50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets That Would Make Your Life Easier

Upgrade your everyday cooking and cleaning tasks with fun kitchen gadgets that can make the experience feel like less of a chore. In this post, we’ve collected our favorite kitchen gadgets from across the web – this guide contains everything from clever cooking tools to high tech appliances, from clever organizers to convenient dispensers, and so many unexpected surprises in between. Use this buying guide to stock the kitchen in a new home or to streamline the processes you already have in place. These items would also make great presents for holidays, housewarmings, and birthdays. Get creative with the cool gadgets below!


Alligator No-Mess Garlic Press: Don’t have time to carefully mince garlic for every recipe? This garlic press makes it easy – and fun – to prepare plenty of garlic in a jiff. This piece is designed to look like a playful alligator sure to bring a smile to your face every time you cook. The ergonomic shape ensures a strong grip.


Ring Ice Pop Mold: Love frozen treats but wish you could enjoy something a little healthier than the typical popsicle? This freezer kit makes it easy to create your own frozen ring pop using fruit juice, purees, and more. Each kit includes a freezer-friendly mold and eight reusable ring bases. Each spot makes a different jewel shape.


Slice and Pop Kitchen Gadget for Apples: Apple slicers are an essential kitchen gadget for anyone who loves to eat sliced apples as a snack or pack them for a lunch. This apple slicer takes the convenience to a new level by including a convenient popout base – this helps to push each slice out of the slicer so that you don’t have to pop out each slice by hand.


Spaghetti Monster Cool Kitchen Colander: This spaghetti monster colander offers a fun take on an essential kitchen tool. This piece features a standard strainer component equipped with two funny monster eyes as handles. Use this BPA-free strainer for draining pasta, rinsing vegetables, and other everyday tasks.


Nessie Standing Ladle and Colander Set: The famous Nessie standing ladle now has an entire family! This kitchen gadget set includes the classic Nessie ladle, a large strainer/colander, and a smaller infuser that can be used for tea or herbs. Each one stands on its own for convenience.


Colorful Multi-Tool Kitchen Set: Dealing with a lack of kitchen storage space, but still love to cook? This adorable kitchen gadget set includes almost everything you need for meal prep, in a cute and colorful stack that can be displayed right on your countertop. The body of the fruit is made from an apple slicer, a mesh cutter, a grater, two juicers, and a small bowl. The leaves are made from a masher, an avocado scoop, a citrus knife, and five picks.


Nesting Measuring Bowl and Spoon Set: Consolidate your baking supplies and save storage space with this convenient stacking set from Joseph Joseph. The bowls and tools span a spectrum of color so you can easily choose the piece you need at a glance. This set includes a large 4.5L mixing bowl, a colander, a flour sieve, a small half-liter mixing bowl, and 5 measuring cups that all stack neatly together.


Sponge Pump Kitchen Gadget: Make kitchen cleanup easier than ever with this convenient soap-dispensing gadget. Simply press your sponge onto the surface to dispense just the right about of soap for convenient one-handed operation. Between uses, this piece can be used as a sponge holder and drainer.


Cutting Board with Kitchen Sink Accessories: Create a convenient all-in-one food prep space with this expandable bamboo cutting board. The pull-out slider includes a cutout that can hold any of the three included collapsible containers or the collapsible strainer. Use this set to neatly chop and contain all of your ingredients, then collapse each piece to save storage between uses.


Bloom Collapsible Steamer Kitchen Gadget: This collapsible steamer basket offers a fun and stylish way to prep healthy vegetables, dumplings, and more. The unique leaf-like sides adjust to fit a wide variety of pan sizes. A center handle makes it easy to lift the steamer from the pot when you’re done.


Cute Crab Kitchen Spoon Rest Gadget: Replace your boring spoon rest with this adorable silicone crab from OTOTO. This super-cute design can stand on the counter or can perch right on the edge of your pot. And because this design can help prop up a lid, it’s a great way to release steam and prevent boil-overs as well.


