51 Black Vases Sure to Look Great Anywhere

Bolster your decorative repertoire with some versatile black vases that can flatter any floral arrangement and complement any interior style. We’ve collected our favorite black vases in this post! Below, you’ll find budget-friendly picks that you can mix and match along with a robust selection of high-end designer vases that are true works of art. Find dry vases for decorative grasses and glass vases for fresh cuttings, small vases for buds and extra-large vases for floor placements. Decorate your shelves and tables with these perfectly fashionable finds – there’s something here for any space.


Black Vintage Silhouette Vase: This handsome vase features a traditional silhouette with a modern finish, able to complement classic and contemporary decor themes alike. This vase is crafted from resilient ceramic and measures just over 8 inches in height, perfectly proportioned for side tables and bookshelves.


Geometric Black Cylinder Vase: Enjoy a creative take on the chic cylinder vase with this attractive set. Each vase features a fluted exterior wrapped with an eye-catching bubble, cutting a distinctive silhouette that captures the eye. Watertight construction allows these vases to be used with fresh cuttings. The taller vase measures over 13 inches in height and the smaller vase measures 10 inches.


Arched Black Matte Vase Set: Make a fun modern statement with these arched vases, decorated with a textured surface and a silky black finish. This set includes two vases with the larger measuring at 8 inches in height and the smaller vase measuring at just over 6 inches in height. Use together or apart!


Matte Black Bubble Vase: A bold bubble pattern brings tons of visual interest to this small black vase design. This piece is constructed from ceramic with a matte rubber paint finish that feels smooth to the touch. Nonslip pads adorn the bottom to help protect your furniture. This vase measures at just 6.7 inches in height, easy to tuck into various nooks and crannies.


Oval Black Ceramic Vase: This handsome vase features straight lines that curve around in a modern capsule shape. The opening is spacious, perfect for stunning botanical arrangements – this piece would make a fantastic addition to the home of anyone who likes to take clippings from their large garden. Choose from two sizes or mix and match.


Tall Black Vase with Handle: Standing at 17 inches tall and 22 inches tall respectively, these vases make a bold decorative impact suitable for tall shelves and pedestal placements. These pieces feature a clean conical shape with an angular handle that provides bold structural contrast. Each one is made from durable steel, impossible to shatter.

$104BUY IT

Textured Floor Vase Black: Looking for a statement vase that can occupy an empty corner, a fireplace hearth, or accompany a hallway bench? This oversized floor vase is sure to delight. This vase is available in two sizes – one measuring 25 inches in height and the other measuring at just over 18 inches tall. The silky black exterior features a subtle ridged texture for added decorative interest.


Small Round Black Vase Set: Create a cool geometric impression with these small spherical bud vases. This set includes three matching vases each in a different size, with the largest measuring at 5 inches in height and the smallest measuring 3 inches tall. Use to create a flexible grouping on any shelf or tabletop.

$294BUY IT

Venule 5-Way Black Vase: Elevate any collection of fresh or dried cuttings into an artistic botanical arrangement using the Venule 5 Way Vase from Sin Ceramics. This piece offers beautiful sculptural appeal even when empty – great for tabletops and shelves alike. Each one is handmade from quality stoneware. A light clay-colored version is also available.


Large Black Ceramic Vase: Smooth curves and crisp angles make this table vase an especially eye-catching statement piece sure to turn heads wherever you decide to place it. This piece measures at 14 inches in height and 6 inches in diameter, the surface beautifully finished with a textured matte glaze for a vintage appearance. Use with flowers or use as a standalone decorative object.

$210BUY IT

U-Shaped Black Vase: This sculptural u-shaped vase would make a gorgeous addition to any surface whether filled with cuttings or left empty. This piece is constructed from weighty terracotta with a textural black glaze, lending a worn and rugged aesthetic that abounds with character. This piece is not watertight.


Textured Black Tall Vase: Clean lines and sweeping curves meet to give this tall vase a modern appearance softened by its organic elements. The exterior features a textural charcoal finish that plays with the light that falls across its surface. Use with your favorite cuttings or let its sculptural appeal stand on its own.

$286BUY IT

Large Black Clay Vase: This oversized vase design is large enough to occupy your roomiest bookshelves, but it’s also perfect for use on the floor. Pair with tall cuttings like decorative grasses and dried branches to stretch its proportions for an even more dramatic visual effect. Use to complement classic and contemporary decor themes alike.


Donut-Shaped Black Round Vase: Smooth organic curves make this vase easy on the eyes, a fantastic complement for any decorative arrangement. This piece is constructed from resilient ceramic with a textured black finish for easy coordination. Select from three sizes to best suit your space.

$206BUY IT

Black Vase with Handle Set: Create a stylish vase arrangement on any mantle, table, or shelf with this creative vase set. Each one features a smooth round silhouette with a straight cylindrical neck, accented with small loop handles on each side. Use to complement decorative themes ranging from contemporary to modern farmhouse and more.

