51 Beige Bedroom Designs With Tips And Ideas To Help You Decorate Yours

Beige bedrooms are restful for the mind. This serene shade promotes a peaceful atmosphere to aid relaxation and good sleep. Sometimes though, the beige palette can feel a little unimaginative, so we’ve pulled together a collection of 51 beige bedroom designs with tips and ideas to help you decorate yours with success. In this gallery of gorgeous beige bedroom spaces, you’ll find a plethora of inspiration for spaces of all shapes and sizes. We’ll take a look at stylish bed frames, an assortment of bedside tables, end-of-bed benches, pendant lighting, wall sconces, table lamps, ceiling fans, rugs, wall decor ideas, wardrobes, mirrors, vanity areas, and more.

Nature-inspired wall decor brings a fresh aspect to a beige bedroom decor scheme, which will energize your mornings. Apply bird decals around a canopy bed to form your own dawn chorus.

Designer: Olga Tolmach  
Visualizer: Alena Marmachuk   

Exposed stonework gives a beige rustic bedroom an authentic look. In this rustic interior, a rattan ceiling fan complements chunky wooden ceiling beams. Sheer white voiles billow at the window, creating an air of romance.

Designer: Olga Tolmach  
Visualizer: Alena Marmachuk  

Another exposed stonework wall adds a deeply textural element to this boho space. A macrame wall hanging creates an interesting overlay, along with two macramé pendant lights.

Visualizer: he.D Creative Group  

Arrange clusters of bedroom pendant lights to increase their visual impact. This cluster is paired with a backlit headboard wall to amplify the warm glow.

Visualizer: Lulu Lee  

As an alternative to bedroom pendant lights, install neat wall sconces to aid bedtime reading. These wall lights extend a little further from the wall to reach over a gently curved upholstered headboard design.

Designer: Abou Samra Designs  
Visualizer: Ahmed Zakaria Hamza  

Floral wallcoverings and tufted end-of-bed benches add a dash of tradition. Group them with a glass chandelier and chic bedside tables to complete an elegant look.

Visualizer: Alena Taeva  

Build a bespoke headboard wall with beige upholstered panels. Fashion a narrow column behind the bed frame or go all out and cover the whole width of the room.

Visualizer: Viktoriya Romanova  

Use 3D wall tiles to create a unique beige bedroom accent wall. This one is paired with a coarse stone headboard to make a powerful combo.

Visualizer: 蔚然成风7  

Light up a minimalist beige bedroom aesthetic with an extruded and backlit headboard feature wall. This concept also demonstrates creative positioning for a home workspace in the bedroom.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

This backlit headboard gains added warmth from a smooth, natural wood tone finish. More perimeter lighting brightens the space from inside a dropped ceiling panel.

Visualizer: Anna Tkacheva  

Bring golden accents into a beige bedroom decor scheme to piece together a look of luxury.

Visualizer: Semih Keler  

Soft blue accents brighten up a beige bedroom decor scheme. Introduce blue scatter cushions and throws to a beige bed set or lay a blue rug underneath a beige bed.

Visualizer: 蔚然成风7  

Built-in furniture contributes to the calm appearance of a beige bedroom layout.

Visualizer: Lanteng Tiangong Zhu Tingting  

This built-in wardrobe includes a column of display shelves and a record player niche underneath.

Visualizer: Semih Keler  

Add decorative arches to create areas of interest in a neutral decor scheme.

Visualizer: Mariem El Sabbagh  

Wall decals are a handy way to apply impactful motifs and patterns to a plain beige decor scheme.

Visualizer: Bloom Studio  

An eye-catching bedroom chandelier and a mesmerizing mural completely transform any bedroom design.

Visualizer: wx18075058778  

Sprinkle pastel pink accents into a beige bedroom to create a softly sweet palette. Pile up the accent pillows and include a plush bedroom rug to create a feminine, sumptuous appeal.

Visualizer: Alfonso Gimeno Ramos  

Extrude bedroom furniture from a concrete backdrop to create a smoothly molded minimalist bedroom. Color match bed linens, wall sconces, and bedside lamps to achieve a fully melded appearance.

Visualizer: Amr Moussa  

Shades of tan and brown bring depth and warmth to a pale beige room.

Visualizer: Tasnim Ashraf  

Rattan sheets offer an easy textural upgrade for wardrobe doors, consoles, and alcoves. Accessorize the rattan focal points with other natural elements, such as stone bedside tables, a wicker laundry basket, or a jute throw.

Visualizer: Nour Elhalawany  

Mirrored panels make a sparkling addition to a neutral headboard feature wall. The mirrored sections reflect natural light deep into the room, making the space appear brighter and more spacious. In this concept, a mirrored headboard wall doubles the effect of some stunning circle chandeliers.

Visualizer: Viktoriya Romanova  

Beige wall stucco treatments offer an opportunity to create tactile, rounded corners and built-in furniture. In this boho bedroom space, a smoothly rounded stucco headboard wall features a built-in planter.

Visualizer: wx18075058778  

Relief art subtly includes elegant pattern in a beige decor scheme without deviating from the peaceful palette. Choose a French bed frame and end-of-bed bench to fashion a chic neoclassical scene.

