Exploring Restrained Luxury: A Modern House with Garden, Pool, and Minimalist Design [Video]

Architectural ingenuity meets practicality head-on in this intimate home design, brought to life by Line Architects. This extraordinary residence illustrates a thoughtful fusion of garden, home, and an aquatic oasis; a symphony of light, space, and nature. Glass walls construct an open connection with the garden and the sheltered swimming pool, drawing in radiant light and blurring boundaries. Though confined to a small plot, this home creatively redefines limitations through sequential arrangement zones. Luxury minimalism lays a peaceful foundation, building a simple backdrop of stone-clad walls and floors and rich ash wood ceilings. The home tour video and floor plans are included at the end of the gallery.

Set back behind a light-permeable facade, this modern home draws a long linear layout with a tranquil garden along one side. A mature tree covers the garden with a canopy of vibrant greenery and blissful shade.

A wooden veranda edges the property, constructing an inviting platform for outdoor seating. A couple of outdoor beanbags overlook a bed of shrubs and long grasses that ripple in the breeze.

Glass doors break open the entire length of the living room, adjoining the modern interior with the veranda and calming garden vista.

A slatted ash wood ceiling expands outside of the home to form a textured canopy above the narrow veranda. The continuation of this key element serves to further erase the boundary between inside and out.

The dark ceiling treatment and heavy window drapes give the home interior a cool and shady aesthetic. Two modern white sofas face across a sleek black coffee table. Wooden flower vases add a light tone and natural texture to the coffee table centerpiece.

Two black woven chairs allow daylight to pass through from the living room window. A gray living room rug holds the assorted furniture arrangement neatly together.

Black slatted paneling wraps the lower half of the room with a weighty anchor. The dark border melds with the bold black window frames.

The white sofa has a double-sided arrangement. One side of the seating is directed into a conversational grouping, while the other faces out toward the dining area and ultimately the kitchen.

Black scatter cushions heavily punctuate the crisp white sofa upholstery. A slimline floor reading lamp adds focused task lighting over the sofa. See more ideas for floor reading lamps.

Wide-format stone floor tiles weave a cohesive thread through the open living room dining room combo. Coordinating stone slabs make up the light gray walls.

Comfortable upholstered dining chairs facilitate long dinners and after-dinner conversation. Beside the eating area, the black, textured wall treatment dips into a recess to give the illusion of a modern fireplace. Stacked logs complete the cozy visual.

The dining table runs into a central kitchen island to form one streamlined volume.

A modern fruit bowl makes a simple dining table centerpiece.

A single black accent chair disrupts the formal dining spot, making a tonal tie with the black dining table.

The house is surrounded on three sides by neighboring houses. A flat facade of unique metal shutters makes a secretive shroud across a parking garage and the home entryway.

The parking garage is partially divided from the garden by a brief concrete wall. An open walkway adjoins the car parking area with the wooden veranda.

From the street, the extraordinary metal façade has a striking geometric design.

Daylight penetrates the metal grid, pushing through into the glass-walled home design.

A pivoting front door is camouflaged into the black framework.

Glass zoning expands the sense of space in the property.

A stainless steel kitchen countertop coolly reflects the sunlight and the leafy view.

A breakfast bar extends the kitchen island into a casual eating spot.

Full-height kitchen appliance housing units and pantry doors merge with the gray, textured wall decor.

The master bedroom is a vision of restrained luxury and quiet minimalism.

From the bed, the homeowner can look out upon the garden through a wall of edge-to-edge glass.

The glass walls can be drawn back to immerse the master bedroom in the sights, sounds, and fragrant scents of the lush garden.

A common materials palette effortlessly connects the bedroom with the outdoor environment.

A rattan planter draws some of the garden inside of the house, bringing a wild touch to the minimalist bedroom decor scheme.

White sheets cleanly cover a pure white bedstead. A small black floor lamp completes the simple ensemble.

The warm ash wood ceiling contrasts with cool stone surfaces.

Light play transforms the inner and outer spaces as the day progresses.

The house is situated centrally between the garden and a narrow swimming pool design.

Here, above the swimming pool, the ash wood roof canopy completes its run.

A roof lantern pours natural light into the pool and ventilates the space. A convenient shower area is tucked into the corner of the pool area, giving swimmers a place to rinse off before re-entering the house.

On the floor plan, we can observe how the linear house composition unfolds: Banks of storage are situated around the home entryway, which flows directly into the common living areas. The private master bedroom is set all the way in the back. Glass walls keep the living areas in visual contact with the garden and the swimming pool from front to back.

Check out the home tour video:

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