$204BUY IT

Regina Andrew Black Wood Vase Set: These gorgeous Regina Andrew vases are functional artwork for any space. These pieces are sculpted from solid mango wood, with circular details carved into the surface for added decorative appeal. The natural wood grain is clearly visible through the deep charcoal grey finish. Each set includes both sizes.


Abstract Small Black Vase: Bold half-moon projections bring over-the-top texture to this creative vase design. This piece offers an elevated take on the classic cylindrical vase, cutting a sculptural silhouette that looks great from every angle. This piece stands at 9 inches in height, small enough for a wide range of versatile placements throughout the home.

$109BUY IT

Leather and Ceramic Black Vase Set: Mixed material construction brings a unique element to this black vase set. Each vase maintains a classic teardrop silhouette, elevated by the addition of woven faux leather strips that wrap around the lip. These large vases measure at 13 inches tall and 16 inches tall.


Abstract Matte Black Vase: This vase is a sculptural work of art well-suited for the most contemporary decor themes. This piece features smooth curves that wind upward to a narrow mouth, the base separated with hollow arch that captures the eye. This expressive black vase measures at just over 9 inches tall and 9 inches wide.


Stoneware Matte Black Vase Set: A prominent seam runs down the center of each vase in this dramatic set from CosmoLiving. Each vase features a flat and wide shape that can perch easily on even the narrowest surfaces like fireplace mantles, console tables, and more. Each set includes two vases with the largest measuring over 17 inches in height.


Textured Black Square Vase Set: These creative vases feature square and rectangular shapes with hollow centers, the faces emphasized with stepped textural details that capture light and shadow. The tall vase measures at 11 inches in height and the smaller vase measures at 8.6 inches tall. A variety of other colors are also available.

$192BUY IT

Aluminum Large Black Floor Vase: This stunning vase is cast from durable aluminum for strength and style to last a lifetime. The form is open, airy, and organic, able to make a bold impression without dominating its surroundings. Display empty or place your favorite dried grasses and decorative branches within. This piece measures 31 inches in height, ideal for placement on a floor.


Black Textured Vase Set: Earthy, organic construction brings rich personality to this set of three vases. Each one is crafted from weighty terracotta and finished with a dimensional surface texture that captures attention. Each set includes three vases with the largest measuring six inches in height. Use this small grouping together or place them apart.


Rustic Black Pottery Vase: A hatched surface pattern lends visual interest to this 7.4-inch vase design. The ceramic surface is finished with a deeply distressed charcoal tone, lending an illusion of age and wear. This piece would make a fantastic complement for modern farmhouse interior decor themes.


Grey and Black Wood Vase: Distinctive materials set this vase apart from the rest. This black and grey vase is carved from solid wood, the surface inlaid with pearlescent shell that creates a complex color story with tremendous depth. The geometric patterns are sure to capture attention and beckon a closer look. This piece measures at 16 inches in height for versatile placement possibilities.

$114BUY IT

Black Beaded Vase: Looking for something with elevated texture to bring a fashionable element to your favorite surfaces? This elegant urn vase is made with wood beads in shades of black and grey, giving the surface an organic appearance well-suited to farmhouse and boho decor themes. This vase is not watertight and can be used with dried cuttings only.


Pearl and Black Floor Vase: This attractive floor vase is made from weighty earthenware for stable placement, the exterior finished in glossy black with silvery shell details lending a pop of pearlescent shimmer. This vase is available in three large sizes to fit a variety of placements throughout the home.


White and Black Terracotta Vase: Enjoy modern art on any surface with this short and sculptural vase design. This piece is sculpted from terracotta with a silky black finish, a white linear pattern hand-painted across the surface. This piece measures at just over 7 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height.


Patterned Black and White Vase Set: Intricate dot patterns decorate the surface of this unique black vase design, the patterns quickly terminating in a matte black base. This piece features a highly textured surface that brings added dimension to the pattern. A white model is also available.


Checkered Black and White Vase Decor: Make a cool postmodern statement with this decorative ceramic vase design. This piece features a wavy checker pattern with bold on-trend appeal, perfect for the most on-trend interior decor themes. It measures at just over 7 inches in height.

$164BUY IT

Jonathan Adler Pleat Black and White Vase: Contemporary designer Jonathan Adler drew inspiration from Op Art and Japanese architecture for the gorgeous Pleat vase collection. These vases feature a zig-zag shape that abounds with crisp dimension, underscored by sharp black and white coloration for emphasized contrast.


Vertical White and Black Striped Vase: Classic silhouettes meet bold modern finishes with this abstract vase for Torre & Tagus. This design is sculpted from ceramic and finished in glossy black and white stripes, the vertical orientation emphasizing each curve. Choose from three adaptable sizes.


Omaggio Black and White Striped Vase: Omaggio is an iconic vase collection from Danish design firm Kahler. It’s a series known for its elegant hand-painted stripes, available in a variety of colorways including this eye-catching black and white finish. Each one is made from premium ceramic. Choose from two sizes.