Visualizer: Maurício Coelho  

In a streamlined, minimalist beige bedroom design, draw out just one element as a showstopping focal point, like this fabulous, sculptural ceiling light.

Visualizer: Balcon Studio  

Create interest with an asymmetrical approach. Choose mismatched bedside lamps and bedroom pendant lights for each side of the room. Select an end-of-bed bench with an asymmetrical design, or two contrasting stools instead.

Visualizer: 南聿设计 余丽  

Open up your bedroom by adjoining the sleep space with a covered balcony area. Here, the covered balcony makes space for a handy laundry area. This allows clothing to be washed, dried, and stored all in the same space.

Designer: Sver Studio  
Visualizer: Grigoriy Obolenskiy  

A limited color palette does not equal a boring space. Use slatted wood panels, rattan headboards, stone bedside tables, and intriguing bedroom pendant lights to create interesting layers.

Visualizer: BezMiar Architekci  

Use linearity to build pattern. These two sleek pendant lights are teamed with a linear pendant light to overlay a vertically paneled wall.

Designer: Harmony Design  
Visualizer: Soha Khaled  

Geometric gold accents and rich burgundy textiles distract from a neutral beige and greige background.

Visualizer: Lucas Almeida  

Wall-mounted bedside tables keep the floor space clear, which opens up a spacious look. It also makes the room much simpler to clean when items can’t get lost behind or underneath the nightstands.

Designer: Shenzhen Chanel  
Visualizer: Azusa Space Visual Design  

Select contrasting styles to build interest and intrigue. Try teaming a curvaceous French bed frame with a minimalist, cleanly paneled perimeter. Add a modern, textured rug and a shapely pendant light to complete the vignette.

Visualizer: 鸿烨表现  

Decorate with hero items. This tufted bed is an attention-grabbing piece but sculptural lighting and a striking black and white marble vanity area boldly compete for the spotlight. The result is a layout that keeps the eye moving and exploring.

Visualizer: 何以解忧唯有稀粥  

Pair down items to create a space where rest is paramount. James Turrell-style light art decorates walls without adding a physical element.

Visualizer: Benjie Space Design  

Herringbone wood flooring places rich natural tone and attractive pattern into a beige decor scheme. Complement wood flooring with timber headboard paneling. This bedroom design includes a wooden frame around a captivating archway too.

Visualizer: Duc Nguyen  

Instill an elegant essence into a beige boho bedroom by recessing an archway into the wall stucco. Achieve a recessed ceiling feature around the bedroom chandelier by installing a dropped ceiling.

Visualizer: Lai Studio  

Continue a textural wall stucco treatment up onto the ceiling to complete a cozy cocoon. Choose a color-matched, cushiony upholstered bed to complete the comforting aesthetic.

Visualizer: xo_ wasim  

A canopy bed makes a grand focal point. This tall frame also serves as a room divider that separates a bedroom lounge from a home library and reading nook.

Visualizer: Vard Safaryan  

Custom-cut mirrors at each bedside make the room appear bright and expansive.

Visualizer: Arjun P Surendran  

Install decorative wooden ceiling beams to create a rustic look.

Visualizer: Bloom Studio  

Build drama with sweeping motifs, like this 3D upholstered headboard design and spectacular bedroom chandelier. Luxe, fluted marble wall panels frame the room.

Visualizer: Alaa Magdy  

Wainscot walls build a neoclassical air that can be accessorized in a multitude of fashions. In this concept, gold abstract wall decor climbs through the focal wall panel, while the two flanking panels frame sleek, modern gold pendant lights.

Visualizer: Jingai Vision  

Electric blue accents inject a bolt of energy through a neutral bedroom decor scheme. Just a single lamp, bedside table, or bedroom chair will amp up the energy in the room.

Visualizer: Jingai Vision  

In this contemporary bedroom design, an electric blue accent is introduced via a large Medicom Bearbrick sculpture.

Visualizer: Islam Ibrahim  

Fashion a highly glamorous beige bedroom design with a huge, metallic bedroom chandelier that is scattered with star-like bulbs. Install tall wall paneling behind the bed to construct lofty room proportions.

Visualizer: Esmael Abdelhamed  

Build a commanding beige focal wall with rugged stone panels. This stone statement wall is complemented with a gray bedroom rug, which draws a similar shade and deep texture down onto the floor.

Visualizer: Alyona Boykiv  

Mix beige tones with soothing sage green elements to create a space where troubles melt away and sleep comes easily.

Visualizer: MCORP Architects  

If you are a highly energized person who enjoys courageous decor schemes, embolden a beige room palette with a mesmerizing patterned wall and brief bursts of orange.

Visualizer: Wish Design  

Add a rush of color with a single piece of artwork. This red art piece instantly transforms its subtle beige setting.

Visualizer: Oksana Zayats  

Combine smooth beige walls with a rough, raw concrete focal point. Add edge lighting to highlight the deeply textured contrast.

Visualizer: Mohamed Waleed  

Contrast light beige decor with solid black accents, such as a punchy area rug, artwork, bedside tables, or a black bedroom chair.

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