Maintenance-free Moss Terrariums

Moss has all sorts of qualities. It can absorb large amounts of harmful toxins and its water-absorbing properties prevent soil erosion. It’s even loved in herbal medicine, where certain moss varieties are processed and used as a diuretic or cough remedy. Irish moss is used as a general emulsifier in food and is known for its nutritional qualities. With that said, the really great thing about moss is… It looks cool in a terrarium! Okay, maybe that’s not the very best thing about the plant. But, preserved moss varieties can fill a terrarium with natural greenery for many years, with zero maintenance. You have to admit, that’s pretty neat.

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Geometric Moss Terrarium With 3D Printed Sculpture: This snazzy geometric terrarium comes with a variety of preserved mosses, which are combined with tessellated resin sculpture to create a piece of natural art. Choose the TerraLight add-on to accentuate the design.

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Moss Pillar Terrarium: A simple pillar shape gives this preserved moss terrarium a sleek look. The gravity-defying moss wall inside looks like a mini forest scene, glowing vibrantly under the optional LED lamp.

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Moss Landscape Terrarium: Inside this horizontally orientated chamber, randomized arrangements of moss and wood root make each terrarium completely unique.

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Moss Terrarium Centerpiece: Instead of a hinged door, this freestanding moss installation has a fully removable glass top. The preserved moss looks fresh and is soft to touch. Since the moss is biologically inactive, it doesn’t produce fog.

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Moss Wall Terrarium: Scientists store plants in herbariums for decades. This terrarium is made using a modified method through new technology that ensures the moss stays looking lively.

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Desktop Moss Wall: Liven up your desktop with this neatly proportioned moss wall. The optional LED lamp is USB powered, so you can plug it into your power port along with your other devices.

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Bell Jar Terrarium: Measuring 295mm high and 150mm wide, this terrarium is the perfect size for perching on a shelf. It contains a biological parametric sculpture under an outer bell jar, which is easily removed to get a closer look and touch.

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Moss Terrarium With Organic Sculpture: At 220mm wide, this moss terrarium would make a beautiful coffee table centerpiece. It includes an organic sculpture inside, which adds to its elegant, natural charm.

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Small Moss Terrarium With Organic Sculpture: Measuring just 145mm, this small, bell jar terrarium would sit nicely on a bedside unit. It showcases a singular white organic sculpture, balanced on a bed of fresh green moss.

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Moss Terrarium Heart Sculpture: If you’re looking for a novel Valentine’s Day gift, how about a moss terrarium with an organic heart sculpture inside. Nothing says love like chocolates and moss, right?

Visualizer: $99  

3D Printed Moss Terrarium Design: This interesting piece was formed during a process of experimentation with multi-chamber unibody structures, which are almost impossible through traditional hand-crafting techniques.

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Mitosis Moss Terrarium: Featuring an artist’s abstract re-imagination of the cell division process, this creative piece carries a futuristic aesthetic.

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Rainforest Moss Terrarium: A limited edition design, this moss terrarium is arranged to resemble a lush, rainforest colony. Despite its fresh look, this moss is 100% maintenance-free.

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Tree Moss Forest Terrarium: This maintenance-free moss terrarium depicts a forest under a large glass dome. More than ten tree mosses fluff around intricately carved cork bark to create an immersive world.

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Handcrafted Moss Terrarium: Handcrafted in Melaka, Malaysia, this moss art serves as a long-lasting plant, which will bring botanical beauty to your home for many years.

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Mini Rainforest Terrarium: Containing tree mosses, Pincushion Moss, and several randomly selected rare moss species, this mini depiction of a rainforest makes a great gift for plant lovers.

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Moss And Obsidian Terrarium: Preserved moss is paired with a resin representation of obsidian to craft this mini terrarium display. Its dinky proportions mean that it can be displayed almost anywhere, from small side tables and bookshelves to busy workspaces.

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Botanical Art Sculpture Moss Terrarium: Inspired by the growth patterns of organisms on a molecular level, this sculpture is intricately constructed to offer three-dimensional depth to a mini moss garden.

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Bone Pumpkin Halloween Terrarium: Give Halloween lovers a treat with this bone lattice pumpkin design. Alternatively, display it in the kitchen as an all-year-round food-themed fancy.

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Chloroplast Terrarium: A 3D-printed chloroplast plant cell structure forms an apt core for this moss garden. Several moss species burst forth from the grooves to form a vertical colony.

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Layered Moss Terrarium: A parametric botanical sculpture, based on flower petals, creates this visually soothing terrarium design. Its various components fit together harmoniously, following the mathematical principle of continuity.

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Meditative Moss Art: Science, technology, and creativity come together to form this mind-calming moss art. One full structure of tree moss makes the base, whilst another makes the wall.

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Small 3D Printed Terrarium: This modern apex design cleanly showcases various moss micro-structures. The 3D-printed sculpture is made from a plant-derived biopolymer.

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Large 3D Printed Terrarium: This large variation of terrarium features an undulating apex that resembles a mountain range, covered in lush green vegetation.

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Moss Terrarium Mindfulness Tool: Intended for easing tensions and releasing anxiety, you can enjoy this terrarium from afar or explore the moss species up close by opening up the seamless, hinged door.

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Wood Root And Moss Garden Terrarium: Woven with wood roots, this moss garden terrarium adds a mini landscape onto your bookshelf or dining table.

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360-degree Terrarium Design: Inspired by the Titiwangsa mountain range, this terrarium design encapsulates the rich biodiversity of Malaysia. The undulating moss-scape spans a series of Malayan driftwoods to create an immersive 360-degree view.

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