51 Small Bedroom Design Ideas With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

Large and spacious bedrooms might be luxurious but small bedrooms can cosily and succinctly provide us with all of the comforts that we need. This huge collection of 51 small bedroom design ideas comes with tips and stylish accessories to help you design yours. We’ll gather exciting inspiration for small sleep spaces from open plan interiors divided by split level floors and graceful portieres. Inventive studio apartment layouts show off some glass wall bedrooms, compact sleeping cubes, and lofted bed solutions. We’ll also discover a plethora of ideas for bespoke bed structures that expertly navigate the confines of space and provide useful storage spaces to boot.

Visualizer: Vlad Mishin  

Choose multipurpose bed bases. In small spaces, furniture should ideally work double duty. This bespoke bed base includes a staircase that gives rise to a row of wall mounted units. There are also deep drawers inside the base, headboard and footboard to maximise limited storage opportunities.

Designer: Batiik Studio  
Via: Dwell  

The studio sleep cube. When faced with the zoning challenges that an open concept studio space presents, a custom-built cube provides a cosy and practical solution.

Photographer: Alexander Angelovskiy  

Split level floors successfully communicate zoning too. This studio bedroom space is raised onto a luxurious stone slab to establish a clear divide in function from an adjacent lounge area.

Visualizer: 敦强 陈  

Glass wall bedrooms supply sleep spaces with a comfortingly protective barrier, whilst still benefiting from natural light-share.

Visualizer: Robby Brymer  

Glass wall rooms also allow the line of sight to pass through unobstructed, which makes the whole apartment feel larger.

Architect: Mast Studio  

Partitions can make or break a small layout. Use partial partition walls to visually mark the change in function without fully cutting off the floor area.

Visualizer: Lê Hoàng Nhật Nam  

The Murphy bed. When a small room has to function as several different things, such as a work space or a lounge, a fold-away Murphy bed makes the ultimate space-saving solution.

Visualizer: AX2 Studio  

Floating desks and vanities. When floor space is restricted, desks and dressing tables are best raised off the floor to avoid the clutter and tripping hazard of support legs. Better yet, combine both functions into one piece with a long work surface and a wall mirror.

Visualizer: Simple Forms Interiors  

Internally situated small bedrooms. This bedroom has no windows or natural light sources of its own and so borrows light from sliding glass doors on each side. Recessed perimeter lights help to brighten the overall look.

Visualizer: Illia Masko &Yelyzaveta Masko  

Shared TV viewing. So, you have a small studio apartment but look on the bright side, you only have to buy one TV! Aligning the bed behind the sofa gives both an optimum viewing angle. A simple portiere can be drawn around the bed when it’s time to rest.

Visualizer: Only Studio  

A shallow attic space can be turned into a snug bedroom for a book lover with a few custom-cut wall shelves and a simple floor bed.

Designer: JPDA  

Pack and stack. Long, narrow homes require creative planning with modules and interlocking blocks. A bedroom nook can be lofted above storage space or even into void headspace above a bathtub or toilet in a neighbouring bathroom.

Source: JJ Locations  

This lofted bed hovers above a stylish home workspace. Skylights give the homeowner a view of the stars at night and a bright wakeup call in the morning.

Via: Cup of Jo  

Fully utilise all nooks and alcoves. This small nook is just large enough to hold a double bed. However, by raising the bedstead up onto a mid-level platform, there becomes a huge storage space underneath. The elevated floor also facilitates access to a high recess, ideal for clothes storage, which would otherwise have been wasted.

Designer: Michael K Chen Architecture  

Now you see it, now you don’t. This TV wall moves on an ingenious track system that slides closed in front of a Murphy bed, allowing the homeowner to enjoy a much larger living room or a divided layout.

Designer: Colorado Building Workshop  

Room for a friend. This small space accommodates two sleepers with basic, built-in bed bases and ample storage. A hammock outside makes room for one more!

Designer: INT2 Architecture  

Framed to perfection. A frame of book shelves, decorative nooks and a single wardrobe makes an attractive and practical containment unit for this small bedroom.

Visualizer: Eke Interior  

Fully-fitted. Sleek lines improve the appearance of a small bedroom. Fully fitted furniture can be fashioned to flow as one sleek piece around the room, like this headboard, bedside unit, window seat and modern desk combo.

Designer: Rue Temple  

Build a bed block. Wall-to-wall and fully stocked with storage, this wooden bed block is fully bespoke to the space. During the day, scatter cushions make the large bed into a comfy hangout spot. Two modern wall sconces serve the head of the bed with practical reading light.

Designer: A’Lentil Design  

Concealed storage and uplifting colour. Deep drawers serve as a concealed wardrobe in the base of this bespoke bed design. Brightly coloured cushions and throws make the small room appear cheerful and warm in the midst of a grey city panorama.

