51 Table Centerpiece Ideas to Spice Up Any Surface

Transform that bare surface into a canvas for personal expression with a beautiful centerpiece that reflects your own unique aesthetic. Whether you’re decorating a dining table, a coffee table, a kitchen island, or another supplementary surface within the home, the right centerpiece can help to center the eye and can beautifully underscore the beautiful decor theme you’ve put together. In this post, we’ve collected our favorite centerpiece ideas and objects from around the web. Find the perfect pieces to flatter your decor theme with the compilation below.

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Orange Acrylic Table Centerpiece Sculpture: Abstract decorative objects make fantastic table centerpieces – they can be used throughout the year, not tied to any specific season, easily adaptable to suit a wide variety of decor themes. This oversized cast acrylic sculpture is gorgeous in any setting, its translucent body alight with a dynamic amber orange tint.

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Adler Acrylic Orb Table Centerpiece Set: Jonathan Adler’s playful acrylic orb decorations offer a whimsical way to bring vivacious color to any tablescape. Each acrylic orb is perched on a brass ring for a touch of glamour and shine. Each set includes five decorative balls that can be displayed as individual table centerpieces or grouped together in a dramatic arrangement.


Raawii Strøm Bowl Table Centerpiece: The beautiful Strøm series by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen draws inspiration from the modernist paintings of Vilhelm Lundstrøm, each silhouette minimal yet immediately recognizable. The footed bowl is an especially versatile candidate for use as a table centerpiece – beautiful enough to display alone, and functional enough to hold decorative arrangements like fruits or small objects.

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Kaleido Dining Table Centerpiece Trays: Kaleido is a functional tray series by Clara von Zweigbergk, each piece expertly crafted for display in nested or stacked configurations. Invest in a singular tray to serve as a platform for small decorative objects or mix and match from among five sizes and dozens of colors to create an attractive geometric centerpiece.


I-Scream Table Centerpiece Vase: I-Scream is a playful vase design by Jonathan Adler, its detailed form shaped like a ruffle-sleeved hand holding a classic waffle cone. Use to hold fresh flower cuttings, dried foliage, or get creative to really make this centerpiece idea your own. Each vase measures at 7 inches in height, great for casual placement atop a dining table or on a small side table anywhere in the home.


Clear Glass Bud Vase Centerpiece Set: Create your own customized table centerpiece arrangement by mixing and matching lightly coordinated elements like these playful bud vases. Each set includes 10 bud vases of varying patterns, sizes, and heights. Pair with fresh cuttings to flatter your table setting or surrounding decor. Because they are so economical, these small bud vases would make fantastic wedding centerpieces as well.

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Closed Garden Table Centerpiece: The gorgeous Canopy Closed Garden is a terrarium perfectly suited for use as a table centerpiece. This piece measures at 12 inches in diameter and measures at just under 9 inches in height – sure to capture attention without taking up too much space. Fill this terrarium with your favorite dried floral elements for low-maintenance beauty or put your green thumb to work by using as an authentic terrarium.


Large Succulent Table Centerpiece Planter: If a vase is the quintessential table centerpiece, then a planter offers a luxe upgrade. This beautiful planter set is elevated (literally and aesthetically) by the addition of handsome wooden bases, lending a subtle mid-century look that feels fresher than ever. Use with your favorite succulents live or artificial. Or, you could go in a completely different direction and use this attractive vessels for other decorative objects.

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Footed Ceramic Table Centerpiece: Footed bowls offer strong decorative oomph for any tablescape, simple enough to work as part of a larger arrangement while remaining bold enough to highlight the decorative objects you place within. This piece is crafted from smooth off-white ceramic for easy coordination with the items you place within.


Mirrored White Table Centerpiece Tray: Decorative trays can be used to organize everyday objects, to wrangle tabletop clutter, and can serve as an attractive platform for your favorite decorative centerpiece arrangements. This hexagonal tray is finished in bright and refreshing white, the bottom finished with a reflective mirror and the handles finished in radiant gold. This tray is available in several other color combinations as well.

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Ruffled White Dining Table Centerpiece: Flora is a whimsical Arteriors centerpiece crafted from luminous white ricestone delicately carved to create an undulating form reminiscent of a shell or a natural coral formation. The raised edges stand as a mix between a bowl and a platter, making it a satisfying stage on which to display decorative orbs or fresh fruit.

