Scandinavian Home Interiors Six Different Ways

Scandi home style goes from strength to strength, appealing to our appreciation of clean lines, airy living spaces, and our need for daily practicality. This collection of inspirational Scandinavian home designs explore six different ways of personalising the aesthetic. We start with a cream and serene elegant apartment where indoor plants meet natural wooden elements. We follow up with a colour spliced Scandi interior, which employs pink and teal accents to lift and personalise neoclassical surroundings. Beige, grey and teal decor colours home number three, whilst design four resides in the minimalist monochrome domain. We finish up with a classic Scandi style black and white contrast, and a book lover’s home with a quiet mezzanine workspace.

Visualizer: Elena Kozhukhar  

Cream and white decor melds softly with warm wooden elements to style this elegantly serene apartment. Indoor plants add beautiful touches of nature to uplift the mellow surroundings. A round glass vase adds a spray of botanics next to a reading chair to create an attractive vignette.

Line art adds visual interest to the blank, creamy white walls, without colourful distraction. A stark black frame gives the piece definition upon the light backdrop.

The small sofa features a smoothly curved silhouette that makes the lounge area appear welcoming and comfortable. A living room rug complements the sofa upholstery with a matching cream weave.

A fiddle leaf fig plant lushly fills the corner of the room, providing a shapely accompaniment to the sofa and effectively drawing the eye upward to meet artwork upon the neighbouring wall.

Scandi bookshelves introduce warm wood tone onto the white living room wall.

Decorative objects adorn the open shelving, while less ornamental belongings are tucked into integrated cabinets.

Living room chairs flank a small side table to fashion a smart reading nook.

Visualizer: Aleksey Krivosheyev  

Pink and teal decor accents joyfully lift and personalise this neoclassical apartment interior. Gold accessories add luxe lustre, in the shape of a sputnik chandelier and a chic floor lamp.

Indoor plants flourish against classic wainscotting. Decorative moulding crowns the ceiling line.

Black and white wall art is hung at regular intervals around the perimeter of the room to create a crisp modern gallery between the neoclassical touches.

Grand double doors give entry into the kitchen diner, where Scandi style kitchen units lay a stark black line against a fresh white wall.

A modern dining room chandelier hangs from a traditional ceiling rose.

Simple white wall tiles build the kitchen backsplash. A Smeg fridge-freezer ties in with the retro styling.

A modern record player is given a luxurious home on a white marble-topped sideboard.

Visualizer: ZX  

Beige, grey and teal accents colour this Scandi style living space, amongst striking pieces of art.

A unique floor lamp brightly illuminates the detail in the modern art piece behind a teal upholstered sofa.

The round coffee table that sits out in front of the sofa is a classic Scandi tray-top style.

A JWDA table lamp is on hand to highlight more eye-catching wall art.

The lounge area flows openly into an airy dining room and a narrow kitchen design.

In the dining area, clear perspex dining chairs achieve a more spacious feel in allowing the line of sight to pass straight through.

A small, simple Scandinavian stool is utilised as a side table on which to display flowers in the kitchen.

The stool/table is teamed up with a piece of modern wall art to make a pleasing focal point upon a structural support wall.

Visualizer: Antanina Nekrashevich  

Our fourth Scandi home design is a minimalist, monochrome canvas with geometric motifs. A grey and white geo rug adds a burst of pattern to an otherwise understated living room.

A black and white typographic print draws the eye to a small dining area in the open plan living space.

The small dining table is attractively decorated with a modern ceramic vase and black metal candlestick centrepiece.

A flash of greenery completes the table display.

Tall windows fill the apartment with natural light, which filters back into a one wall kitchen installation.

White marble countertops and white kitchen cabinets help the narrow space to feel more open.

Visualizer: Nikita Sichkar  

Our penultimate apartment shows classic Scandi styling in black and white high-contrast and simple lines.

A geometric rug threads pattern across the lounge.

Storage baskets add a flash of natural rattan underneath a streamlined wood and black metal coffee table.

A comfortable reading chair is set up in the window, next to a set of bookcases that flank the TV. An indoor plant and small floor lamp complete the inviting reading nook. See more ideas for unique plant stands.

Out in the entryway, wood laminate flooring is swapped out for intricately patterned tiles. A racetrack-shaped mirror is paired with an entryway stool to make up a practical dressing area by the door.

Decorative shelves edge a set of bookcases to expand their presence.

Visualizer: ONE AM  

Towering bookcases define a living room of a book lover. A Scandi rocking chair and sofa offer comfy reading spots.

A wooden library ladder accesses the highest shelves.

The lounge space sweeps around into the open plan kitchen diner.

A one wall kitchen is installed underneath a quiet mezzanine workspace.

A built-in bookcase ends the kitchen run with a decorative touch.

The luxurious Scandinavian bathroom design features a classically styled freestanding bathtub, which is elevated to be perfectly illuminated within a huge, steel cased window frame.

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