51 Living Room Projector Ideas That Beat The Movie Theatre Hands Down

Once upon a time, movie projectors were restricted to darkened home theatre rooms, but not anymore. Nowadays, there are projectors that produce bright enough images for an open living space without the image becoming destroyed by ambient light. Completely swapping out a bulky black TV for an elegant projector screen attains a more restful and elegant room aesthetic. Dropping a projector screen in front of your TV for a movie or the big game can double your viewing area. It’s really a no-brainer. This collection of living room projector ideas show exactly how it’s done, in modern decor schemes that stylishly beat the movie theatre hands down.

Designer: Alexander Radchenko  

Block it out. Thankfully, high lumen projector units have become more affordable, but you can also reduce your ambient light with blackout curtains like these plush grey drapes. Natural wood bookshelves balance out the other half of this living room with an uplifting golden tone. A matching bench works double duty as a media shelf and as a seat when the projector screen is retracted.

Visualizer: 半山空间  

Nostalgic movie nights. Dark decor and dimmable lighting set an authentic cinema mood. It also means you can opt for a less costly projector with fewer lumens to successfully light the screen.

Visualizer: MCORP Architects  

Have your cake and eat it. A lot of people like to hold onto the option of the typical TV, but it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. A ceiling-mounted, retractable projector screen can be positioned to closely skim in front of a wall-mounted TV, giving you the best of both worlds.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Studio  

Build balance for each scenario. Built-in perimeter seating makes great sense for extra guests and hidden storage when a projection screen is retracted into the ceiling, and as a sleek media unit when the movie is in motion.

Visualizer: BE3 design  

A distracting cascade. Indoor plants drop a cascade of greenery onto this empty white projection wall, causing the perfect natural distraction from its intended technical use.

Visualizer: Denis Alexandrovich  

Large projector screens offer great viewing for open plan living spaces, where they can provide the lounge, kitchen and dining areas equal viewing pleasure.

Visualizer: D3 Design  

Catch some colour. If you decide to dampen down the ambient light with a darker decor scheme, consider amping up the brightness in colourful soft furnishings and wall art to compensate.

Visualizer: Andrei Lychkouski  

In moderate ambient light, a projector with around 2000 lumens can suffice, but very bright rooms may need approx 3000 to produce the desired results.

Visualizer: Z Design  

Brighter projectors are not always better, of course, a 3500-lumen projector in a pitch-black room can be rather dazzling. This white living room compensates for the brighter projection unit at night with an evenly distributed track lighting scheme.

Designer: Emily Henderson  

Let the screen be your window blind. This is a great option for rooms that lack wall space due to large expanses of glass and architectural features.

Visualizer: Mo Design Studio  

Perimeter LEDs make atmospheric base illumination for a living room projector.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Projector setups go hand-in-hand with minimalist living rooms, removing the wall clutter of a permanent TV screen.

Visualizer: 阿呆很咸   

In this minimalist living room, the projector screen is tucked up within a ceiling recess so that not even its mount is visible.

Visualizer: Ben Space Design  

On the flip side, the wall mount of this projection screen is made into a feature with smoothly curved stucco.

Visualizer: YIFN Digital Art Research Office  

Hidden in plain sight. This projector screen fits edge-to-edge upon a dividing wall. The exact dimensions successfully camouflage the screen into the white wall decor.

Visualizer: Benjie Space Design  

Frame it. A bold black frame makes this screen stand out from a light, laconic decor canvas. The black and white contrast coordinates with a set of black and white dining chairs nearby.

Visualizer: Benjie Space Design  

Create a soffit to cover the screen mount, and continue it around the room to neatly encase bookcases and interior doors.

Visualizer: Victoria Graf  

Fashion a focal point. This luxury floating TV stand has an eye-catching marble surround and LED feature lighting.

Photographer: Maxim Maximov  

Smooth white walls can negate the need for a projection screen at all. Simply press play.

Visualizer: ON Design  

A black mounting wall makes a deep, dark background that pulls away from the eye to leave the projector screen as the main focus.

Source: Epson  

Don’t forget the sound system. If you’re not opting for in-ceiling speakers, then remember to leave a border of space for wall mounted counterparts.

Visualizer: Oporski Architektura  

A projected TV screen saves precious space and adds sophistication to small homes. See more of this innovative 37 square metre apartment design here.