Designer: WCH Interior  

Tear up the rule book. Your home layout can be anything you want it to be. This floor bed butts up against a floor sofa to create a low-level, low-impact arrangement.

Visualizer: 吴 振宇  

Blend with the backdrop. The bedroom goes almost undetected in this long layout, thanks to a built-in floor bed design that tidily frames the window.

Designer: Yuichi Yoshida & associates  

Cubed and concealed. Solid wooden doors can be closed around this sleep cube to fully conceal it from the rest of the studio space during the day or when visitors are expected.

Visualizer: Your Project  

With a bedroom cube this pretty, you might not want to tuck it away.

Designer: BrainFactory  

Very small bedrooms can sometimes feel dingy and claustrophobic. A light colour scheme of fresh white and pastel accents will go a long way in producing a pleasant airy atmosphere. Linear wall lights cut a simple source of illumination.

Visualizer: Multiarchi  

Play with spatial perception. Geometric paint effects mislead the eye to produce space bending results.

Designer: Cartelle Design  

Two-tone wall treatments produce successful space altering outcomes too.

Visualizer: Feras Baghdadi  

Light permeable room dividers. Open wooden slats allow light to be shared through this thin room divider, both from the window and from a chic bedroom chandelier.

Visualizer: Khushbu Lodha  

Looking for wall decor inspiration? You’ll never find yourself running late when getting dressed in the mornings with a large wall clock like this elegant modern piece.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

In contradiction to small bedroom constraints, oversized headboard panelling can actually increase the sense of space.

Visualizer: Kaschuk Kostya  

In small bedrooms, wall art with big subjects can open the mind.

Visualizer: Vlad Crest  

Another art idea that instils a sense of “space”.

Visualizer: Casa Della  

Small bedrooms that are situated under the eaves may leave some people feeling a little closed in. Combat the effects of a low roofline with a sloping skylight.

Designer: MRDK  

Create contrast with opposing wall colours. The contradiction will build added dimension.

Visualizer: ET OO  

Boho style decor makes small spaces into cosy, colourful, and creative dens.

Designer: Dekleva Gregoric Architects  

Embrace oddly shaped interiors with custom-fit closets.

Visualizer: Plasterlina  

This black bedroom niche makes angles all of its own.

Source: Peerspace  

Camping at home. This twin bedroom niche has a fun tent-like appearance, which ties in beautifully with its woodland view.

Source: Hunting For George  

Communicate dual purpose with contrasting wall textures, no matter how small. The reading nook in this clean white bedroom is defined with a narrow frame of exposed brickwork, which completely transforms the aesthetic.

Visualizer: leqb  

Make a mini rustic bedroom with rich wood tone panels and raw concrete wall render. Add matt black swing arm wall lamps to bridge the rustic-industrial vibe.

Visualizer: Int2 Architecture  

Another industrial inspired mini makeover, this time with a half-height room divider to achieve subtle separation from a lounge area.

Designer: JD Architects  

Disrupt small spaces with a slice of unexpected colour.

Designer: Int2 Architecture  

Rise to the occasion. This bed base is designed with a rise on one side to encase a radiator and to create an inviting window seat.

Designer: MDDM Studio  

Step inside. A solid wood chamber fashions a room within a room.

Source: Lundin  

Cool greys and layered textiles fashion a welcoming small Scandinavian bedroom.

Architect: IR arquitectura  

Double-sided dividers. This small interior is sliced by a double-sided bookcase design that forms the wall of a narrow bedroom. Behind the partition, a split level floor forms seating for a home workspace and an elevated bed base. More images here.

Designer: Fateeva Design  

This 18 square meter living space features an L-shaped kitchen and desk combo to make a single fluid line around the perimeter. The white and black-framed bed design cohesively coordinates with wall cubbies that store the kitchen and office supplies.

Visualizer: Kseniia Tkachenko  

Even though this headboard is inches from the sofa, the bedroom feels entirely separate thanks to a slatted screen and a raised floor. Window shutters smartly mirror the lightweight partition.

Designer: Nataliia Dmytrievna  

Is it a headboard or a dining bar? It’s both, and it provides great views of the TV.

Visualizer: IvE-interior  

Room width may be tight, but elegant bedroom pendant lights and eye-catching wall art provide a wealth of style.

Visualizer: Zrobym  

Make slimline statements. A basic black electrical wire draws interest up and over this headboard area without eating up any precious space.

1. Recessed lights
2. Murphy bed
3. Small wall sconce
4. Small night stand
5. Bedsheets
6. Small glam style side table
7. Mirror stickers
8. Small bedroom dresser
9. Small table lamp

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