Historical Apartment With A Neoclassical Interior

This dwelling has seen a lot of history unfold in the center of Kyiv since 1909. Following the bombing and fire in 1941, the building underwent a major reconstruction in 1950. This individual apartment redesign began just a month before the pandemic hit in 2020 and was completed in 2022 amidst war. Designed by Oksana Dolgopiatova, the apartment has a view of the National Academic Franco Theater on one side and the statue of Independence Square on the other. Inside, the apartment is a sophisticated sanctuary with striking molded ceilings. Neoclassical motifs add elegance and flair. An open-plan layout and glass walls give the living space light and airy feel.

Photographer: Andrey Bezuglov  

The living space is a light-filled, open layout. During the reconstruction of the previously bombed apartment, a plethora of reinforcing beams and screeds were discovered. These structural additions determined layout decisions and influenced solutions for ceiling and wall casings.

The facade of this building, and of those that surround it in the historical center of Kyiv, displays embossed friezes and ornamental motifs. These motifs inspired circular-shaped panel molding across the living room ceiling, which is dramatized under black paintwork. Two black coffee tables and a matching couch take the dark accent to the floor.

The plush black sofa is centered in front of a color-matched doorway to achieve a symmetrical balance. A pale second sofa and matching lounge chair counterbalance the dark effect. See more inspiration for a black couch living room.

A light throw breaks up the black sofa upholstery. Coffee table books brighten the black coffee table, along with a vase of colorful foliage.

One wall of the living room is panel molded to achieve an elegant neoclassical aesthetic. Large paintings lean against the wall paneling, illuminated under modern wall sconces.

Herringbone wood flooring and wooden baseboards add warmth to the interior decor palette.

A glass partition wall lightly divides the living room from a home office. Its black framework features the prevalent circle motif that decorates the ceiling, historical building facade, and authentic balcony railing.

Natural light is shared through the floor-to-ceiling glazed partition. Two lounge chairs are situated out in front of the glass, where they allow the line of sight to pass between them.

A patterned sofa is situated in the entryway to the home office, creating an interesting focal point.

Modern wall sconces illuminate the office couch area, creating a comfortable reading spot. Panel molded walls and a black ceiling continue the aesthetic of the lounge to achieve one cohesive aesthetic.

Inside the modern home office, the desk is situated in front of the window to capitalize on natural daylight. A freestanding shelving unit displays an uplifting array of indoor plants.

Built-in cupboards hide away a multitude of office supplies and household items.

Abstract artwork brings color and movement to the scheme.

A small side table adds a decorative moment at each side of the sofa.

Back out in the main living space, a black oval dining table is paired with rattan chairs to create rich contrast. A large dining room chandelier descends from the ceiling in high-contrast black and white finishes.

Behind the dining area, a black kitchen installation is elevated with luxe gold accents. A smooth white marble backsplash adds pattern and high-end appeal.

Kitchen wall cabinets are highlighted under a lustrous gold finish that wonderfully reflects light from an adjacent window.

A modern ceramic fruit bowl is paired with a botanical table centerpiece.

A path of white marble lines the edge of the L-shaped kitchen design with a hardwearing, easy-clean surface.

The durable white marble floor treatment is repeated in the home entryway. A bank of made-to-measure wardrobes provides hallway storage. An upholstered bench provides a comfortable place for putting on shoes.

Black-stained wood darkly encases the doorway into the living room, creating a ceremonious entry.

A double-height space was reconstructed to accommodate a mezzanine bedroom design.

The staircase to the mezzanine bedroom is fitted with a circle motif balustrade. A tower of display shelves offers a pleasant focal point by the base tread.

Perimeter LEDs drop a subtle glow onto attractively panel-molded walls. A small lounge area and workspace tuck against the opposite wall.

The master bedroom is dominated by a heavily paneled headboard wall. Two unique and colorful bedside table lamps compete for attention in front of the statement wall.

A decorative vase brings a delicate flower arrangement to a modern bedside unit.

Indoor plants soak up the sunlight on a deep window sill.

Atmospheric mood lighting accentuates the circle motif in the bedroom wall paneling.

Tonal brown blankets and throws create a cozy, layered look on the bed.

Lightweight curtains diffuse the morning sunlight.

A slimline floor reading lamp casts light over a small bedroom chair with a bouclé seat.

In the bathroom, white marble flooring and wall cladding build an upmarket aesthetic. A double sink bathroom vanity threads a rich walnut element through the pale room.

Twin bathroom mirrors are flanked by matching wall sconces.

Black fixtures boldly punctuate the pale bathroom wall tiles.

A ceramic vase houses a whimsical floral display.

The shower enclosure is set into the wall to achieve a streamlined layout.

In the second bathroom design, black marble tiles create a striking look around the bathtub.

The cloakroom is small but special. A unique pedestal sink is spotlighted under a brightly illuminated bathroom mirror. Mosaic tiles fashion a detailed backdrop.

Floor plan.

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