Countertop Banana Hanger Tree: Keep your bananas fresh and unbruised with this super cool kitchen gadget. This banana stand is crafted from wood made to look like a banana tree, suspending your bananas so they won’t develop any bruising on the bottom side. Place this piece on the countertop or right on the breakfast table.


Dinosaur Taco Holders: Make taco night unforgettable with this cool dinosaur-shaped taco holder set. Use these holders in the kitchen to make tacos easier to fill, or use them for serving to delight children or fun-loving guests. Each set includes a tyrannosaurus rex and a triceratops.


Cute Bento Rice Ball Kit: Create the world’s cutest snacks and lunches with this rice ball mold and nori cutter kit. This set is perfect for bento lunches, able to make ordinary ingredients look more fun and appetizing for kids and adults alike. Each set includes a rice mold, two sets of cutters, and a rubber cutting mat.


Orange Snap-On Pasta Strainer Gadget: Don’t have room for a large colander, or just want something lightweight and easy to handle? This convenient kitchen gadget easily snaps onto the side of any pot so that you can securely drain away the water while keeping both hands securely on the pan. Choose from five colors.


Vegetable Hugger Set: Keep your cut fruits and vegetables fresher longer with these reusable food huggers. These flexible caps adapt to fit a variety of common produce to keep cut edges from drying out or leaking in your refrigerator. Each set includes four food huggers. These would make a fantastic gift for anyone trying to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics.


Under-Cabinet Jar Opener: Stop the stubborn jar struggle with this useful under-cabinet jar opener gadget. This piece is built with a V shape to fit lids of any size, each side equipped with strong metal teeth for a super-strength grip. Simply mount this design to the bottom of any cabinet – easy to reach but out of sight.


Pancake Batter Dispenser Kitchen Gadget: Cook perfect pancakes without the mess using this convenient batter dispenser gadget. This design makes it easy to blend and dispense your batter all from one container, reducing the number of dirty dishes left after a big breakfast. Simply control the flow using the spring-loaded handle to create consistent pancakes every time.


Mini Donut Maker Kitchen Gadget: Create quick mini-donuts right at home using this adorable kitchen gadget. Use healthier ingredients and all your favorite toppings for an instant snack any time of the day. This piece would make a fantastic gift for a college student or recent grad with a strong sweet tooth. The compact form factor allows for easy storage.


Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Kitchen Gadget: Eggs have never been easier! This rapid egg cooker can make up to six soft, medium, or hardboiled eggs in under twelve minutes – just set and forget so you can use your time for other morning tasks. A buzzer will let you know when your breakfast is ready. A nonstick poaching tray is included, providing another option for easy everyday breakfasts.

$169BUY IT

At-Home Nut Milk Machine: Tired of paying for nut milks that fall flat in the taste department? The sleek Nutr gadget easily transforms your choice of nuts into nutritious plant-based milk in just minutes. It can even make milk from other sources like oats and soy! The interior blades break down the components into a creamy mixture while the heating element cooks the milk to your desired temperature. The water boil setting allows this device to double as an electric kettle for tea or pour-over coffee.

$349BUY IT

Revolution Smart Toaster: If you’re serious about your breakfast carbs, this smart toaster is sure to delight. This unique design features an ultra-rapid heating element that can bring your slices up to temperature without drying them out. Choose from among 63 precise settings to ensure your bagels, toast, or pastries end up perfect every single time.

$398BUY IT

Countertop Nugget Icemaker: Enjoy an endless supply of clean, soft, and great-tasting nugget ice with this unique countertop icemaker from GE. Nugget ice is especially desirable because of how soft and easy to chew it is. This countertop model maintains a slim footprint to keep the ice flowing without taking up too much space. It’s perfect for people who love to entertain.


Automatic Pot Stirrer Kitchen Gadget: Free up your hands and attention so you can focus on other tasks in the kitchen with this automatic pot stirrer from Uutensil. This fan-favorite allows you to choose your stirring time up to 10 minutes. Push-button operation makes this piece easy to use even for people who are used to doing things the old-school way.


