IE University and All Things Urban Launch Series on “Cities and Jobs “

Courtesy of IE University

Courtesy of IE University

IE University, in collaboration with All Things Urban, would like to invite you to our “Cities and Jobs Series”. A series of webinars are being hosted by the two organizations, for the launch of IE’s new Bachelor program in Urban Studies (for which applications are now open). The multidisciplinary program examines urban issues in a holistic way to prepare the future generation of urbanists to tackle the pressing challenges of our cities.

Cities only occupy 2% of the planet’s surface, but they accommodate more than 50% of the population. They consume 75% of global energy, produce 80% of global CO2 emissions, and generate more than 80% of the global GDP today. These numbers put cities at the center of any discussion about global warming, urbanization, progress, and social issues.

The three online webinars will tackle conversations from “Urban Artificial Intelligence: how can we urbanise technology?” to “Urban Green Infrastructure: How can nature save cities” and “Urban social inequalities: How can cities include people?”

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