40 Aesthetic Kitchens That Make You Want To Brush Up On Your Culinary Skills

Creating culinary masterpieces may not be your particular forté, but you’ll wish that it were after you’ve cast your eyes upon this special collection of 40 aesthetic kitchen designs. This gallery of cutting-edge cooking spaces covers just about every interior style on the spectrum. We’ll tour kitchens with minimal, clean white aesthetics through to joyous spaces that bustle with colour. We’ll visit abstract modern kitchen designs, rustic interiors, luxurious marble kitchens, and decor schemes with rich metallic gold accents. We’ll drop in on futuristic kitchen designs, large kitchen layouts with curvaceous islands, kitchen diners that flow into open plan living spaces, and those that are inspired by nature.

Designer: Luigi Rosselli Architects  

Clean and serene, this minimalist stark white kitchen design is visually softened by smooth curves and warm natural timber accent pieces.

Visualizer: Darya Litvinovich  

Bold and balanced. A unique kitchen pendant light dramatically drops a supended orb at the centre of a balanced walnut and white kitchen installation. The white light fixture is perfectly contrasted by an isolated walnut volume that’s mounted intentionally behind the piece.

Visualizer: Darya Litvinovich  

Another eye-catching light installation dominates this contemporary kitchen design. Wall cabinets are subtracted from this layout completely to allow the oversized light fixture its due space.

Architect: StudioFour  

In this simplified kitchen design, a wall of open kitchen shelving provides all of the visual interest. By changing up the pantry jars and the ceramics that are displayed there, it’s possible to change the entire vibe of the kitchen.

Visualizer: Zak Studio  

Cork stools and a chunky wooden dining table evoke a modern rustic aesthetic in this high-end kitchen dining space. A grey marble countertop transforms one end of the wooden table into a functional island with a kitchen sink.

Visualizer: Orangegraphics Creative Studio  

White, bright, and nature kissed. White marble and glossy white kitchen units form a luxuriously pristine look here, whilst indoor plants, matching green kitchen bar stools and emerald green dining chairs add uplifting colour.

Visualizer: OSTROVSKA  

The Midas kitchen. This taupe kitchen design is given the Midas touch with a stunning metallic gold kitchen backsplash, plus a matching shelf, gold hardware, and a coordinated tap.

Visualizer: Viktor Pakhomov  

Create interesting spaces with curves. Fashionable curves, arches and racetrack motifs are seen all over the interiors scene right now, and this shapely kitchen is no exception.

Visualizer: SPECTRUM VIS  

Another curvaceous kitchen island, this time with a full racetrack silhouette and a stone finish.

Visualizer: D3 Design  

An all-stone kitchen design creates a look of luxury and of permanence. This white marble kitchen is given an unexpected shake up with darkly contrasting, unique kitchen pendant lights.

Designer: Anastasia Afanasyeva  
Visualizer: Anastasia Overina  

Microcement walls offer more opportunity when it comes to curves in the kitchen. This smooth stucco curves gently away from a wall of open shelving to complement rounded kitchen units.

Visualizer: Maxim Shpinkov  

Create layers of contrasting colour with double banked wall cabinets. This outer boundary of cool blue-grey kitchen cabinets effectively frames an inner core of silvery stainless steel wall units and an equally reflective backsplash.

Visualizer: SPECTRUM VIS  

It’s all about the arch in this elegant space, where a gorgeous marble backsplash stretches to the ceiling line.

Designer: Sarah Sherman Samuel  

This archway leads into an airy kitchen with a beautiful vaulted ceiling. Wooden bar stools echo the shape of the doorway.

Visualizer: M3 Architecture  

This marble kitchen backsplash creates an understated backdrop with a sparse vein. A white kitchen island continues the clean look, along with an all-white sculptural pendant light.

Architect: Project A01 Architects  

Sharp angles draw out a futuristic

Source: Culimaat  

On the flip side, curves can portray a futuristic appeal too.

Visualizer: Double Aye  

A patinated copper kitchen backsplash gives this room a wonderfully aged appeal, like a fine wine.

Visualizer: Golden Vision Studio  

A colourful clash of coral and aqua blue makes a vibrant scene.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

A solid red kitchen and colour-matched backsplash make a punchy, colour-blocked statement.

Visualizer: Vladyslava Torhonska  

Atmospheric lighting changes a room. Hang a grand chandelier over a kitchen dining spot to take the whole ensemble upmarket.

Visualizer: HE.D group  

Pattern and more pattern. Just because you have patterned tiling on the floor doesn’t mean that you have to go plain on the walls. Have the courage to go all-out.

Visualizer: Daria Zinovatnaya  

Be inspired by art. This Mondrian inspired kitchen is a vision of quirky colour and line.

Designer: Natália Lemos + Paula Pupo  

Spending time in the kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to toiling away over a hot stove. Install a hammock across a sunny kitchen window as a place to dream and drool over those recipe books, or to simply revel in the delicious aromas of what’s already cooking.

Designer: Ramiz Ayoub Architects  
Visualizer: Hani Troudi  

Connect with Mother Nature. This natural stone kitchen island feels at one with a glorious view of the outdoors. An edge-to-edge window maximises the peaceful link.

Visualizer: Studio M6  

This black stone kitchen island offers a more rugged approach.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Some kitchens are just made for entertaining. Get the champagne flowing and the canapés served upon a sparkling champagne gold kitchen island, amidst high-shine accessories.

Visualizer: Roman Plyus  

Looking for something extraordinary? Think bright pink… And purple.

Visualizer: Wren Kitchens  

Alternatively, pastel hues make a more delicate option for a pink kitchen.

Visualizer: Tran Glee  

Team pink kitchen accessories with mint and yellow elements to create a sweet combo.

Visualizer: Сергей Торшин  

Wood clad and rustic, this grey timber clad island carries a cool hand-crafted aesthetic.

Visualizer: Valentinstudio 3D  

Dark and mysterious. Shadowy, dark grey kitchens benefit from colourful infusions, like this attractive teal light installation. See more inspiration for grey kitchens.

Visualizer: Verity Design  

Another take on the colour spiced grey kitchen approach, this time with zesty orange interruptions.


Warm copper units meet a cool grey countertop in this sharp modern kitchen design. A bright wall light competes with the metallic lustre.

Designer: Justin Humphrey Architect  

Black metal elements install an industrial vibe.

Visualizer: Narine Sohomonian  

Wall colour can change everything. Imagine this same space with a gallery white backdrop and you’ll experience a completely different vibe from the stark black island and mid green main units. Unique wall colour choices inject character and personality.

Visualizer: Zrobim Architects  

Kitchen bar stools are another ideal place to establish individuality. They can also be changed out easily and relatively inexpensively compared to fitted units.

Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov  

If you’re on this colour journey for the long haul though, then why not invest in some colourful appliances like this red oven and yellow Smeg fridge?

Visualizer: David Barr Architects  

Clean, cream and full of sunbeams, this light and dreamy kitchen looks like a place to bake cookies in.

Visualizer: Delta Tracing  

Abstract and original. Overlapping volumes make a two-part kitchen island into a piece of sculptural modern art.

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