51 Neoclassical Living Rooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

Neoclassical design is all about elegance and sophistication but what are some of the key elements that bring this look together with success? In this collection of 51 stunning neoclassical living rooms, we’ll walk you through the design details that will help you create your very own. From highly decorative boiserie and deep crown moulding to fabulous furniture and captivating lighting, we’ll see how these interiors are layered into a look of luxury. We’ll also study the architectural features that take neoclassical living rooms to the next level, including stunning windows, beautiful archways, and grand doorways, plus the exquisite accessories that finish off the neoclassical fashion with flair.

Visualizer: Noha Desoukey  

Art and archways. In this vast and luxurious living room, large art has been framed within a spectacular arched recess that’s flanked by exquisite golden wall lights and decorative boiserie. This arched art installation could be scaled down to suit smaller abodes to a similarly glorious effect.

Visualizer: Yurii Chaikovskyi & Nina Semenkova  

This archway is a device to elegantly separate the lounge from the kitchen in a wide, open-plan layout. The arched architecture inspires a set of curved lounge furniture, and rounded dining room silhouettes.

Designer: 设计蓝冰  

Small-scale archways. In a smaller, more modern architectural realm, interior archways can be introduced by shearing off the corner of a square doorway or introducing surface elements like this inverted arch modern fireplace.

Visualizer: Mirish Mirzayev  

Crystal reflections. A crystal chandelier introduces a chic and classical shimmer. This one casts its light upon the dark interludes of two luxe black marble coffee tables.

Visualizer: ZORKA Studio  

Dark and daring. The delicacy of boiserie is most commonly displayed under a fine white finish but dark decor is befitting of neoclassical design too. This living room combines both colour palettes with a high contrast archway and neighbouring chamber.

Visualizer: 黑了Q  

Modern melds. Whilst boiserie and crown moulding set out a classical backdrop, furniture can strike a highly contemporary note, like this fashionably fluted coffee table and fun faux fur bench.

Visualizer: Kut Victor & Ivan Petechel  

A roundly tufted sofa design is a match made in heaven for the neoclassical style, as are the looped arches of an aesthetically wired light fitting.

Visualizer: Shenzhen Benwu Design Team  

Marble magnetism. In this elegant abode, boiserie is swapped out for a more linear panel moulding design. The plainer wall treatment makes a calm companion for a wide white marble slab, which is complemented by a matching marble coffee table and side table.

Visualizer: Juraj Talcik & Veronika Demovicova  

Archway colonnade. The archways in this design are a run of windows that make up a smart colonnade. An inverted arch pendant light extends the aesthetic.

Visualizer: Nikita Binkevich  

Intricate inspiration. The intricate scrolls within this deep crown moulding design inspire a circle chandelier, an arc floor lamp, complementary relief art, and a unique rug.

Visualizer: Press Render  

On the contrary, the shape theme in this home shows a sharp and linear edge, proving there’s not only one side to the coin.

Visualizer: Rindes  

Modern and magnificent. This modern living room chandelier hangs from a breathtakingly beautiful ceiling rose, surrounded by an additional outer ring of enchanting moulding.

Visualizer: XO Design  

Strike an edgy note. Whilst all of the classical decorative details are prevalent in this interior, there is a decidedly bolder personality burning through. A focal piece of edgy artwork draws the eye with a neon strikethrough, underlined by a bold maroon sofa and joined by two extraordinary pendant lights.

Visualizer: Diff Studio  

Another quirky piece of art steals the limelight here, alongside a stunning traditional fireplace.

Designer: Mikhailova Sasha  

Soothing symmetry. Two rounded lounge chairs face two arched windows and a pair of matching floor lamps in this city apartment. Two more arches on the adjacent wall draw their own symmetrical conclusion.

Visualizer: Rindes  

Another symmetrical triumph, this living room is perfectly balanced with facing white armchairs, a centrally placed coffee table, sofa, and living room art that’s evenly flanked by modern wall sconces.

Visualizer: Mai Trang Nguyen  

Fuchsia infusions make a startling colour palette alongside classical artwork and traditional boiserie.

Visualizer: U形社  

Battle of the focal points. In a neoclassical decor scheme, you don’t have to settle for just one statement piece. Consider building a fabulous TV wall with chic white marble and backlit shelves, go all-out on boiserie, and crown the whole show with a stunning chandelier.

Visualizer: Product Wish Design  

Cosy curves. With a soft and serene approach, this living space is a soothing space to hang out in. A rounded sofa, curved lounge chair, and circular coffee tables complement the elegant silhouette of a wide archway beside the window.

Visualizer: Jimu Vision Design  

Fluted and fanciful. Hitting the modern interiors texture trend, this round coffee table and upholstered bench introduce fluted lines into a fanciful setting of eye-catching boiserie and modern wall sconces.

Visualizer: 毛毛雨啦  

Reflective and restful. Tiled floors do a great job of reflecting the light and providing a high-class shine. With that said, an additional large area rug will make the space feel comfortably cohesive and restful.

