Powerful Minimalistic Interior Under 160 Sqm, With Floor Plan

Minimalism takes on a new level of sophistication in this exquisite two-story home by the sea, encompassing 151 square meters. Visualized by Sivak+Partners, this interior unfolds a compelling narrative of understated opulence. An astute blend of stone, concrete, and wooden decor elements accompanies high-end furnishings, inviting living spaces, a luxury minimalist kitchen, a crisply serene master bedroom design, and two unique modern bathrooms. Here, minimalism is elevated to an art form, where every element and detail has been meticulously curated to create a harmonious yet luxurious living environment. Join us as we tour this coastal haven and observe the thoughtful floor plans that maximize the space.

A beige sectional sofa lays a linear silhouette in the modern living room. A low coffee table stands in front, introducing a rich, walnut tone. Coffee table books and bud vase make a refined centerpiece. A chic floor lamp provides task lighting.

Rich wood tone elements color a sophisticated dining room setting. Two mini dining room pendant lights drop in pure white accents, which merge brightly against sheer white window voiles. An assortment of decorative vases adorns the tabletop.

Six brown dining chairs complement the wooden racetrack dining table. Behind, a wall of concrete effect cabinets and a tower of display shelves make an elegant feature wall. A natural rock hearth threads rugged texture underneath the units. Modern ornaments add visual interest to the minimalist setting.

Marble panels luxuriously encase the neighboring home entryway, creating a grand archway into the main living space. An open shelving unit cuts a window into the sitting area of the main living room.

The formal dining room stands open to the neighboring kitchen. The same concrete, dark walnut, and marble material palette flows throughout to achieve a rich, cohesive aesthetic.

Inside the kitchen, a marble island is capped with a walnut breakfast bar top and teamed with wooden kitchen bar stools. The stools feature a curvaceous seat that smoothly contrasts the sharp, monolithic island. A linear light is installed diagonally above the breakfast bar to shake up the simple, minimalist kitchen design.

Retractable doors draw back from the walnut kitchen units to reveal a bank of integrated appliances and a prep area with a shadowy matt black backsplash. A black kitchen sink merges darkly with the black kitchen countertop. See more inspiration for black kitchens.

Kitchen drawers and cabinets hide within the monolithic island. Minimalist art darkly punctuates the light, limewashed walls.

A metal built-in bench furnishes the minimalist home entryway, leaving space underneath for shoes. Metal coat hooks extend from the wall of the seating nook. Recessed lighting washes down the niche.

Clean white wall stucco is neatly contrasted by thin black window frames. Indoor plants bring soft textures and uplifting green accents. A white TV stands at the edge of the living room rug, clear of a modern fireplace to the right.

There is a small home theatre on the ground floor of the home. A modern black sofa and matching black coffee table furnish the entertainment zone. Atmospheric mood lighting threads the perimeter.

The home theatre is decorated darkly to leave all eyes on the projection wall. Smart projector screen paint ensures a crisp, bright picture. A low storage unit holds books and media.

Upstairs, a mezzanine home office overlooks the main living space via a frameless glass balustrade. The bespoke desk is shaped around a structural support column; it lands on a low wooden plinth, where a slender floor lamp provides task lighting. A wooden Z chair makes a striking profile.

The minimalist master bedroom features a curved window treatment, which adds a softness to the room. An angular platform bed rests upon a rug that imitates travertine texture. A sharp wall shelf underlines a wall-mounted bedroom TV, fashioning an understated focal point.

Black gloss panels make a reflective headboard feature wall behind two travertine bedside tables. A sliding door to the left of the bed gives access to a large walk-in wardrobe. See more master bedroom ideas.

A small bedside table lamp emits a cozy glow on the stone nightstand, shedding light upon a stack of bedtime reading material. A unique stool offers a convenient place to sit and dress.

In the master bathroom, a curved wall cocoons the shower enclosure. Mood lighting accentuates the smooth contour and brightly highlights recessed shelves for storing toiletries. A small wooden stool awaits fresh towels.

The curved shower enclosure resides behind a unique vanity unit, which plays out as a full circle in the reflection of a custom-made vanity mirror. Heated towel rails flank each side of the walk-in shower area.

A marble panel camouflages the bathroom door. A frosted glass door closes off the WC.

A wall-mounted toilet keeps the floor clear and spacious. Chrome fixtures brightly accent the warm red-brown stone panel walls.

The second bathroom is decorated with a stark black and white palette. Another curved shower enclosure shapes a bespoke bathroom perimeter. The vanity mirror creates a dividing wall behind a sleek floating vanity unit.

A shallow bathroom basin hovers, almost weightlessly, above the black marble-effect vanity unit. A simple stainless steel spout fills the refined vessel.

Ground floor plan, featuring the main living space, cinema room, and kitchen diner.

Upper floor plan, featuring two double bedrooms, bathrooms, and mezzanine home workspace.

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