Exploring the Playful Functionality of a Small Apartment Interior

Small but succinct, this boldly redesigned 65-square-meter apartment is a breath of fresh air. Developed by ater.architects, the cozy home has been meticulously transformed into a vibrant common area, with the bedroom and bathroom as the only private spaces. To devise useful zoning of the living spaces and increase flexibility, bold electric blue curtains were installed to operate as room dividers. Against a backdrop of subtle gray, white, and wood tones, these vivid accents inject a sense of playfulness and joy. Get ready to be charmed by the cleverness and simplicity of this well-designed small apartment, where style meets functionality in the most delightful way.

A pink sofa lays down an instant burst of fresh color upon entering the common living area. It sweetly contrasts with the first electric blue portiere and makes a central focal point in the neutral white and gray room decor. A raw concrete accent wall adds a cool industrial edge. The white swing arm wall lamp anchored there is a Flos Mod 265.

A two-tone gray living room rug provides soft footing around the sitting area and introduces a circular motif. Two lightweight, small side tables can be easily moved around the space where and when needed. A geometric scatter cushion pulls the black accent onto the pink couch.

Wide engineered planks floor the entire living space. The sofa has a complementary wood base, creating a cohesive visual. Broken fragments of marble lay a breccia floor along the hallway, in the kitchen, and finally in the bathroom.

A full-length mirror gives the compact living room a larger and brighter appearance. In the home entryway, built-in closets construct a streamlined aesthetic.

A black accent chair is lightened by a wooden frame. The round wooden coffee table is teamed with a small black side table to make a contrasting ensemble. Candles and coffee table books arrange a simple centerpiece. Monochrome artwork constructs a contemporary focal point on the living room wall.

The bright blue portiere separates the main living area from a compact home workspace. The blue curtains create flexible functionality, allowing the homeowner to change the flow of space with zero effort.

A trio of modern wall sconces adds bright task lighting above the wooden desk. A gray upholstered desk chair provides stylish, ergonomic seating.

Behind another blue-curtained room divider, the modern kitchen awaits. Wooden wall cabinets and appliance housing units build visual warmth around stark black base cabinets. The black kitchen backsplash is broken by pale grout, adding a linear pattern to the mix.

The small dining table features a cheerful pop of pink at its base. A glass vase adorns the tabletop with a modern silhouette.

Black dining chairs tie in with the matt black kitchen units. A mini dining room pendant light drops a bright copper accent onto the dining area.

A black kitchen sink melds with a coordinating countertop. Black handles merge with the dark base units and sew a black color thread across the wood-effect units.

Gray polymer fills the breccia floor joints, accentuating the paler marble pieces. A chrome kitchen tap adds a moment of metallic luster to the dark kitchen installation.

Inside the bedroom, Blue curtains separate the sleep space from a dressing area. Cube shelves stack tall at either side of the small dressing room, offering plentiful storage for folded garments, accessories, bags, and shoes. Mirrored wardrobes fill the third wall, which reflects natural light from the bedroom window.

A black plaid headboard contributes subtle pattern to the bedroom design. Fluted black plant pots adorn the bedside table. Indoor plants grow an enlivening green element.

A circular rug in the dressing area and a round mirror over the vanity establish a common shape theme in the bedroom. A wireframe vanity chair, a small modern wall sconce, and rounded electrical sockets sprinkle matt black accents across the pale decor scheme. A smocked glass table lamp offers soft task lighting.

The bathroom has a bright and welcoming aesthetic with a simple white and wood tone color scheme. A custom-cut vanity mirror increases the sense of space in small surroundings. The bathroom sink is smoothly integrated into a sleek contemporary vanity unit.

Wooden wall panels introduce warmth and texture into the modern bathroom design. Black borders give the wood cladding a contemporary edge.

Black bathroom faucets, fixtures, and a matching black shower head smartly accessorize the space.

Broken marble fragments creep up from the breccia floor onto the side of the fitted bathtub. The freeform stone finish is counteracted by uniform vertical tiles above the tub. Perimeter LEDs highlight the contrast.

The contemporary vanity unit passes above the end of the built-in bathtub to create a custom, layered look. Clean towels are tucked neatly into the nook between. A clear glass vase cleanly accessorizes the sink area and brings in a botanical burst. Amber glass soap and lotion dispensers keep bathroom essentials neatly matching.

In the WC, electric blue bathroom paint makes a color link with the portiere curtains that feature in all other areas of the apartment. A vertical towel radiator heats the small space.

A modern wall sconce lights the WC and the bold wall paint.

The apartment floor plan illustrates how the portieres are used to playfully reconfigure the living spaces and to draw a divide between the dressing and sleeping areas of the bedroom.

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