David Chipperfield Architects and Assemble reveal plans for residential neighbourhood on former dairy farm

Render of residential buildings at Dairy Road from street level

British architecture studios David Chipperfield Architects and Assemble have teamed up with Australian landscape architect Jane Irwin to create a residential neighbourhood on a former dairy farm in Canberra.

Aptly named Dairy Road, the master plan is proposed for a 14-hectare site on a former dairy farm in the industrial suburb of Fyshwick and Jerrabomberra Wetlands and will connect existing reused warehouses and agricultural buildings with gardens and housing.

Render of the residential structures by David Chipperfield Architects at Dairy Road
Dairy Road is a neighbourhood masterplan by David Chipperfield Architects, Assemble and Jane Irwin

An adaptive reuse scheme developed by Australian studio Craig Tan Architects has already seen existing agricultural buildings, dating from the 1970s, become home to a brewery, distilleries, coffee roasters, creative co-working, a gallery and an industrial design studio.

David Chipperfield Architects, Assemble, Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture and developer Molonglo will expand on Craig Tan Architects’ adaptive reuse project to transform the area into an “interconnected neighbourhood”.

“The future vision for Dairy Road is an interconnected neighbourhood where many often-separated parts work together as one ecosystem,” said property developer Molonglo.

Render of a plant-covered path beside a residential building at Dairy Road
It comprises two and three-storey residential structures

Assemble will add ten warehouse-style buildings that will be used to house a number of community activities and workspaces, including sports spaces, community centres, manufacturing and work studios.

“Light industry will continue to be prioritised, recognising the commercial and cultural value that making brings to a place and the significance of industry to this part of Canberra,” Molonglo continued.

Thirteen residential structures by David Chipperfield Architects, housing up to 700 residents across three and four-storey buildings, will be organised around a public square and wetland ecosystem restored by Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture.

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture will reincorporate wetlands, grasslands and woodlands to better mirror the site’s pre-colonial state.

Render of a public square at Dairy Road
Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture will restore the wetland landscape

Alongside the restored land, architecture will also serve as a foundation for plant life. Gardens will inhabit vertical spaces across residences, into basements and between buildings.

The first new additions to the site are scheduled to be completed in 2024 and the project marks Assemble’s debut in Australia.

Render of a balcony at a residential space
Plants will cover the buildings

Dairy Farm marks David Chipperfield Architects’ second project and first residential project in Australia. Earlier this year, the Berlin studio of David Chipperfield Architects unveiled its plans for the Santa Giulia arena in Milan for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Elsewhere in Canberra, Chilean studio Pezo von Ellrichshausen built a pavilion-like artwork that is comprised of concrete columns and a circular ramp.

Renders are courtesy of David Chipperfield Architects, unless stated otherwise.

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