Toy Story Pizza Planet Electric Pizzamaker: Quickly cook your favorite frozen pizzas (up to 12 inches) or hand-tossed pizzas (up to 11 inches) with this adorable electric pizzamaker inspired by Pizza Planet from Disney’s Toy Story. This design cooks your pizza faster and with less ambient heat than a conventional oven. This is another kitchen gadget that would be perfect for college students.


Handheld Kitchen Bag Heat Sealer: Keep ingredients and snacks fresher for longer with this unique handheld heat sealer. This machine easily crimps and melts many common types of food packages like chip bags, vacuum seal bags, and more. Simply plug the sealer into a nearby outlet and it heats up within seconds.


Color-Coded Cutting Boards: Keep all of your essential cutting boards neat and organized with the clever Folio set from Joseph Joseph. This collection includes a stainless-steel case that contains four color-coded cutting boards within. Each cutting board is visually labeled so you can maintain sanitary consistency. There is a cutting board for raw meat, raw fish, vegetables, and one for cooked food.


Small Hanging Kitchen Trashcan: Quickly clean up food scraps and cuttings with this convenient hanging garbage can design. This design includes two ways to hang – use the clip to hang the can over a lower cabinet door, or use the peel-and-stick adhesive to secure it to any smooth surface. It can even go inside of a cabinet for a clean look.


Deodorizing Refrigerator Air Purifier: The innovative PureAir fridge deodorizer purifies the air inside of your refrigerator for a fresher and more sanitary experience. It helps keep your vegetables fresher too by eliminating the ethylene gas emitted by decaying vegetables which causes other vegetables to age even quicker. A noise and indicator light will let you know when it’s time to recharge.


Yonanas Fruit Soft Serve Maker: Use up overripe fruits to create nutritious and delicious desserts with the Yonanas dairy-free soft serve gadget. Simply freeze fruits that are approaching their expiration, and when you’re ready for a treat, run them through the Yonanas machine to transform them into a healthy sorbet. This kitchen gadget is available in a variety of bright colors and versatile neutrals.


Misto Olive Oil Sprayer: Enjoy a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative to aerosol cooking sprays with the innovative Misto oil sprayer. This gorgeous kitchen gadget can be filled and refilled with your favorite oils, juices, and other flavorings for easy application to your foods or cooking surfaces. A built-in filter even allows you to add herbs and spices directly to the tank to create your own infusions.


Smart Kitchen Scale and App: This smart kitchen scale makes it easy to get accurate weight readings for foods and ingredients, an essential kitchen gadget for serious bakers and dieters alike. An included app brings up nutrient and calorie information.


Pinocchio Kitchen Funnel Gadget: Designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Miriam Mirri for Alessi, the Pino funnel offers a nostalgic take on a kitchen essential. This funnel enjoys simple straightforward functionality to help you fill bottles or refill containers, but its fun Pinocchio-inspired look will put a smile on your face every time.


Sowden Designer Fruit Juicer: This gorgeous electric juicer from Hay is the creation of Milan-based designer George Sowden. The stylish design of this appliance makes an ordinary task more enjoyable, and it looks great when left out on the counter as well. Simply push to operate. Easy disassembly allows for effortless cleanup between uses.


Drawstring-Powered Mini Chopper: Quickly chop vegetables and mix ingredients using this drawstring-powered chopper from Eva Solo. This design offers a sustainable alternative to electric appliances, and it’s perfect for anyone who suffers from a lack of electrical outlets in the kitchen. All parts except for the lid are dishwasher safe.


Adjustable Measuring Spoon Set: Streamline your utensil drawer with these convenient measuring spoons that combine multiple measurements in one. Simply slide the outer sleeve to the measurement you want. The narrow construction allows these scoops to fit within smaller spice and ingredient containers.


Electric Salt & Pepper Mill: Grind fresh salt, pepper, and other spices using this electric mill set. The one-handed design makes it easy to season food as you’re occupied with other cooking tasks. Adjust coarseness to suit your preferences. Each set includes two electric grinders. AAA batteries are required and sold separately.


Penguin Cocktail Shaker Kitchen Gadget: Penguin-shaped cocktail shakers have a long history as a sought-after antique, but newer models are still made today – and they can make an especially fun addition to retro-inspired kitchen themes. Even if you don’t drink, cocktail shakers like this one can be used to create instant iced coffees and homemade ginger shots.