Visualizer: 法式别墅  

In a double height living room, go big with light fixtures and hang them in multiples of differing lengths. Boiserie panels should stretch floor-to-ceiling to draw the eye all the way up in one uninterrupted sweep.

Visualizer: Danila Komarov  

A brown leather sofa offers an earthy base within a light and ornate scene.

Visualizer: Murphy Institute for Space Research  

Relaxed furniture and handwoven rugs create a joyous counterbalance for more formal detailing.

Visualizer: 何以解忧唯有稀粥  

Bold black and white contrast and modern artwork infuse quirky character.

Visualizer: Dương Phan  

Blue based. With a perimeter of clean white wainscotting, a dark blue sofa lays down a colour-rich base that exudes easy sophistication. Colour-matched artwork expands upon the hue.

Visualizer: Jin Gai Biao Xian  

This brighter blue sofa, scatter cushions, side table and contrasting orange artwork mark out an upbeat conversational setting that skims the perimeter of a round rug.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

A smaller-scale version of a round rug lounge arrangement.

Visualizer: Nadia Saad  

In the mood. All of the colours and textures of this living room design are brought together in one piece of living room art, which looks distinctly like a mood board.

Visualizer: Pribylova Interior  

Just because you have a sophisticated interior doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun. This lounge ensemble employs the bird-themed Moooi Perch Floor Light to shake up its refined look.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

A collection of favourite things. For those with eclectic tastes, a white boiserie backdrop makes an ideal blank canvas for a wildly contrasting assortment of living room furniture and accessories.

Visualizer: Z13576075  

When mounting a TV, effectively navigate a panel moulded wall with a floating TV mount–even if it’s just colour-matched to the wall.

Visualizer: Z13576075  

Red, white, blue, and regal, this place looks fit for a king and queen.

Visualizer: Z13576075  

Both classic and contemporary, the arch trend can be introduced in many forms.

Visualizer: Magdalena Prauzińska  

In this room, the most prominent arches come in the form of a modern chandelier with a colourful finish.

Visualizer: Shorouk Gamal  

Break loose of conventions. One person’s serenity is another person’s prison, so break out with pieces that make you happy.

Visualizer: Federico Repetto  

Sit back and observe. With so much spectacular beauty within the walls themselves, simply lay back and take it in from low-slung lounge furniture.

Visualizer: iMax Studio  

A bounty of burgundy and teal accents create a decadent palette.

Visualizer: SPECTRUM VIS  

The minimalist mood. With so much decorative detail, is there a need for much more?

Visualizer: 全国效果图设计  

Expect the unexpected. Take decorative wall moulding to another level with bright pitstops of colour, and utilise quirky artwork to lead the eye roaming again.

Visualizer: 郑点钱  

Time for wine. Use those high ceilings for backlit towers of tempting wine storage, like in this dapper lounge that gains an intimate social aesthetic upon a round rug.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Art-like installations. A punchy accent sofa, an extraordinary chandelier, an abstract rug, and a single sculptural dining chair all placed within proximity of one another constructs an art gallery-like appeal.

Visualizer: Ye Shi Shi  

Curiously colour-blocked. Covering curiously selected sections of the boiserie wall, this colour-blocked paint effect keeps the eye wandering and the mind wondering.

Visualizer: 全国效果图设计  

Set ablaze. Cutting from one side of the lounge to the other, a wide, linear modern fireplace flames a bright image of luxurious comfort.

Visualizer: wx18075058778  

Fresh and fluffy. Feathers and faux fur cheerfully soften a formal living room scheme.

Visualizer: 南鲲效果图  

Cool character. Building upon an exemplary background of boiserie and archways, this layered living room design includes unique furniture pieces and textural wall overlays to create a character all of its own.

Visualizer: 七璞生  

Give it some gold. Lustrous gold accents warm a white scheme, adding luxury to the tranquillity.

Visualizer: XU徐曼曼  

Swags and tufts. If you want to build utter opulence, say it with curtain swags and tufted upholstery.

Visualizer: Bui Ni  

Understated elegance. Just a few fine pieces can say a lot.

Visualizer: Artem Bukin  

Dripping with style. Living room pendant lights hang like jewellery from the ceiling of this stylish living space, where a unique tufted sofa curves to greet them like a coy smile. Marble coffee tables nest in front under contemporary fluted texture.

Visualizer: Vadim Nigmatullin  

Colour riot. Too much formality is not good for creative souls. Creative homeowners will find joy and greater comfort in a riot of colourful home accessories, wall art, an eye-catching accent chair, or a casually curved sofa.

1. Ornate molding
2. Curvy sofa
3. Modern sputnik chandelier
4. Statement chandelier
5. Oluce Atollo table lamp
6. Serge Mouille floor lamp
7. Ornate fireplace mantel
8. Wainscot Paneling Kit
9. Arco floor lamp

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