Earthy And Airy, Brown And Blue Decor Ideas

Not only are brown and blue complementary on the colour wheel (brown being a dark shade of orange that is opposite from blue on the wheel) but the colour combo is found abundantly in nature. Consider the shoreline and the sea, and where the mountains meet the sky. This is a soul soothing colour combination that carries a big stamp of approval by Mother Nature herself. Here, we’ll explore two brown and blue home interiors that show us how to aesthetically balance the contrasting hues, with plenty of visual resting space in between. We’ll take a look at small and sophisticated living spaces, stylish bedrooms, and unique bathroom designs.

Visualizer: Katarina Rulinskaya  

This 115 square metre apartment is located in Budapest. The flat was renovated into a new configuration of 3 bedrooms and a smaller kitchen, rather than 2 bedrooms and a larger kitchen, to maximise rental income. The blended living room dining room combo achieves visual harmony with a common colour pallet of warm tan and breezy blue accents.

A modern tufted sofa draws an L-shape around the perimeter of the lounge area, creating a close and cosy layout with the TV wall. A modern coffee table keeps the core of the lounge layout light and crisp with a white tiled finish. A teak and rattan Kangaroo Chair, designed by Pierre Jeanneret, rounds out the opposite side of the arrangement.

A round pedestal dining table is encircled by modern wicker dining chairs and a smooth stone grey upholstered ottoman.

The sculptural table centrepiece is the trendy Interconnect candle holder, designed by Colin King Studio for Menu. A solid blue dining room pendant light descends coupon the table to make a colourful impact.

The large hallway of the home is divided from the kitchen by a statement glass door, framed with elegant blue arches. A sputnik chandelier is centralised in the doorway arch, where it illuminates a compact kitchen island. Warm brown pattern waves through the floor tiles.

Since there’s not a lot of daylight, a small side room has been adjoined to the kitchen to share natural light from its window too. This small room used to be a WC, but now serves marvellously as a butler pantry with a mini “art gallery”. Wall art, decorative ceramics, textures, colours, and the oversized light installation add fabulous character that brings the space to life.

Blue accessories lift and energise the rich brown wooden kitchen. As we look past the shapely wooden kitchen island, the eye falls upon a bronze-tinted mirror wall that gives added depth to the compact kitchen space.

A blue bedroom chandelier dominates the master suite. It’s blue “leaves” are complemented by the giant fronds of an indoor plant.

Grey modern wall sconces meld quietly into a light grey painted headboard wall, allowing the bolder blue and green decor accents to take the limelight.

Sapphire blue side tables coordinate with the striking bedroom pendant light, whilst a green bed throw matches the indoor plant life.

In the ensuite, a unique bathroom sink continues the blue colour theme, which contrasts richly with a brown microcement bathroom floor.

The second double bedroom features a modern 4 poster bed design, enhanced by a blue whimsical wallpapered archway. See more ideas for 4 poster beds.

A unique bedside table duo flank the bed with contrasting brown and blue finishes. Slender black wall lights complement the black metal 4 poster bed frame.

A large round mirror leads the eye toward a home office area by the bedroom window. The cosy workspace is furnished with a vintage wooden chair, softly lit with an atmospheric desk lamp, and blessed with a view over old Budapest.

This ensuite bedroom is given a blue floor treatment, which floods into a walk-in shower design.

In the third bedroom, another dynamic wallpaper design accentuates a 4 poster bed placement. A copper coloured bedroom rug peeps out from beneath the end of bed bench to complement an ensuite copper bathtub.

Behind the showstopping bathtub, a luxurious marble vanity slices across a small alcove.

An enormous archway divides the bedroom from its ensuite, with a portier providing privacy when desired.

In the powder room, a rattan and marble topped vanity unit hits upon the top material trends of the year.

Visualizer: Maxim Shpinkov  

Our second study revolves around a calming decor palette of sky blue and light walnut veneer. A large sectional sofa presses pause from the colour combo, to stretch a light grey ​​L-shape through the centre of the open plan living space.

A silver area rug softly shades the floor.

A grey and walnut veneer ottoman coffee table forms the core of the lounge layout.

The walnut media unit overlaps a black plinth at one side of the room, where a pair of electric guitars display the homeowner’s love of music.

Smart panel moulding draws around the TV, picked out in soothing blue paintwork.

Matching blue panel moulded walls encase the remainder of the room, halting only for a bank of clean white storage units.

Plush grey drapes frame the large living room windows.

A stunning, carved sofa table fits between two unusual linear floor lamps.

As we move toward the kitchen, we come to a dining peninsula. Two statement dining room pendant lights drop translucent bronze accents over the dining table to complement the walnut wall panels that encase the peninsula wall.

Out in the hallway, a large mirror dramatically increases the sense of space.

An entryway bench is tucked within a wall of hallway storage units.

At the heart of the living room storage wall, an aquarium is filled with colourful fish.

A luxe brown and blue bedroom decor scheme is elevated by large mirrors over each bedside unit. A silver grey bedroom rug ties in with a grey and blue bed set.

An LED ribbon highlights a rich walnut headboard feature wall.

Relief stucco makes restful bedroom wall art.

The bedroom TV tucks into a walnut lined alcove.

A small grey pouf functions as a bedroom chair.

White wardrobes merge restfully into the surrounding white walls.

In the kid’s room, green decor accents take over from blue in honour of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… Although, Leonardo does sport a blue bandana!

The deeply cushioned kids’ bed looks irresistibly comfortable, but first, homework must be completed at a kids’ workspace.

Superhero decor is lit up on a built-in shelf unit.

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