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Alza Carved Marble Table Centerpiece: Carved from solid marble, each Alza bowl is a work of art that will differ slightly from piece to piece. This oblong vessel stands on two pedestal feet to make a bold impression on any tabletop. This piece would look especially flattering on an oval dining table.

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Clyde Modern Footed Centerpiece Bowls: Clyde is a sculptural terracotta bowl finished in textured grey, the surface adorned with many rope-wrapped handles for a pop of natural appeal. This substantial piece measures at 14 inches in diameter total and stands at just over 9 inches in height. Use to complement decor themes like industrial, farmhouse, global, and more.

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Sculptural Black Table Centerpiece Vase: Beautiful as a standalone sculpture or an artistic vase, this gorgeous accent is sure to make an eye-catching impression as a centerpiece for any modern table theme. This vessel is sculpted from textural terracotta with a deep charcoal finish, measuring at 12 inches in height to scale well with small and large dining tables alike.

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Zaha Hadid Niche Dining Table Centerpiece: Designed by legendary modern architect Zaha Hadid, the Niche table set serves as a beautiful reflection of the breathtaking geometries and the fluid shapes that made her work so instantly recognizable. This set of melamine vessels can be arranged and combined in an innumerable variety of compositions – it’s an adaptable set ready to meet the needs of an ever-changing tablescape.

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Modern Candlestick Centerpiece Set: These beautiful modern candleholders are crafted from silky black steel supported by stacked disks of smooth porcelain, the bases finished in a crackled cream glaze for a warm vintage look. Each set includes three candleholders that can be displayed together as a satisfying centerpiece arrangement.


Matte White Terracotta Centerpiece Vases: Build your own stately centerpiece composition with this gorgeous terracotta vase collection from Terrain. Each vase is finished in silky white paint, the slight inconsistencies lending a warm farmhouse-like vibe. Choose from three sizes that can be mixed and matched to suit your specific tablescape.

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Dual Centerpiece Vases: Crafted from handblown glass and painted with a soft matte finish, the Dual Vase offers clever surprises in every detail. Display the deep vessel facing upward to use as a traditional vase or display the shallow dish facing upward to use as a footed bowl. Choose from three sizes – mix and match for instant coordination.

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Marble Sculpture Centerpieces: Omaggio a Morandi is a collection of small marble sculptures designed by Elisa Ossino. The forms are inspired by the still life paintings of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi. Mimicking the silhouettes of bottles and jugs, these pieces are thematically on-point for use within a dining table centerpiece arrangement.


Table Centerpiece Vase Set: This vase set features three geometric silhouettes and three distinct colors that pair beautifully together. When grouped as a centerpiece arrangement, a set like this provides an effortlessly sophisticated look. Display empty or use with stylish dried cuttings. The tallest vase measures at just over 10 inches in height and the smallest measures at just over 7 inches in height.

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L’Oiseau Bird Sculpture Centerpiece: L’Oiseau is an iconic interior accent by powerhouse modern design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. These lovely sculptures, inspired by Nordic folk art, offer instant personality for any surface in the home. While these charming designs are often tucked away for display on a shelf, they’re the perfect size for placement as a dining table centerpiece.

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Eames House Whale Table Centerpiece: The whimsical Eames House Whale is a sophisticated and scaled-down homage to a true original – a massive wooden sculpture measuring over 7 feet in length that Charles and Ray Eames included as a decorative element in the background of photoshoots for some of their most iconic furniture designs. This miniature measures at a substantial 27 inches in length, sure to serve as an unforgettable centerpiece for larger dining tables.


Large Guzzini Eco-Friendly Centerpiece: Guzzini’s oversized centerpiece bowl is an eco-conscious selection crafted from 100% post-consumer water bottles, giving single-use plastics a brand new shot at life as a beautiful decorative object you can enjoy day after day. This centerpiece can be used to hold fruit, bread, or can be filled with small decorative objects.

