Inside a Cool Kyiv Apartment Where Music and Fashion Collide

Welcome to a cool Kyiv apartment, visualized by ater.architects, where fashion meets music in perfect harmony. This 100-square-meter, two-level home redefines contemporary living with an artistic twist. Bold colors, funky furniture, and mesmerizing artwork fill every corner with an expression of individuality. The living area is a music-lovers paradise, showcasing an envy-inducing vinyl collection and an electric piano for impromptu jam sessions. The pink-accented kitchen is a delight when entertaining and hanging out with the family. Upstairs, bedrooms are splashed with bright and colorful elements, fabulous art, and imaginative home accessories. Bathrooms are just as daring, flaunting neon accents against raw concrete walls for a contemporary, edgy touch.

Developed for a young couple with a child, this home design promotes good energy and quality time together. The projector-friendly living room is ideal for family movie nights. A 3000-piece library of vinyl sets the music soundtrack for daily life.

The living room also serves as a piano room. The electric piano is paired with a sculptural accent Mustache chair that delivers a punch of purple to the scheme. Artwork by Françoise Oz, an Odesa-based artist, adds a hit of hot pink to the concrete living room wall.

A black and white rug lays pattern underneath the living room couch and a bright cobalt blue side table. Blue and bush pink scatter cushions color the gray sofa upholstery. Industrial gray concrete walls and a matching raw ceiling treatment counterbalance the brighter elements in the decor scheme.

The black and white area rug is teamed with an overlaying pink rug to create playful contrast. Behind the gray living room sofa, a pink and black kitchen design continues the high-contrast color palette.

The custom-built music rack constructs a warm wooden accent in the industrial-living room. A black floating drawer unit is mounted to the projection wall to hold the record player in pride of place.

A glass coffee table is decorated with vinyl sleeves and fashion books.

Black track lights spread even illumination around the open-plan living space.

The industrial look of the raw concrete wall decor is complemented by a modern staircase design. Utilitarian black metal balustrades climb hot-rolled metal stairs.

Flos String architectural lamps light the stairwell, their thin black cables pinned into graphic lines.

The artwork on the staircase is by Oleksii Kondakov.

Two linear suspension lights navigate the long black kitchen island, which dips into a pink dining table at one end.

The contrasting dining table dissolves into a thin pink stripe along the edge of the glossy black kitchen island, accomplishing a unique aesthetic. A pink floral arrangement emphasizes the sweet accent color.

A black shelving system makes a sharp, graphic statement in front of a pink glass backsplash wall. The eye-catching shelving system offers lots of extra storage within easy reach.

A decorative tray sits upon the black quartz countertop, creating an elegant kitchen island centerpiece.

Oak kitchen cabinets contrast with the black kitchen elements, elevating and warming the scheme.

A purple shoe rack and wardrobe are built into the base of the industrial metal staircase to keep outerwear organized.

The colorful shoe rack takes on an almost sculptural appearance beneath the dark treads.

Mirrored doors brighten the shadowy entryway into the master bedroom by reflecting natural light from a large window opposite. A built-in metal shelf houses a second turntable, bringing the homeowner’s beloved music upstairs.

The mirrored double doors lead to a walk-in closet.

Another quirky purple Mustache chair is linked with a built-in purple bookcase to create an attention-grabbing reading area. A raised platform floor further separates it from the rest of the space.

A custom-designed cabinet stores toys in the kid’s room. Plus and minus signs create unique handles.

A pop-up laundry basket keeps dirty kids’ clothes off the floor.

The plus and minus motif is continued across the walls of the bedroom, creating a colorful pattern.

Metal shelves construct a colorful platform for putting some of the child’s favorite toys on display.

On the bedroom lounge chair, a cloud-shaped cushion matches the kids’ laundry basket with the same cute pink raindrop design.

Abstract artwork by Stepan Riabchenko adds a blast of color to the master bedroom.

A split headboard treatment features raw exposed concrete and smooth white paneling.

Bedroom pendant lights are colored by iridescent glass embellishments. A beautiful iridescent vase makes a colorful stylistic link on the black bedside table.

The upstairs bathroom is furnished with a concrete double sink bathroom vanity. A vibrant green and pink storage unit underlines the industrial-style countertop with a flash of contrasting color.

The shower space is set in front of the bathtub to make one contained splash zone.

Pink gradient concrete panels paint a sunset behind the bath.

Above the bathtub, a violet neon light fitting strikes a fun ambiance into the bathroom.

The bathroom on the lower floor is saturated in bright coral, creating a memorable experience for house guests. Concrete blocks build a textural backsplash wall behind a floating vanity unit and a hexagonal wall mirror.

A climbing monkey wall light adds a theatrical touch.

Amber glass soap dispensers are arranged on a mirrored tray for guests.

The bathroom floor is covered with matching pink microcement. A small trolley displays a few select adornments.

Floor plan. Main living spaces are located downstairs, with the upstairs reserved for sleeping.

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