The Colorful Party Home Of A Female Vlogger

This colorful interior design concept was based on the clients need for filming vlogs, hosting parties, and her accommodation. Filming and parties were highest on the list of priorities, so a fun and eye-catching concept was the solution. A pure white decor scheme reflects and diffuses the light, creating an ideal backdrop for videos. A white tiled floor completes the bright stage, while adding modern geometric motifs. Visualized by Galina Lavrishcheva, the interior presents as a piece of modern art. Contemporary furniture pieces take on a sculptural essence, suspended in their gallery white surroundings. 3D feature walls and a textural room divider provide options for interesting shots.

The living room looks every bit the film set, filled with splashes of attention-grabbing color and striking furniture silhouettes. Interesting vignettes are arranged around every corner of the room, presenting a plethora of options for vlogging visually exciting segments. A narrow, freestanding bookcase looks like a carefully positioned prop that pops against a bright and artistic background.

Even the ceiling sports a cool, perforated metal cover. Two bright yellow pendant lights drop from the extruded ceiling feature to complete the look. The yellow lights contrast cheerfully with a red wall sculpture that flies forward from a 3D tiled feature wall. The extraordinary configuration is on point for on-screen excitement.

An unusual green accent chair and a yellow side table create a quirky spot for presenting on camera. A unique modern rug serves as a connecting device, linking all of the colorful living room components together. Geometric floor tiles make sharp contrast with the curved rug motif and spread a contemporary pattern throughout the room.

The rug motif ties in with the shape of the nesting coffee tables. Another round side table matches the yellow metal pendant lights.

The TV wall is atmospherically backlit to emphasize a cool, curvaceous overlay. A bright blue media console unit strikes a line of color underneath, and a blue bookcase completes the set. Indoor plants give the edgy space a more homely appeal.

A decorative vase and a couple of candle holders make up a relaxed centerpiece on the nesting coffee tables. A blush pink wingback chair makes a tonal accompaniment for the coral sofa and a pink throw. Two unique floor lamps look more like an art installation than simple illumination. Behind, perforated metal panels make up a unique room divider.

The bifold room divider can be fully retracted to adjoin the sitting area with the kitchen, though a change in floor tile marks this room as a separate zone. The option of connecting the two rooms as one openly flowing space makes this home ideal for large parties and social gatherings.

A curved kitchen peninsula snakes around half of the room, creating a sociable bar area.

A unique statement chair with ottoman and a modern floor lamp make up a reading nook in the corner. A blue bookcase holds a mini library, and geometric side tables offer a handy spot to place a drink.

The blue bookcase morphs into an elongated unit, which spans the full length of the room. Prominent metal framework completely transforms the look of the windows in the apartment, giving them a bespoke, curved aesthetic.

Another modern floor lamp and a blue accent chair furnish the other side of the room, creating an ideal setting for filming interviews.

Another piece of prominent curved framework is installed around an open doorway, creating a unique portal.

The dining set is color-matched to the bespoke blue storage cabinet, creating a brightly tailored look.

Blue dining chairs and stools seat up to six people at the modern dining table, but more can be accommodated around the kitchen peninsula.

High ceilings give the dining space a grand, airy appearance.

A sculptural wireframe dining room chandelier drops low to the blue dining table, illuminating an assortment of blue decorative vases and wireframe fruit bowls.

A translucent pink screen and a tall indoor plant visually divide the dining area from the staircase.

3D tiles climb the side of the staircase, creating an extruded, geometric pattern.

The kitchen bar stools brightly contrast with the clean white kitchen design, causing a fun interaction.

Multiple pendant lights descend from an overhead soffit around the kitchen peninsula to create a nightclub-like aesthetic.

Mirrored panels shine across the back wall of the kitchen, breaking up an expanse of white paneling. A white kitchen island extractor melds with its cool white surroundings, providing function via understated form.

Two black bar stools add stark accents at the other side of the bar. The change in color and furniture style creates a whole new zone.

An eye-catching piece of wall decor creates a swirling puddle of light and reflection across the side of the staircase with its combination of mirrors and LED ribbons.

In the hexagonal tiled floor design, multiple gray tiles have been mixed in with their plain white counterparts to create a pixelated appearance.

The subtly shaded floor pattern excites the eye without causing visual overwhelm.

A similar tonal approach has been adopted in the creation of the tiled wall that climbs the stairs. A combination of white, light gray, and mid gray tiles jostle their way up the ascent.

The tiles are mounted onto another piece of custom-made metal framework, which creates a bold, vertically striped backdrop for the entire stairwell.

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