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A simple palette of warm beige tones and fresh white elements form a gentle interior backdrop in which smaller decor details can shine out. These three modern home designs each place a specific focus on high-end finishes, including beautiful modern wall panelling and classic boiserie, uber-stylish designer furniture pieces, and tasteful contemporary lighting solutions. In this creative collection, three different talented designers place their own spin on the theme, to provide us with a plethora of ideas for our own spaces. We’ll tour elegantly sophisticated open plan living spaces with chic kitchen designs, unique bedrooms with made-to-measure furniture, flawless washrooms, and inspirational home workspaces.

Designer: Oksana Lisovetchenko  
Visualizer: Kseniya Vinokurova  

In the first of our three featured home designs, a tufted sofa adds deep detailing to a soft beige and white decor scheme. A black accent cushion provides a moment of dark contrast on the light couch upholstery, which is balanced by a decorative bowl on the coffee table down in front.

A matching tufted ottoman and a living room floor lamp fashion a transient spot for brief reading and short tasks.

The ottoman nibbles at the edge of a textured living room rug that adds detailed pattern to the lounge.

Coffee table books accompany the decorative bowl on the modern coffee table to build a casual yet stylish centrepiece.

The projector-friendly living room has a blank white wall facing the sofa, adorned only by a low, linear media unit and a pair of handmade black terracotta vases. A colour-blocked paint effect adds a slice of grey behind the two elements to unite them, whilst a shallow hearth runs beneath.

Behind the tufted sofa, a pale wood grain and white marble kitchen design stretches across the full width of the rear wall, with a dining island situated out in front.

A modern, elegant dining room pendant light is suspended low over the small dining table, which gives the area emphasis in the open plan concept.

Chic upholstered dining chairs accompany the dining table on three sides to accommodate up to five diners.

A modern fruit bowl and an on trend fluted glass vase make up the dining table centrepiece.

LED strips cleanly illuminate the white backsplash and its luxe marble grain. Rattan doors provide appliance units with a fashionable textured finish.

Fitted storage melds with modern wall panels to build a warm beige border around a coordinating beige upholstered kids’ bed. A mini wall sconce is positioned above a modern pouf, where parents may settle to read bedtime stories.

On the other side of the room, a run of wardrobes marches toward a kid’s study area. Floating shelves appear to extrude from a smooth wooden wall panel to achieve a neat, bespoke look.

In the master bedroom, A winged headboard design has been constructed to perfectly fit the width of the space.

Matching bedside table lamps flank the bed in mirror image, whilst two mini frames display abstract artwork in a concise but asymmetrical fashion.

A narrow partition wall briefly divides the sleep space from the walk-in wardrobe.

A custom-cut mirror crisply cuts down the wall by the window, where it helpfully reflects the stream of natural light. A pair of small, modern wall sconces echo the mini, square aesthetic of the artwork on the opposite wall.

The bedroom’s oak flooring continues into the walk-in closet to achieve a cohesive flow.

A unique bathroom sink and vanity unit fit snugly between bathroom storage units and a fitted tub.

Large format stone tiles hang a textured backdrop that floods into the floor.

Visualizer: 黄 红淼  

Our second home tour begins in an airy open plan living room, where a large area rug defines a sophisticated lounge area.

A curved sofa design faces toward an impressive modern fireplace wall, where the flames flicker just off centre, next to a reading chair.

Two modern wall sconces project from a dark break in the greige and wood wall finish, creating a radiant pause.

A massive island slices through the centre of the large kitchen design, making way for an inviting breakfast bar and a six-place dining table.

A linear suspension light draws a dark accent down from the ceiling, where track lights are mounted within matching black pathways.

Slatted wall panels complement the fluted kitchen island.

The black track lights cut around the perimeter of the kitchen and into the hallway, beating an overhead path from the living room.

Behind the kitchen island, a white kitchen installation is disrupted by sleek black appliances.

The master bedroom is dominated by a wide upholstered bed design and an eye-catching bedside pendant light.

A unique bedside table lamp illuminates the other side of the bed in a silhouette that seems to smoothly emulate the designer bedroom chair.

The bathroom is a luxurious, fully-fitted design with floating storage units and double sink bathroom vanity.

One of two modern home office spaces is bestowed with an uber-chic desk and matching side table set.

The second home workspace is equally well-furnished with a marble desk design and custom bookshelves.

Visualizer: 静谧时光  

In our final featured home design, boiserie wall panels give instil a classic essence. An arc floor lamp draws a precise, curved line in the centre of the lounge that complements a round coffee table and side table combo.

The large living room contains a one wall kitchen that is designed to merge peacefully with the beige boiserie, and with a white marble partition by the front entryway.

Dark paintwork defines a graceful archway that leads to the private quarters.

In the workspace, a ​​modern home office desk and a tall, ladder back chair make an unconventional pair.

A stone basin equips a convenient wash area by the front door.

A unique bedroom pendant light adds a shapely detail at one side of the bed whilst a wood-panelled workspace textures the other.

The second bedroom is patterned with a black and white chevron rug. Two bedroom chairs continue the black and white combo.

Bedroom number three is trimmed with made-to measure wardrobes and bespoke floating bedside units. A stark black LED desk lamp provides reading light.

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