Lively Neoclassical Interior With Unique Furniture & Green Accents

When we think of the neoclassical aesthetic, we imagine elegant interiors with intricately detailed backdrops and a reserved palette for the most part. Furniture is beautiful, though sometimes a little predictable. The atmosphere is formal, often lacking a little warmth. Today, we’re about to challenge those preconceptions with a lively neoclassical interior. Visualized by Elemental Design, This family home is filled with unique furniture and colorful artwork, which creates a buoyant mood. Dark green accents thread a cohesive color story throughout the apartment, alongside shades of red, yellow, and blush. The fresh color palette uplifts an airy living room, a characterful entryway, and a cute kids’ room with radiant personality.

The neoclassical living room is broken into two sections by a stylish bench. This low-level piece of furniture allows the eye to meander across the whole space whilst defining clear zoning.

A tufted sofa places deep texture into the living room; its matching tufted ottoman can be used as a chaise extension or a separate seat. An accent chair creates lively contrast in the furniture layout. The living room chandelier makes a subtle, sculptural statement.

Deep green scatter cushions add color to the beige tufted sofa. The cushions complement a glossy green coffee table at the center of the room.

The lounge furniture layout is completed by a unique media console under a wall-mounted TV. Shapely, turned legs give the modern unit a chic aesthetic.

A designer table lamp adds a dark red accent to the gloss media unit. A sound bar nestles behind.

The long living room has an open connection with the home entryway, creating an easy, airy flow. An interior window shares light from the living room with the windowless hallway. White marble floor tiles flow from one area to the next, achieving a cohesive aesthetic.

In the formal dining area, a blush pink table introduces an unusual curvaceous silhouette. Six muted green upholstered dining chairs make dark contrast with the pastel table. Modern, abstract artwork provides a colorful backdrop.

Wooden frames earth the formal dining chair design.

Two chic pendant lights are paired above the pink dining table, dropping in black and brass accents. An ombre glass vase filled with branches makes a tall centerpiece that interacts with the light installation.

A double-headed modern brass floor lamp is directed to illuminate both the sofa and the dining area.

The dining room pendant lights are mounted within a recessed ceiling feature, which helps to define the dining area as a separate space.

At the end of the room, there is a feature fireplace. Its traditional arched design is echoed by a decorative wall mirror with an intricate bronze frame. Modern black candlesticks and a ceramic bowl complete the adornments.

The kitchen has a narrow but airy design. Its white walls, marble backsplash, and matching countertop reflect the natural light from the kitchen window. Light plays over a fluted glass wall cabinet, bringing fashionable texture to the room.

The galley kitchen is a wood design with luxe gold hardware. The kitchen extractor unit melds with its pale backdrop. Crown molding neatly trims the top, in keeping with the home’s neoclassical aesthetic.

Open kitchen shelves display a small collection of plates, bowls, candlesticks, and serveware. Modern wall sconces brightly illuminate the marble wall shelves and the kitchen prep space.

Integrated kitchen appliances provide a streamlined look. The galley kitchen opens directly into the living room, creating a social space for entertaining.

A few decorative items adorn the end of the kitchen countertop, integrating it with the stylish dining room and lounge areas.

The kid’s bedroom displays radiant personality. Striped yellow wallpaper covers two walls, wrapping around the bed. A bold yellow curtain finishes the bright perimeter. A floor bed is raised upon a green platform, which gives the room zoning. A toy storage system perches upon the wide platform, alongside a cute Miffy lamp.

Built-in wardrobes build a soft green accent wall. The units are raised from the floor to allow space for more toy storage bins to be stowed away underneath.

A kid’s desk provides a dedicated area for art and craft projects, lego builds, and reading.

A cloud-shaped chalkboard forms a thought bubble above Miffy’s head. Wooden toys make a healthy and aesthetic play space.

The master bedroom adheres to the neoclassical style of the main living space. Decorative boiserie builds a formal look across the headboard wall. Modern artwork and scatter cushions introduce rich color.

Fitted wardrobes are faced with rattan panels, which lend a more relaxed look to the room. A wall-mounted TV nestles between the wardrobes.

The TV is paired with a floating tv stand to fashion a pleasing focal point.

A singular glass unit is installed at the end of the wardrobe run. The cabinet is dedicated to the display of designer bags, which add extra color to the room.

The gray upholstered bed looks soft and inviting with a rounded headboard design. A modern bedside table is topped with a dark red table lamp, which matches the one on the living room console unit.

The opposite side of the bed is furnished with a modern desk/vanity table. An ombre glass vase is teamed with a small stack of books to create an attractive vignette.

The home office is equipped with double workspaces.

Ergonomic desk chairs facilitate long working hours at home.

Display shelves house playful collections of colorful figurines and sculptures.

A blush accent chair makes a comfortable reading spot by the window.

In the home entryway, a recessed archway makes an elegant first impression.

A unique console table, mirror, and zany artwork add bold personality.

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