Hand-Shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers: Sometimes a designer alternative to an everyday item can completely elevate your experience. Jonathan Adler has created a gorgeous salt and pepper cellar set as part of the Eve collection. Simply add your most essential seasonings to the ceramic and gold bowls and take out a pinch as needed.


Yamazaki Home Japanese Lid Rest: Yamazaki Home is a popular Japanese design brand that brings function and simplicity to many areas of the home. This organizing stand offers a place to hold your lids and utensils as you cook, all without making a mess. Or, you can use this versatile design as a stand for your cookbooks and tablets.

$199BUY IT

Living Kitchen Composter: Up your sustainability game by compositing and growing all in one beautiful kitchen gadget. This piece is intended to be used with live composting worms – simply toss your vegetables scraps inside and the worms will transform them into powerful compost that your garden will absolutely love. You can even place potted plants right into the circular slots in the cork lid. This odor-proof composter includes a moisture/light/pH probe to make sure your fertilizer turns out perfectly every time.


Expandable Acacia Kitchen Utensil Holder: Keep your flatware perfectly organized with this drawer insert made from beautiful acacia wood. The sides of the insert expand outward to fit a wide variety of drawer sizes, making your utensil holder look like a perfectly-fit custom addition. A model with longer compartments is also available to hold cooking utensils.


Magnetic Knife Holder: Looking for a sleeker and more sanitary alternative to the bulky knife block? This stylish design is made from attractive walnut wood with powerful magnets hidden inside, able to securely hold your favorite knives right within reach. Knives are easy to remove and replace, and the streamlined footprint allows easy placement right on your counter.


Food Prep Station with Kitchen Gadgets: This all-in-one cutting board and food prep station contains everything you need to quickly prepare ingredients for daily meals or weekly food prep. This set includes a resilient bamboo cutting board with space inside to hold containers for your prepared ingredients. A cutout slot can be used to slide ingredients into a container, or it can be equipped with any of the included tools like graters and slicers.


Space-Saving Bag and Plastic Wrap Organizers: Unwieldy plastic wrap and tinfoil containers take up too much space and they can contribute to a cluttered look in the kitchen. This streamlined drawer organizer offers easy access to all of your essentials – and each compartment is equipped with a built-in cutter for convenience. This all-in-one set includes space to organize storage bags and clips as well.


Smiley Mini-Pancake Griddle: Make perfect pancakes every time with this charming pancake griddle gadget. This design makes mini pancakes with fun faces, great for kids and adults alike. Simply leave one spot open to make flipping your pancakes even easier.

$199BUY IT

Touch-Activated Kitchen Faucet: Instantly reduce your kitchen cleanup time with this convenient touch-operated kitchen faucet from Kraus – simply touch anywhere on the body or spout to avoid getting the handle messy when you’re preparing food. The pull-down faucet also makes it easier to fill heavy pots, to rinse off dishes, and make other everyday tasks easier than ever.

$100BUY IT

Delta Kitchen Glass Rinser: Streamline your cleanup tasks with this convenient glass rinser from Delta. This kitchen gadget sprays jets of water upward into glasses, bottles, and other drinkware to remove and drain debris directly into the sink. If you have an extra hole already in your sink mount, like one that was previously used for a standalone sprayer or soap pump, then installation will be even easier.


Krups Digital Electric Kettle: Are you serious about your tea and coffee? This smart electric kettle from Krups offers precise temperature control to make sure your oolongs and pour-overs turn out exactly how you expect every single time. This electric kettle is quick-heating and includes a 30-minute keep-warm function so you can be ready for your next cup even quicker.

$169BUY IT

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker with Frother: Be your own barista with this indulgent kitchen gadget from Ninja that can make classic brews and specialty coffees alike. The specialty coffee settings create an ultra-concentrated brew that you can use to create lattes and cappuccinos and other drinks at full strength. A fold-out frother allows you to create delicious foam, too! Choose from six brew sizes ranging from single cup to full carafe.

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