Modern Villa Interiors From The Middle-East

In this collection of modern villa interiors from the Middle-East, we’re looking at luxury living spaces where families gather and guests are welcomed. Visualized by NK Interior, these villas are high-end abodes with discreet but exquisite details. High ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows increase the sense of grandeur. Wall paneling neatly hems the look with refined modern perimeters. Lighting is eye-catching, and contemporary furniture designs are elegant. In villa design number one you’ll see an open-plan living room with wraparound views. Interior number two sees European minimalism meet elements of the East in an enormous Majlis. We round off our tours with a teal-accented abode with an artistic essence.

This stylish private villa in Doha, Qatar combines modern design trends with a peaceful beige and gray palette and inviting textures. Panoramic views of the pool and grounds elevate the spacious living room design. A sectional sofa faces towards the vista, with an elegant living room floor lamp sweeping overhead.

A large indoor plant brings a hint of the fresh outdoors into the home. A large TV provides entertainment when the panoramic view is no longer enough.

Textural rugs are layered to make an interesting combination of tone and material. Nesting coffee tables fill the center of the sitting space with two contrasting colors.

A small side table offers a convenient place to rest glass tumblers within easy reach.

Candles, books, and a decorative bowl create a simple centerpiece on the nesting coffee tables.

Behind the couch, there is a formal dining area and an open-plan kitchen. The circular dining table facilitates easy footfall around it, with no danger of bumping against sharp corners. A linear suspension light contradicts the curvaceous tabletop.

Curved dining chairs complement the round dining table and introduce a warm, wood-tone element.

Sheer white voiles filter the sunlight that streams through the enormous living room windows. They extend all the way from the ceiling line which draws attention to the grand height of the lounge space.

The kitchen island is a stunning travertine volume, which perfectly matches the floor. A wooden countertop extends outward from the stone, forming a breakfast bar. Bouclé kitchen bar stools bring soft texture into the mix.

A sitting area is fashioned in the wide and spacious hallway of the home. Three bouclé lounge chairs encircle a round coffee table.

Fabulous oversized pendant lights are paired above the sitting area to create an eye-catching statement.

Floor-to-ceiling windows make a bright and beautiful backdrop.

The seating area sits just outside of some elevator doors.

The round coffee table beds down on a unique circular rug with a freeform edge.

Wide travertine tiles pattern the floor expanse.

A black console table is framed within a custom-cut, floor-to-ceiling mirror to form a chic vignette. The full-length mirror reflects light from an adjacent window.

LED light strips illuminate a travertine staircase design.

Indoor plants are gathered upon the wide stair base to establish an uplifting abundance of greenery.

This spacious luxury villa is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Shades of cool gray and rich browns make up the main color palette of the large living room. European minimalism and elements of the East harmoniously intertwine. Indoor plants provide decorative greenery, which complements a wraparound view of the garden.

Modern pendant lights are clustered in a bird-like flock, drawing attention to the lofty heights of the room. The bright blue sky beams through massive windows behind.

A huge rug lays soft texture beneath the extensive Majlis. A large wall print complements the rug’s gray, tonal colorway.

Several sofas and coffee tables make up the huge furniture arrangement, creating pockets for company and conversation.

Each modern coffee table has an unusual multilevel design, where curved slopes connect the surfaces.

The large wooden coffee tables are nested with smaller marble coffee tables and side tables, creating an interesting juxtaposition of size, shape, and material.

Beige, gray, and brown scatter cushions meld peacefully with the soft beige sofas.

Coffee tables and ceramic bowls make understated centerpieces. Fluted glasses and carafes serve fresh drinking water.

The formal dining room is furnished with a modern rectangular table and upholstered dining chairs.

A pair of linear suspension lights illuminate the long room.

The large dining set accommodates up to ten guests.

Slatted walls build an open flow with the neighboring living space.

Our final featured villa is located in Dubai, Marina area. The luxurious living room is light and ethereal with energized teal accents. Statement chandeliers, lamps, and sculptures combine to conjure an artistic essence.

The L-shaped living space is split between a large sitting area, a formal dining room, and an elegant kitchen.

A large living room rug is fashioned by overlapping two smaller articles. Modern sofas draw around the edge of the rug arrangement.

A mesmerizing marble TV wall stretches two stories high, building an impressive focal point.

Two large, stone, modern coffee tables bed heavily on top of the layered living room rugs.

Small side tables are scattered around the room to closely serve the sofas. Their glass composition gives them a wonderfully lightweight look.

The formal dining area comes to life in an explosion of color. Teal dining chairs, a bordered area rug, and a large art sculpture strongly contrast with their predominantly beige surroundings.

An LED dining room chandelier burns brightly above the marble dining table, sending glossy reflections across its smooth surface.

The luxury kitchen is a vision of white marble and light-reflective surfaces.

Wood appliance housing units and a matching dining peninsula warm the pale aesthetic.

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