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Malibu Wooden Balls Table Centerpiece: This playful decorative ball set by Jamie Young makes a flattering complement for decorative vessels that you already own. Each one is crafted from unfinished paulownia for rich natural texture and beauty. Each set includes three balls – place in your favorite decorative bowl, in a large shallow dish, or on a centerpiece tray.


Farmhouse Dining Table Centerpiece Tray: Perfect for rustic, farmhouse, and cottage chic interior themes, this beautiful round decorative tray provides endless decorative and functional opportunities throughout the home. The surface is lipped to contain small objects and the handles on the edges make it easy to whisk away the tray to make more space on your table as needed.


Rustic Pedestal Tray Centerpiece Set: Playful beaded details give these pedestal trays a whimsical bohemian look while distressed white paint lends strong rustic appeal. These mango wood pedestals can be used to display decorative objects as part of a table centerpiece – use nested together, use individually, or use in a fun stacked configuration.


Whitewashed Farmhouse Lantern Centerpieces: Use this whitewashed lantern set to add whimsical ambiance to any farmhouse-inspired dining table composition. Equip with your favorite pillar candles to add mood lighting or use the included glass cylinders to hold dried flower cuttings for a creative cottage touch. Each set includes two lanterns that can also be purchased individually if desired.


Rustic Farmhouse Bud Vase Centerpiece: This elegant bud vase and wooden stand kit is a wonderful piece to center a dining table arrangement. Use with fresh or dried cuttings to suit any season, holiday, or decor theme.


Pineapple Dining Table Centerpiece Bowls: Carved from natural teak wood, these playful decorative bowls will only grow more beautiful with age. These pieces are perfect for use as centerpieces – each set includes three bowls so that you can decorate multiple tables throughout your home, or so that you could simply have a selection of three sizes for any decorative situation.


15-Inch Wood Table Centerpiece Tray: Beautifully crafted from natural acacia wood in a rich medium finish, this decorative tray is sure to impress. Use to wrangle clutter from the tabletop or use as a stage to display your favorite decorative items. It could even work as a serving tray when you don’t need it for decorative purposes.


Wooden Table Centerpiece Tray: Complete your tablescape with a beautiful decorative wooden tray that perfectly suits your dining table size. This handcrafted accent is available in a wide variety of sizes from a conservative 24 inches in length to a bold 60 inches in length. Each one is crafted from oak in a variety of finishes to help tie together your decor theme.


Wooden Table Centerpiece With Votives: Are you looking for a pre-configured centerpiece design that looks like a clever, well-planned DIY arrangement? This timesaving accent features a long wooden tray and includes a variety of glass votive candleholders in tasteful beiges, perfect for rustic and bohemian decor themes. This set is also available in blue and green.

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Wooden Chain Large Table Centerpiece: While this wooden sculpture would look great on any surface, its flexibility makes it especially well-suited for use as a table centerpiece. Place this wooden chain in a small pile to center a smaller surface or stretch the links out to adorn a long rectangular dining table. This piece is made from durable acacia wood that will age gracefully over years of display.


Rattan Dining Table Basket Centerpiece: This whimsical gardening basket is woven from thick rattan for a wonderfully rustic look. This distinctive piece is perfect for use as a cottage-inspired centerpiece, able to be filled with fresh-baked bread or beautiful dried flower cuttings. Get creative with all the unique ways to use a thematic piece like this one.


Antique Round Dining Table Centerpiece Tray: This large round tray can be used for serving, for organization, or as a foundation for your next amazing centerpiece arrangement. At 21 inches across, this tray is especially substantial and ideal for larger dining tables and coffee tables.


White and Gold Decorative Centerpiece Bowl: Texture sets these decorative centerpiece bowls apart. These beautiful ceramic wares feature a white fluted bowl perched atop a gleaming metallic gold base, available in two sizes that can be displayed alone or together.


Narrow Gold Centerpiece Tray: Measuring at 26 inches in length, this attractive centerpiece tray is ideal for longer dining table arrangements and long rectangular coffee tables. Use this piece to bring a cool geometric element to your decor – the gold and mirrored surfaces lending just the perfect touch of luxury. This piece would make a beautiful stage for candles, bud vases, and more.

