A Book Lover’s Home With Mid-Century Modern Flair

Mid-century modern elements add flair to this cosy book lover’s home, layering contrasting colour over rich wood tone. Designed by Ni Dongbo of NDB Design, a lack of architectural features has been overcome with creative interior curations of sculpture, wall art and a literary treasure trove. Mid-century modern accent pieces are combined with contemporary components to create an interesting, eclectic style that keeps the eye moving and the mind wandering. Crisp white walls provide a fresh backdrop for the bright, statement furniture and make a quiet frame for two well-stocked home library walls. The unique home is dashed with natural greenery, which freshly unites the interior with a lush outdoor view.

Visualizer: Meng Taichu of Jingai Vision  

An elaborately patterned red living room rug instantly sets a warm and welcoming eclectic tone inside the walls of a modern white space. An armless sofa design speaks of mid-century aesthetics with its simple square cushioning and saturated colour.

The red living room rug and bright sofa make energised contrast with a host of lush green indoor plants. Beside the fireplace, a stylish swivel chair complements the plant life and the mid-century vibe with an earthy olive hue.

A glass coffee table reflects natural light from the window.

A comfortable reading chair and matching footstool pull up by a bespoke wooden bookcase. A small side table is set to one side to keep a supply of tea or coffee close to hand.

As expected in a book lover’s home, the glass coffee table is stacked with a generous supply of coffee table books. A decorative wooden bowl makes an aesthetic addition.

Glass doors protectively encase a Buddha statue at the heart of the bookcase. The serene statue instils a message of enlightenment and peace into the home library.

A wooden stool rounds out the library/lounge furniture arrangement, serving as both a seat and as an extra side table.

Wood parquet flooring creates a warm finish across the lounge and home library area, then changes to a more hardwearing surface beneath the kitchen and dining room.

At the centre of the open plan living space, natural wood casing transforms a basic concrete support into a beautiful column.

A second home library/lounge area is situated at the opposite end of the room.

In this reading area, a stylish settee rests by the book stacks. A black and white area rug lays down a soft island for the mid century modern furniture.

Colourful art takes mid-century modern vibes to the library wall.

A simple floor lamp provides reading light by the elegant settee. The small lamp also casts gentle light across the plethora of book spines that fill up a made-to-measure bookcase. Hidden storage units are tucked into the wooden frame of the custom bookcase, and deep drawers line its base.

Hardback tomes stack haphazardly upon the floor of the home library, creating a welcoming, lived-in look.

Wooden volumes stack to form a casual side table by the wooden settee.

A decorative bowl and a sculptural art piece adorn the modular side table.

Across the room, a round glass dining table is encircled by a wonderfully eclectic set of wooden dining chairs that span the ages.

A wide skylight rains natural light down onto the dining room layout. Colourful works of art are curated into a bright gallery above a stairwell that leads up into the living room. Sculptural art pieces ornament the glass dining table and a plinth placed by the floor-to-ceiling window.

After dark, a fabulous dining room pendant light illuminates the eating area. This eye-catching, sculptural piece is the Taraxacum Suspension Light, designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for FLOS.

The rich wood tone that’s displayed within the collection of assorted dining chairs carries through to the neighbouring kitchen design. An L-shaped installation of flat-fronted wood cabinets communicate mid-century modern influenced style.

A modern kitchen island divides the kitchen diner into two clear halves, just behind the wooden chairs. A Chashitsu tea room, of sorts, is fashioned by the window of the kitchen where the floor has been deliberately raised. Tatami mats fill the floor around a stone ceremonial tea table.

In lieu of a proper Tokonoma alcove for the Chashitsu tea room, where flowers and a special scroll would traditionally be displayed, this home has books in pride of place, of course.

One end of the kitchen island countertop is cantilevered to form a comfortable breakfast bar. The olive green hue of the central island pops beautifully against the honey-coloured wood grain backdrop.

Rustic wooden bowls pop against a stark matt black kitchen backsplash and a matching black countertop.

Copper pans gleam on top of a modern black stove. The extractor fan is tucked away into the underside of the wall units to achieve a completely streamlined result.

The large open plan living space is situated on the second story of the home. Below it, the entryway and modern staircase design is awash with bright natural light. As if introducing the theme of this book lover’s abode, a recessed bookcase is carved into the white stucco wall of the foyer. A tall ladder back chair and a unique side table make up a sculptural furniture arrangement for the reading nook beneath the stairs.

At the foot of the modern staircase, the interesting geometric-fold lamp design is an Akari UF4-L8 floor lamp by Isamu Noguchi.

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