MAD Architects’ Emotional Architecture is Shaping the Future of China’s Growing Skyline

Architecture has to be organic… we need to create a space for people to connect, to coexist – MAD Architects. 

As the demographic of China’s buildings changes, one architect is fighting the “artificial” straight lines and tower blocks that are plaguing the skyline. In the government’s mass urbanization, skyscrapers are having to be built constantly for all the people that are flocking to the cities.

Ma Yansong, the founder of MAD Architects explains “They often deal with efficiency, the function, the structure. There’s no nature. People love to go closer to nature and other people, so we need to create environments that let people have these emotional connections.”

Many of MAD’s buildings embrace the natural forms created by mountains, deserts and even the dynamics of the human body. We need to be reminded of these and by incorporating them into the structures and silhouettes, Yansong believes that by “trying to make a space with atmosphere, some emotion in the space so people can actually feel something.”

News ViaCNN Style.