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Seletti Birdcage Table Centerpiece: This creative table centerpiece by Alessandro Dubini can transform even the most unremarkable objects into a composition worth displaying. This piece features a lipped porcelain tray that serves as the base, the cage crafted from smooth metal in a radiant gold finish. Use to hold fruit, candles, flower vases, or anything else your imagination can conceive.

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Regina Andrew Gold Centerpiece Bowl: Bedouin is a striking decorative bowl series from Regina Andrew that highlights the beauty of industrial manufacturing techniques, the soldered edges prominently displayed. This piece is crafted from brass with a natural patina that will only deepen over years of display.

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Textured Daria Table Centerpiece Bowl: A striking studded texture gives this decorative bowl a strong punk rock aesthetic with a side of modern glamour. This piece is sculpted from strong ceramic, available in a matte black or a radiant gold glaze. Choose your favorite or pair both together.

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Golden Antler Farmhouse Table Centerpieces: Rustic meets glam with the gorgeous Huntsman antler set. Each antler is cast from resin with exceptionally realistic detailing, finished with hand-applied gold leaf for an irresistible gleam. These antlers can be used as part of a sophisticated lodge theme or can be integrated as part of a creative Christmas centerpiece arrangement.

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Large Golden Horn Table Centerpiece: Measuring at an impressive 32 inches in length, this spiral horn sculptural would make an incredibly bold centerpiece for even the largest formal dining table arrangement. This piece is crafted from solid brass, hand-polished to a luxurious shine. This piece will develop a natural patina over time or can be polished to maintain its gleam.


Modern Golden Centerpiece Candle Holders: This beautiful candlestick set includes six pieces with different sizes and slightly varied silhouettes, beautiful for display together or apart. Use this collection to create a whimsical centerpiece arrangement on any dining table or side table – the set can even be split to adorn a pair of side tables anywhere in the home. This set is also available in black.

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Jonathan Adler Giant Brass Table Centerpiece: Weighing at an impressive 54 pounds, this substantial brass sculpture is not a casual centerpiece – it’s a true sculpture intended for the most dramatic placements. This piece would be perfect for a low cocktail table or placed at the center of a large banquet table. Enjoy a different look depending on the display orientation.


Silver Leaf-Shaped Dining Table Centerpiece Set: These long decorative trays feature a fern-like aesthetic, crafted from durable metal with a radiant silver finish. Each set includes two trays of different sizes – use together or part. Use to display fruit, trinkets, decorative orbs, sprays of dried flowers, and more.

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Georg Jensen Fruit Bowl Centerpiece: Georg Jensen tableware is truly timeless. This beautiful fruit bowl features undulating edges that warp and bend any reflections captured by its mirror-polished stainless steel finish. Fill with fruits, decorations, or use as a serving bowl for iced oysters or other appetizers.

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Georg Jensen Silver Dining Table Centerpiece: The gorgeous Tunes Centerpiece from Georg Jensen combines illumination and display. This sculptural design includes four holders for taper candles, connected by three lightly lipped decorative trays that can be used to display objects of your choice. This piece is made from stainless steel polished to a mirror finish.

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Kaleidos Polished Silver Table Centerpiece: Milan-based designer Naoko Shintani created the Kaleidos series based on the crisp and intentional folds of Japanese origami, in this case translated into mirror-polished stainless steel. The form is at once open and enclosed – perfectly sculptural from every angle. Use as a standalone decorative element or fill with beautiful objects.


Concrete Patio Table Centerpiece Firepit: Outdoor gatherings deserve beautiful table centerpieces as well. This tabletop fire bowl can add tremendous ambiance to twilight dinners, casting clean smoke-free illumination and warmth across the table setting. Choose from five different colorways. Between uses, the sculptural bowl shape provides artistic appeal on its own.


Outdoor Table Centerpiece Lantern: Beautiful whether unlit or illuminated, this striking geometric lamp would make a lovely centerpiece for a casual outdoor dining arrangement – or invest in multiples to line the center of a larger banquet style table. This piece is fully solar-powered and can provide eight full hours of illumination to brighten your gatherings that go late into the night.


Outdoor Dining Table Centerpiece Planter: Measuring at 24 inches in length, this substantial rectangular planter is a fantastic size to use as an outdoor dining table centerpiece. This piece is crafted from acacia wood for excellent weather resistance and longevity.

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