Visualizer: NORDES Design Group  

To offset an empty, plain white projector wall, add lots of colourful accents to your furniture and choose striking, large art pieces to adorn the neighbouring walls.

Visualizer: Z. Design  

Consider positioning projector screens in front of bookcases. In silence, this living room is decorated with the fullness of a home library, displayed upon modern bookshelves. When it’s time for digital entertainment, the screen unfurls in front of the book stacks, removing the busy distraction.

Visualizer: The Goort  

Another living room designed for book lovers and movie lovers alike.

Visualizer: Room Design Buro  

Wide expanses of natural wood tone make a mellow companion for crisp white projector screens. Warm grey furniture pieces peacefully meld with the tonal composition.

Source: mdfx  

Decorate to your heart’s desire. This wide media shelf makes a display mantle for curious collections, which almost all fade from sight when movie time comes around.

Designer: Doaa Sabry  
Visualizer: Visualizer: Kareem Badie  

A centrally strung projection screen drops double-sided imagery–just don’t try to read subtitles from the back.

Visualizer: Rina Lovko Studio  

Going incognito. Slipping under the radar as a clean white dividing wall between the lounge and kitchen, this plain expanse is an undercover movie wall.

Visualizer: 33BY  

Colour-blocked decor distracts from a sudden white projection area.

Designer: Balbek Bureau  

A living room that lacks a prominant TV, aka an idiot box, appears to gain sophistication.

Visualizer: Shmidt Studio  

Tabletop fireplaces can be positioned atop a linear media unit to create a cosy effect that can’t be recreated in the public movie theatre. The flicker of flame burns a welcoming glow that makes movie night seem all the more special.

Visualizer: Obriy Architects  

If that plain, empty projection wall is just too much for you to bear in your stylish surroundings, then why not project a wall clock when the pictures aren’t rolling.

Visualizer: Interior Workshop  

The oversized numbers of a projected wall clock fashion an attention-grabbing focal point.

Visualizer: Elena Sedova  

Whilst dark decor could assist with a clearer projected picture, dark living rooms can sometimes feel a little oppressive. Consider installing a wide set of slatted doors that will allow borrowed light to filter through, as well as a spacious glimpse of the neighbouring room.

Visualizer: ON Design  

Save space for art with a ceiling-mounted projection screen.

Visualizer: Form 8 Studio  

In this industrial living room design, raw concrete walls make a cool canvas for a wall-mounted screen and some textural green accents.

Visualizer: Alina Berezovetskaya  

Another grey concrete living room with green accents, but this time with a cost-saving white wall for projection.

Visualizer: Prodan Design  

Nomadic and boho living rooms aren’t the place to show off a big TV, so that’s where retractable projector screens really work their magic.

Visualizer: Miami Render  

Double-height living rooms are crying out for movie magic–just ensure that the screen is big enough to make it all the way down from the rafters.

Designer: Richard Meier & Partners  

Nothing but windows? No problem.

Visualizer: Landusheva Nastia  

Improve upon the projected clock with a rolling local weather forecast too.

Visualizer: Elena Sedova  

You could even project a still image as a piece of permanent digital art.

Via: Behance  

Angle a living room furniture layout toward the windows to take in the exterior view, then drop a screen in front of the drapes for the evening’s entertainment.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Shiplap walls provide visual interest when the screen is up, and a calm background when it’s pulled back down.

Visualizer: Design Rocks  

Pull an L-shaped sofa in tight and cosy to the movie wall for an intimate atmosphere.

Visualizer: Suleyman Terzioglu  

A double-side sofa design and a soft lighting scheme will please all members of the family, and all of their hobbies, when the projector is at work.

Visualizer: The Goort  

Make a loud statement beside an overbearing, large projector screen with a striking accent chair.

Visualizer: Ivan Yunakov  

Not all living rooms are right for ceiling-mounted projectors, but a shelf that is situated above the back of the sofa can work just as well. This unit projects onto a wall that is underscored with a striking media unit and busy adornments, which provide a cool focal point when the unit isn’t playing.

Designer: Rue Temple  

You’ll also have to consider how to hide away the wires that lead to a ceiling-fixed projector unit, although exposed wiring isn’t an issue if you opt for an industrial themed living room interior. In the no-frills industrial aesthetic, you can let everything hang out. Offset this relaxed approach to wire concealment with made-to-measure units and bookcases that will instil a hint of refinement.

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