Mid-century Mix: What Happens When The Famous Style Melds With Others

Mid century modern meets a crash of contemporary and classical decor themes in these three home designs. Each exquisite interior takes a sip from multiple eras and styles to create interesting combinations that excite the eye. We travel first to a lakehouse that incorporates an eclectic combo of elements to shape a chic and sophisticated home, and classical art pieces instil culture. Our second tour takes place under ornate ceiling roses and intricate coving, where graceful window arches inspire curved furniture silhouettes that juxtapose sturdy mid century pieces. Our final featured home has an ethereal white scheme in which modern gold and marble accents mingle with vintage style chairs and traditional sculpture for a captivating result.

Designer: Ductien N  

Located next to a small lake in Spain, this elegant home has been designed to limit the need for artificial light sources and instead takes advantage of natural ambience from the tranquil landscape.

An L-shaped modern sofa cuts a linear silhouette around the lounge area of the open concept living space. Creamy soft furnishings and white walls paint a peaceful and dreamy scheme.

mid century modern chair rounds out the lounge layout at the other side of a plain greige area rug.

A modern coffee table introduces a luxe black marble accent at the centre of the room.

Slender candles and a trio of black candlesticks make a tall table decoration next to a short stack of coffee table books.

A black fireplace balances out the modern coffee table’s dark colourway, whilst moulding a more traditional vibe.

Classical sculpture is displayed on a simple art plinth by gracefully arched windows.

Proceeding under a wide archway, we move into the open plan kitchen diner area. A large dining room pendant light hangs a translucent paper shade, which allows the natural light and landscape to shine through from the window behind it.

The spherical dining room pendant light complements a round pedestal dining table below it, where a decorative glass vase adds a pretty botanical centrepiece. Mid century style dining chairs encircle the white dining table with boldly contrasting black upholstery and dark wooden frames.

Behind the dining area, solid white doors conceal kitchen appliances. A long kitchen island with traditional beading stretches out in front.

Rattan screens front a couple of decorative cabinets at each side of the kitchen, where flatware and wine glasses can be aesthetically displayed.

A black kitchen faucet makes sharp contradiction with the clean white marble countertop.

Visualizer: Emil Dervish & Evgenii Bulatnikov  

Our next tour takes place in a 106 square metre home, where ornate ceiling roses and intricate coving crown a room that is edged with graceful arched windows. The classic architectural arches inspire an interior layout of curvaceous furniture silhouettes, including a curved sofa, round coffee table, and a large round rug.

The curved lounge furniture juxtaposes sturdy mid century pieces in the open layout.

A tall archway connects two rooms, creating a beautifully framed vignette on either side.

The dining area is furnished with the Easy chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret in the 1950s for the famous modernist city of Chandigarh, India that was designed by Le Corbusier, Jeanneret and their team.

The rustic furniture set makes textural contrast with a sleek modern one wall kitchen.

Curved cabinets round off the ends of the kitchen run to complement the interior architecture.

A pocket door emerges within one of the arched doorways to provide the bedroom with privacy.

Inside the minimalist bedroom, a rustic platform bed faces toward a pair of gorgeous arched windows. A home workspace extends beneath the glass.

A slender
floor lamp and a gold side table make chic bedside accompaniments. An eye-catching marble wall rises behind the headboard.

Behind the screen of solid marble, an exquisite ensuite bathroom unfolds, complete with a luxurious light grey stone resin bathtub and lustrous pale gold fixtures.

A small side table serves toiletries to the tub, whilst the modern grey vanity unit is equipped by a hidden cabinet above the sink.

Apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

Our final home tour is an ethereal white interior with a captivating eclectic collection of furniture. In the lounge, a large area rug holds together an arrangement of contemporary upholstered white seating, metallic tables and mid century modern inspired chairs.

Black and white photographic prints enlarge the monochromatic effect of a modern black marble fireplace.

Timeless white drapes dress the large living room windows.

A mature indoor plant feathers the edge of the lounge area, creating a soft transition into the kitchen diner.

Simple ceramics add subtle decorative moments.

Textured wall art makes waves across plain white decor. A unique floor lamp ripples a complementary silhouette.

Fresh white throw pillows plump up the contemporary sofa.

The wide gold coffee table design makes plenty of room for coffee table books, a decorative vase, and a glass tumbler or two.

As we move through the open concept into the kitchen, we come to a recessed arrangement of white kitchen units in flush alignment with frameless interior doors.

A log store fits into the side of the chimney breast to fuel the wood burning fire and to create a naturally decorative moment.

A white marble island takes the kitchen design high-end.

Sculptural dining room pendant lights pair above a trendy racetrack dining table.

The vintage style chrome plated tubular steel and brown leather dining chairs are reminiscent of Marcel Breuers’ cantilever chair design.

A unique mirror makes an arty addition to the dining area.

The animal statue in the table centrepiece arrangement is the L’Oiseau bird figurine designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroulle for Vitra in 2011.

A classic statue is displayed in an understated spot by the door.

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