Silky Smooth Interiors With Alluring Curves

Silky smooth modern finishes, light and calming backdrops, arches and creative curves fill these two modern home interiors with a restrained sense of luxury. Visualised by 吴 振宇, this duo of interesting interiors spark intrigue with dashes of the unexpected. Wall and ceiling stucco takes on a life of its own as it rises and falls in subtly curvaceous focal points, room dividers, and zoning devices. Thoughtful lighting schemes draw attention to the details and set the mood. Furniture is contemporary with an emphasis on comfort and stylish practicality. Built-in cabinetry offers entirely bespoke arrangements that neatly hug the edges of room layouts, making the most of void spaces.

Our first featured home design has a ​​living room with a spectacular view. The large edge-to-edge window inspires a sunken lounge area, so that the panorama may be enjoyed all the way into the back of the apartment.

A curved ceiling bows overhead, which adds to the light and airy atmosphere of the living room. Back down on the floor of the lounge, a pair of round coffee tables complement the arched ceiling line.

Behind the sunken lounge, a second seating area is situated towards the back of the apartment where there is less natural light. To combat the shadows, a recessed LED lighting system has been installed along the perimeter of the room. The thin ribbon of light also accentuates a smoothly curved canopy that scoops to its end behind a built-in bookcase.

The large living room rug adds texture underfoot. A unique coffee table features a glass extension that allows the eye-catching rug pattern to shine through.

A Tom Dixon Opal Arc floor lamp can be switched between powerful and diffused light to suit the situation or task at hand. Behind the cushiony modular sofa, a row of built-in bookcases are backlit to set a cosy mood.

More LED strip lights cast a subtle glow across the TV wall and underneath a bank of floating storage cabinets.

Rich walnut fills the floors and feature walls.

A passageway between the living room and the dining room comes alive with the flickering flame of a sleek letterbox fireplace.

Above the modern fireplace, concave circles sink inside the wall stucco to create a beautiful focal point.

A huge arch gives entry into the formal dining room. A large ceiling rose and a round dining table continue the curved motif.

The dining room is combined with an open plan kitchen arrangement.

The peaceful greige master bedroom scheme is warmly textured with a wood panel headboard and freshened with muted green accents.

Light from the modern bedside table lamp reflects upon a glossy linear storage unit.

Two bedroom chairs, a small side table, and a floor reading lamp make a cosy conversation area, a spot for morning coffee, or a bedtime reading nook.

Another wood panelled headboard feature wall provides the focal point for a second double bedroom design.

Inside the walk-in wardrobe, smoked glass wardrobes moodily line one wall, whilst a modern vanity table is customised to overlap the deep window sill.

In here, a curved ceiling line complements an arched upholstered headboard. A raised platform around the bed fashions a split-level layout.

The final bedroom, located just off the living room, is a large and light-filled space. A round rug peeps playfully from beneath the upholstered bed to support the interesting asymmetrical layout.

A home workspace is indulged with the waterside view.

A marble double sink bathroom vanity stretches across the luxury bathroom.

Inside the shower room, a similar materials palette ensures cohesivity throughout.

A decorative tray adorns the cool white marble vanity with a touch of warming wood tone.

In the final bathroom, two modern bathroom vanity lights descend in front of an illuminated mirror and cast an atmospheric glow across a unique glass bathtub.

Inside our second featured home design, a tasselled living room rug lays down texture and pattern to shake up a laconic lounge design..

The TV wall is curved to fashion a smooth divide between the living room and the hallway.

Recessed lights edge a curved ceiling detail above the sofa.

A glass brick partition wall shares light with the neighbouring home office. Adjacent to the lounge in the open layout, a dining area is illuminated by a backlit wine storage wall.

The dining chairs are the Easy chair, designed by Pierre Jeanneret.

As we move past the dining room, we arrive at a modern white and wood tone kitchen installation.

Two dainty dining room pendant lights drip tiny droplets of light onto the eating area.

Inside the modern home office, a bespoke L-shape desk has been wall mounted to maximise floor space.

Drawers add storage beneath the desk, whilst a wall mounted bookcase holds files clear of the work surface.

In the master suite, a unique bedroom pendant light draws attention at one end of a custom-made headboard design, where it highlights its en vogue slatted texture.

Curved stucco melts the headboard wall into the ceiling line to create one flowing feature.

The apartment also has a smaller guest bedroom. An unusual arched headboard design is teamed with an equally unique storage unit, which has decorative portholes upon its doors.

Back in the master bedroom, a tinted glass bathtub leads the way into the open plan ensuite.

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