Strong Colors and Graphic Shapes Create an Impactful Interior

This striking 85-square-meter apartment is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Designed by ater.architects for a young family with a child, it features an open living area with a kitchen-dining space, a welcoming hallway, two bathrooms, and a private sleeping zone. Bright white surfaces, bold accents, and simple shapes create a graphic, eye-catching aesthetic. Ukrainian artwork infuses character and intrigue. Tour a green and pink interior decor scheme with bespoke bookcases, a chic black and wood tone kitchen with a practical dining island, a distinctive orange hallway with a feature skylight, restful bedroom decor ideas, and vibrant bathrooms with graphic tile and grout treatments.

A black and white rug with a bold grid pattern defines an instant graphic aesthetic in the pure living space. The striking rug falls upon a bright white linoleum floor covering, which effectively boosts light in the small apartment.

Built-in bookcases introduce playful pink elements to the living room decor scheme. The blush pink shelving units make cheerful contrast with a deep green modular sofa, which forms a cozy L-shape down in front.

Nesting coffee tables bring a soothing wood tone to the modern decor scheme, which offsets the bright, graphic nature of accompanying elements.

Indoor plants complement the wooden coffee tables and provide an uplifting green accent.

The bespoke bookcases are combined with a custom radiator cover, creating one continuous pink volume around the living room window.

Another pink bookcase stands perpendicular to the living room wall, constructing a room divider. The room divider separates the sitting area from a walkway that leads from the home entryway to the guest bathroom.

The open-plan living space contains a spacious kitchen with a central kitchen island. The sleek black kitchen units are complemented by the linear black living room rug.

The chic mid century modern chair is the “Wassily” armchair by Marcel Breuer. The iconic armchair is paired with a 1980s minimalist floor lamp to fashion a stylish reading area.

Marcel Breuer’s Wassily chair stands conveniently close to the bookcase room divider, making book selection a breeze. The bookcase stands open on either side to allow line of sight and natural light to permeate.

The modern artwork that adorns the gallery-white walls of the Kyiv apartment is by Ukrainian artists Andrii Samarin, Oleksandra Tokareva, and Max Zabrodskyi.

Black acrylic stone and matching black veneered cabinets make a sleek finish across the cooking and dining areas.

Black bar stools seat up to three people at the dining island. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the black kitchen design with daylight, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere for preparing culinary delights and enjoying moments of connection.

Black planters filled with vibrant indoor plants make a fresh kitchen island centerpiece.

Wooden appliance housing units frame the black cabinets and backsplash with a warm and welcoming border. Wooden kitchen accessories continue the natural theme.

A black and chrome kitchen tap adds a light-reflective moment into the matt black kitchen expanse.

White linoleum floods the floor of the kitchen, creating cohesivity with the sitting area.

A black linear suspension light draws above the kitchen island and directs attention toward a piece of abstract wall art.

The distinctive orange hallway has a bright and tropical feel. A large indoor plant and a deep green scatter cushion add complementary color. The bursts of greenery also form a cohesive color link with the sofa in the living room.

Orange artwork hangs above a wooden entryway bench. Shoes tidily tuck away underneath the seat in organized sections.

Mirrored wardrobes give the home entryway an extra spacious appearance and reflect the light from a round skylight.

The front door is color-matched with the orange walls and ceiling to complete a fully saturated, color-blocked aesthetic.

The bedrooms are drained of strong color to achieve a peaceful look that aids rest and relaxation. A black upholstered bed, a black wall sconce, and a coordinating black bedside table punctuate the plain white perimeter. A fluted glass vase adds texture and light.

The only burst of bedroom color comes from a piece of modern artwork, which is teamed with a simple black bedroom chair and an understated wooden side table. Full-length gray drapes frame the bedroom windows, increasing their sense of scale.

The modern black accent chair is used for reading and dressing. The side table holds a current book of interest.

Both of the bathrooms in the apartment feature a graphic tile treatment defined with orange grout. The colorful cement creates linear patterns between the white backsplash tiles, pink countertop, and contrasting black bathtub tiling. A large bathroom mirror with an orange ombre coating was designed specifically for this bathroom scheme.

The unique wall mirror creates a vivid focal point that’s reminiscent of a warm sunset.

Small indoor plants add a splash of nature to the tiled vanity unit.

Black soap dispensers match with a modern black bathroom basin and a coordinating wall-mounted faucet.

The powder room is clad with small pink bathroom tiles and colorful grout to create a graphic look. A small, wall-mounted basin and a wall-hung toilet keep the limited floor space clear.

Black fixtures give the basic bathroom sink a sharp, contemporary edge.

The upper half of the powder room walls are painted matt black, which builds a confidently dramatic mood. A large, round vanity mirror and mirrored modern wall sconce break up the dark expanse.

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