensuite bathroom.

Inside the ensuite bathroom, a red bathroom sink unit and a matching red heated towel rail make a bold statement.

A frameless mirror is backlit to create an atmospheric lighting scheme inside the small bathroom.

The bathroom mirror conceals storage space behind the glass, with narrow shelves accessible from the side. A set of brass bathroom faucets are wall mounted in the glow that emits from beneath it.

A waterfall showerhead is embedded into the ceiling to achieve a streamlined look.

A frameless shower screen continues the minimalist aesthetic. Inside the shower area, a red toiletries shelf adds a stripe of colour.

A separate, small WC is equipped with cubist sanitaryware. A floor-standing square toilet is paired with a modern minimalist pedestal sink design. Brass fixtures punctuate bare white walls. Only a wall hung hand towel interrupts the blank perimeter.

A custom-cut vanity mirror stands tall on a plumbing concealment wall behind the pedestal sink unit. LED strips brightly accentuate the narrow mirror around its edges, creating soft illumination in the small room.

The main bathroom is a clean all-white design, with more sharp, cubist sanitaryware. Built-in storage units and shelves make use of a compact corner, creating a stow away area for messy toiletries and spare towels that might spoil the minimalist vibe.

Colour-changing LED lighting creates an extraordinary effect against the blank white canvas, bringing in the same red accent colour that enriches the rest of the home.

A deep bathroom basin stands tall on a linear white vanity unit, whilst its brass faucet protrudes directly from an edge-to-edge vanity mirror behind it. A square toilet pan is raised from the floor to make the floor space appear larger.

The wall mounted vanity unit runs straight into the minimalist bathtub design, creating one crisp uninterrupted line.

In the modern home office, a white desk is accompanied by a matching white swivel chair. A white wall sconce provides understated lighting alongside the furniture ensemble.

A small sofa drops a singular warming accent into the ice white decor scheme. A series of white storage units cover one wall of the home workspace from floor-to-ceiling, making the most of the vertical space.

Elegant, slender white floor lamps arc over the small sofa at one end, whilst a small white side table accessorises the other.

Desk drawers are freestanding beneath the worktop, which allows light from the window to filter through the gaps.

Floor plan.

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