Creating Cohesive Interiors With Curves And Colour

Colourful terrazzo treatments, soft brown and blue accents, graceful arches and curved decor elements concoct these two interesting interiors that exude comfort and style. Visualised by 晚星YT, this exceptional duo of modern home designs combine architectural arches with curvaceous furniture silhouettes and deeply tufted sofas to make welcoming living spaces. Kitchens are cool and colourful with a fresh and youthful vibe. Bedroom spaces are unique, furnished with bespoke wardrobe designs, eye-catching custom-made headboard feature walls, and made-to-measure vanity units. Creative home lighting installations mingle with textured wall panels to form unique focal points, to carve out bright perimeters, and to highlight distinctive cabinetry.

A large grey living room rug sets down a calm and cosy base in our first home design. The dove grey island serves as a serene jumping off point for beautiful natural wooden elements, whilst an interesting background of illuminated bookshelves and 3D art adds a splash of stronger colour.

In the centre of the lounge, a round coffee table adds texture and interest. A black and white houndstooth pouf brings punchy pattern.

Wooden units curve smoothly from the home entryway to the open plan kitchen. By the front door, a shelving niche has been built-in to add a decorative touch. The rest of the unit makes useful hidden storage space for coats and house surplus.

A deeply tufted sofa looks almost too good to resist. An elegant archway leads from the living room into the home office.

The modern fireplace is integrated into the TV wall, where it blazes openly along the surface of a wall hung media unit. Upper cabinets stow away more media and household items, and serve as a crisp white mount for the TV screen.

The open layout lounge is backed by the dining area. A modern dining room pendant light visually anchors it in place.

At the opposite side of the kitchen, another wall of curved wooden cabinets mirror those in the home entryway to achieve an even balance. A ribbon of LED light illuminates the perimeter of the kitchen to create a bright, sharp edge.

A second fireplace is ceiling-mounted beside the window to create a cosy reading nook. A cushiony yellow accent chair makes a comfortable landing spot, whilst a chrome side table is on hand to hold the book of the week.

A unique wood side table contributes an artistic, sculptural element.

In the dining zone, four on-trend wicker chairs surround a modern wooden dining table. A large indoor plant connects the indoor dining room with the green panorama outside of the window.

On top of the wooden dining table, a small bud vase makes a simple table centrepiece.

Two kitchen bar stools put bold yellow accents against a cheerfully colourful terrazzo kitchen peninsula.

A pitcher and glass tumbler settle on the side for refreshment.

Inside the study, wicker doors stylishly enclose office storage units. The wicker desk chair is an Easy chair, designed by Pierre Jeanneret.

A glass vase makes pretty decoration.

Moving on into the master bedroom, we find a dove grey upholstered bed upon a rug with softly rounded corners.

Circular tiles add three-dimensional interest to the headboard wall, behind a floating bedside table.

A brown bed throw ties in tonally with wood panelling inside the headboard wall feature.

The brown decor accent repeats on a unique vanity stool, which is teamed with a floating dressing table beside the window. A wall mirror hangs a silvery flow of freeform curves.

In the centre of our second living space, a terrazzo coffee table makes an uplifting display of colour.

The round coffee table is matched with a smaller terrazzo companion, which spreads the delicate colour chips further into the light grey and brown living room decor scheme.

Behind the sofa, a piece of modern wall decor brings a dash of atmospheric light. A unique floor lamp adds to the glow.

Umber cabinets are paired with hazy blue tiles in the kitchen. Under cabinet lights highlight the contrasting elements.

A fluted glass room divider provides subtle separation between the kitchen and the lounge.

Wood slatted panels form a textured layer behind a white marble TV mount. A black TV stand makes dark contrast beneath a modern table lamp. See more unique table lamps.

The pale grey sofa makes a light impact on the living space.

A white and tan swivel chair rounds out the lounge.

The staircase is sided with a minimalist glass balustrade to keep the aesthetic simple.

Under the staircase, terrazzo floor tiles zone a small dining area. A linear chandelier lights up the look.

Terrazzo tiling repeats across the kitchen floor and feature wall.

Bold colour-blocking effectively breaks up the one-wall small kitchen.

LED strips cut brightly between modern wall panels on the landing.

A freeform pendant draws attention in the master bedroom, burning brightly against a bespoke feature wall. See more inspiration for bedroom pendant lights.

A clear glass vase crowns a unique curved side table.

Colour contrast makes a bold feature of a home workspace in the bedroom. A cool grey desk chair calms the palette.

The contrasting colourway is repeated in the dressing room, behind a round  vanity mirror and a chic grey vanity stool. A round rug finishes the ensemble.

Another colourful vanity area brightens the bathroom design.

The final bedroom is a bright and welcoming space with an illuminated curved headboard design.

A backlit glass closet lights the opposite side of the bed.

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