Stemmer Rodrigues creates Anada House for yoga teacher in Brazil

Anada House by Stemmer Rodrigues

A leafy tree rises up through a circular opening in this Brazilian residence and yoga studio, which was designed by the architectural office of Stemmer Rodrigues.

The 350-square-metre home is located near Guaíba Lake in Eldorado do Sul, a town in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The project’s name, Anada House, stems from a term commonly used in Hinduism to refer to “supreme bliss.”

Anada House by Stemmer Rodrigues
Anada House acts as a residence and a yoga studio

“The choice directly refers to the owner’s wish of transforming her house into a bright space to live in and to receive students for yoga and meditation classes,” said Stemmer Rodrigues, which is based in the nearby city of Porto Alegre.

Situated on a rectangular, 600-square-metre plot, the house rises two levels. Exterior walls consist of concrete, glass and wood.

Anada House has a curved walkway supported by columns
A circular opening in its roof canopy allows a tree to grow through

On the front elevation, a curved walkway passes under a concrete canopy supported by angled columns, which are meant to resemble tree trunks. An elliptical, six-metre-wide cutout in the canopy accommodates a pau ferro tree.

Atop the canopy is a terrace that adjoins a slatted wall made of cumaru wood. One level higher, on the roof, is a cistern for rainwater collection.

Within the dwelling, there is a clear distinction between public and private areas.

The ground floor holds a yoga studio, kitchen, dining area and living room. On the upper level, one finds three bedrooms.

The yoga studio has wooden flooring
Light diffuses through frosted glass in the yoga studio

The interior offers a fluid layout and finishes such as exposed concrete and wooden flooring. In the yoga studio, diffused light enters through a curved wall made of frosted glass.

At the rear of the ground level, glazed doors open onto a marble terrace, where the homeowner can receive friends and family.

Anada House by Stemmer Rodrigues in Brazil
A marble terrace provides space for entertaining

Other projects in Rio Grande do Sul include a white concrete residence by Rafael Lorentz that stands on a hilltop, and a home by Hype Studio that has a glass-bottom pool and a garage for antique cars.

The photography is by Lucas Franck/NMLSS.

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