Neoclassical Decor, Arches, And Curved Accents

Arches and curves endow these four neoclassical home interiors with unique flair, each designed by Irem Erekinci. Home number one places striking modern furniture designs between the classical arches of elegantly sculpted doorways. Seafoam green accent furniture uplifts and freshens the decor palette. Our second house tour is a strikingly bold ensemble of rich muted shades, an exciting materials palette, and fashion forward furniture. Each turn is a feast for the eyes. In home three, we’ll discover new wavy silhouettes. Undulating outlines shape unique alcoves, a pretty dining nook, and decorative coving. Our final home design is a picture elegance of under a coffered ceiling and modest hints of raw industrial attitude.

In this chic french neoclassical living room, discreet modern furniture counterbalances the intricate ceiling molding above. Tensioned shelving is lightly suspended in front of traditional wainscotting to fashion a symmetrical focal wall.

A seafoam green sofa cuts a refreshing line of color through the cream colored living room. The colorful interruption makes a fun central focal point in the seating arrangement.

The living room rug features a wavy edge, which adds personality to the living room. The shape also complements the design of two curvaceous lounge chairs.

Each piece of living room seating has its own character, which gives the space an eclectic flair. A unique stone coffee table lays a muted pink accent at the heart of the room.

3D artwork features an arch motif that complements a magnificent set of double doors. The arched doorway leads into the neighboring dining room.

A small, sculptural side table holds a stylish living room table lamp.

Opposite the seafoam green sofa, a grand fireplace wall features a tall arch with a light-reflective pearlescent finish. The fireplace arch is balanced by arched doorways on either side.

Another two arched doorways bring balance to the formal dining room layout. A stucco arch extrudes from the wall space in between them. Three dining room pendant lights illuminate a long racetrack-shaped table.

Even the dining room chairs convey an arch motif at the head and foot of the table. Two more chairs bring in the seafoam green accent color.

An upholstered banquette seat introduces pattern, which makes a busy collision with the geometric floor treatment.

Wood paneling wraps a curved wall of storage in the hallway. An archway of mesmerizing pattern rises behind a unique entryway seat.

Opposite the entryway seat, another arch is backed with a custom cut mirror. A unique and curvaceous console table fills the nook.

In our second neoclassical home design, rich muted color saturates an intricately molded ceiling.

The color is drawn down into a dark terracotta colored sofa.

A unique living room rug complements the soft outline of the curvy sofa.

A second curved sofa rounds out the living room furniture arrangement beside a built-in bookcase.

In the neoclassical dining room, a wonderful border of marble is united with a wall of mirror.

Curved dining chairs gather around a marble-topped dining table.

Elegant dining room pendant lights seem to gracefully float above.

The kitchen island is an impressive expanse of attention-grabbing marble.

One end of the kitchen island is dedicated to the kitchen sink, whilst the other is used for casual dining.

Three unique kitchen stools line up along the breakfast bar.

In the master bedroom, a wall of mirrors is accentuated by rose molding.

On the opposite side of the neoclassical bedroom, two modern wall sconces add reading light over a unique upholstered bed.

A curved ​​bedroom rug complements the undulating outline of the modern headboard design.

Bedside cabinets curve neatly into the headboard wall.

Spherical cushions add a sculptural element to the bed.

Our third home tour features a frilly coving design that translates into wavy alcove outlines and playful furniture choices.

Two tub chairs are tufted around the top to reflect the crown molding design.

A curved tufted sofa hugs tightly around a teardrop-shaped stone coffee table.

The stone fireplace design is fashionably fluted to build texture in the scheme.

Colorful paintwork and a wavy outline makes a small alcove into a big statement.

The alcove makes a dainty dining nook. A recessed bookshelf follows the same shapely and colorful aesthetic.

A small pendant light is installed inside the breakfast nook to give it its own identity within the large living room. A tiny curved sofa fits perfectly inside the nook, whilst two pink dining chairs furnish the other side of the pink marble table.

Finally, our fourth home design is a light and elegant affair with large arched windows.

A bouclé sofa is teamed with designer armchairs to create a fashion forward aesthetic. A white marble coffee table provides an elegant, light-reflective core to the layout.

A classic coffered ceiling crowns the space. A traditional fireplace makes a central focal point.

The neoclassical fireplace wall is flanked alcoves filled with bookshelves. Inside the alcoves, raw brickwork adds just a touch of raw industrial attitude.

The same brickwork alcove treatment appears in the dining area too. Upholstered dining chairs carry the bouclé trend in coordination with the modern sofa. Wall art adds a subtle splash of warm color.

Wood herringbone flooring underlines both the sitting area and the dining room, which makes the room appear large and cohesive. Area rugs are introduced to visually define each area as an individual zone.

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