Colorful Interior With Provençal & Scandi Twists for a Fine Art Enthusiast

Inspired by the character of a fine art-loving homeowner and realized by the creative vision of Between The Walls, this Ukrainian home features a colorful meld of Provençal and Scandi twists. The 94-square-meter home in Kyiv is a white canvas, splashed with bold patterns and mixed textures. No element corresponds to the next, yet there is visual harmony that delights and charms. Adding to the welcoming eclectic allure is an eco-friendly essence, which emphasizes the homeowner’s commitment to sustainable living. You’ll find rock door handles and a tropical tree mural in the bedroom, while an unusual bathroom thrills with a playful pink and terrazzo scheme. Floor plans are included at the end of the tour.

Droplets of blue whet the appetite in the open-plan lounge and dining room combo. The vibrant blue accents color the room in the shape of a small blue couch and upholstered dining chairs in the eating area.

The second small sofa is upholstered in a contrasting taupe colorway. The muted fabric color complements a textured boho rug in the lounge and rich wooden cabinetry in the adjoining kitchen.

Modern artwork adds loud color to the white walls of the living room. Decorative vases adorn a white, wall-mounted console table with a simple Scandi aesthetic.

At the center of the lounge, a mid century modern coffee table places a rich wood-tone accent.

A black, wirework candle holder sits sturdily on a side table next to the blue sofa.

Simple white blinds quietly dress the window, fading into the background of the louder, more colorful decor pieces.

A coffee table book lies open on the wooden table, offering decor inspiration.

Black track lights cut across the plain white ceiling, making stark, modern contrast. When the lights are dimmed, a projector screen can be dropped down in front of the sofa for the evening’s entertainment.

Provençal tiles are employed throughout the apartment interior to bring in lively patterns and joyful color. Poster art displays intricate, tile-like motifs to amuse the eye and disrupt the plain walls.

The multi-colored furniture arrangement is rounded out by a chic, white bouclé lounge chair. Its tapered wooden legs create a stylish Scandinavian twist.

White microcement smooths over the entire living room floor, creating a seamless, clean aesthetic.

Behind the taupe couch, a rectangular dining table seats 4-6 people. An L-shaped kitchen installation draws around the comfortable dining area. Tall wooden appliance housing units fill one side of the arrangement, while the second run is restricted to base units to open up the room.

Provençal dishes dash the dining table with uplifting blue accents. A blue glass jug is prettily illuminated by the natural light coming in through the dining room window. Natural cork placemats complement a pair of rattan dining room pendant lights.

A daintily patterned tablecloth adds a sweet touch to the tablescape. A ceramic vase and fresh blooms make a charming dining table centerpiece.

An understated plain cream kitchen installation is elevated by Provençal patterned tiles. A plain gray countertop makes subtle contrast with the base units, while a matt black kitchen faucet makes a bold statement.

The tiled kitchen backsplash is topped by a single, narrow floating shelf. Unique vases make a brief focal point on top.

Moving on into the bedroom, we find a tropical wall treatment depicting a lazy island of palm trees. An assortment of scatter cushions color the bed.

Even the door is included in the green tree mural to achieve a seamless result. The wardrobe door handles are tactile rock, which adds to the ecological theme.

Flower-like brass ceiling lights spread elegant white petals above the sleep space.

A black-famed headboard is fitted with black wall sconces and small, floating nightstands. Beside the bed, a boho runner softens the microcement floor.

Warm brown curtains match with a throw cushion on the bed. A gray comforter ties in with the natural rock hardware on the wardrobe doors.

A brown storage unit provides visual warmth at the side of the bed. Books are casually stacked on top of the unit, next to a variety of glass vases and candle holders.

A round wall mirror decorates the space above the brown sideboard, creating a vanity area.

The large mirror helps to bounce natural light deeper into the room.

White walls make the bedroom feel light, airy, and spacious.

In the bathroom, we’re greeted with a playful pink palette. Linework illustrations break up the expanse of pink and create areas of intrigue. A round white bathroom mirror provides a clean visual pause from the busy wall treatment.

Glossy white tiles make up the backsplash and shower the wet wall. A black-framed shower screen darkly defines the enclosure in the pastel room.

A wall-mounted toilet opens up the floor area to make the compact room feel more spacious. A large chrome flush plate brightly coordinates with the chrome vanity faucet and shower fixtures.

A second bathroom is decorated with a natural wood, greige, and black decor palette. A chunky black wall mirror hangs above a modern rustic, wall-mounted vanity unit.

Terrazzo tiles pick out a center section in the bathroom floor, dropping cheerful fragments of color. Vertical greige tiles make up a textured backsplash behind the bathroom sink and over-bath shower, while large format tiles complete the perimeter.

Apartment floor plan.

3D floor plan.

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