Glossy Black Vase Trio: Glossy black finishes bring a glamorous appearance to this shapely stoneware vase set. Each set includes three vases each with a different silhouette, the sharp curves standing in contrast to the smooth ones. The shortest vase measures at just over 12 inches in height and the tallest vase measures over 16 inches.


Glossy Ceramic Black Vase: High-gloss ceramic glaze gives this classic vase a glassy appearance, sure to make a stunning statement wherever you decide to place it. This piece features a timeless silhouette that can complement traditional and contemporary interior decor themes alike. This vase is water tight for use with fresh cuttings.

$359BUY IT

Hollow Tall Black Floor Vase: Available in sizes ranging from 34 inches in height to an impressive 51 inches in height, this sculptural vase is perfect for floor placements – it can serve as an artistic element whether filled with cuttings or left to stand on its own. This vase is also available in red and white.

$207BUY IT

Large Black Vase for Floor: Fluted details bring bold texture to this glossy black floor vase design. This piece is available in two sizes, 23 inches in height or 30 inches in height. Each one is perfect for tall cuttings like grasses, branches, or small faux trees. Molded resin construction makes this vase practical and lightweight.

$2129BUY IT

Giorgetti Genuine Black Marble Vase: The gorgeous Hineri Marble Vase by Giorgetti is a true work of art, hand-carved in Italy from premium Nero Marquina marble. The twisted silhouette makes a sculptural statement from every angle. With proper care, this heirloom-quality vase will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and beyond.


Drip Aluminum Large Black Vase: This cast aluminum vase features a bold abstract effect, designed to look like molten metal dripping over an invisible frame. This piece features a raw and textural surface, finished in deep black with dimensional appeal. This vase is also available in silver or gold.


Square Black Glass Vase: A squared shape gives this vase an especially clean and modern appearance well-suited for contemporary decor themes. The surface features a linear texture that sparkles in the light, tinted black for a tastefully smokey effect. This piece measures at almost 10 inches high.


Modern Black Glass Vase: Make a chic geometric statement with this modern vase design. This piece features a zig-zag silhouette in transparent glass, with a fluted lip and base in smokey black. This piece measures at 10 inches in height for versatile placement possibilities. The 4-inch diameter leaves plenty of space for creative fresh flower arrangements.


Vintage Black Glass Vase: Elegant ridged textures flow across the surface of this attractive vase design, the glass tinted in deep smokey black for a dramatic visual effect. This piece maintains a modest height at 8 inches, the mouth diameter measuring at just over 3 inches across.


Smokey Black Vase: This classic glass vase features smokey coloration that becomes opaque at the base and the mouth, allowing a look at the contents through the translucent center. This vase is available in three adaptable sizes that can be used individually or mixed and matched.

$121BUY IT

Glacies Black Glass Vase: Glacies is an artistic mouth-blown glass vase that takes inspiration from icebergs, the conical base projecting into the cylindrical body like ice breeching the ocean surface. This designer black vase measures at just over 11 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter. Mix and match with other available sizes to create an artistic composition.

$210BUY IT

Tom Dixon Black Glass Vase: The distinctive Bump Cone vase by Tom Dixon draws inspiration from both contemporary design and scientific tools. The form begins with a conical exterior while the interior is made with spherical bumps joined by a cylindrical channel. Each vase is handcrafted from blown glass.

$230BUY IT

Alvar Aalto Black Glass Vase Vintage: Originally designed in the 1930s by legendary Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, the famous Aalto Vase has since become a timeless design icon. Each one is still mouth-blown in the Iittala glass factory, made to the same exacting specifications today. This series is available in a variety of sizes and colors.


Black Twine-Wrapped Black Vase: This transparent glass vase enjoys a unique decorative twist with wrapped details. The exterior is woven with leather strips that crisscross around the body of the vase, with a handle beautifully wrapped to match. Choose from two sizes to use individually or to mix and match.


Metal and Glass Black Flower Vase Set: Sturdy metal framing supports simple glass cylinders, giving this unique vase set a distinctly industrial appearance well-suited for urban and modern farmhouse decor themes alike. Use these vases with water to hold fresh flowers from a garden or to propagate houseplant cuttings with efficiency and style.


Black Rustic Vase with Handles: Perfectly complement a modern farmhouse decor theme with this metal flower vase designed to look like an antique galvanized metal milk can, elevated by the addition of attractive brass accents. The distinctive silhouette is sure to make a bold impression wherever you place it.


Metal Framed Black Modern Vase Set: These geometric vases have a sculptural quality that can easily stand alone with or without the addition of botanical cuttings. This set includes three sizes, each vase beautifully faceted and accented with a coordinated metal frame in gold. Create different topographies by shifting the display angle of each.


Black and Gold Vase Set: Bring a glamorous gleam to any of your favorite surfaces with this dramatic donut-shaped vase collection. Each vase is crafted from resilient ceramic with a matte black finish on one half and a glossy gold finish on the other. Each set includes two vases, one large and one small.

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