Warm Beige, Greige, Wood & Travertine Decor

Beige, greige, wood, and travertine decor elements culminate in a warm and welcoming interior design with a stylish aesthetic. Visualised by ZEWorkroom Studio, this modern home is a smooth and seductive space, where neutral decor is striking in its simplicity. In the spacious living room, elegant focal walls form a textured room divider and an eye-catching TV wall. The kitchen diner is a tranquil space with a travertine island, smooth beige stucco walls, and atmospheric lighting. Upstairs, the master bedroom includes a secluded home workspace that’s artfully tucked behind a partition headboard. The kid’s room offers playful inspiration with a fun slide and a hideaway play loft.

A large area rug stretches across the spacious living room, setting down a plush beige base. Two modern linear sofas make a broken L-shaped arrangement around its edge. While two modern lounge chairs are set in front of a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows.

A modern coffee table set nests at the centre of the beige rug. Their two-tone colourway of rich wood tone and greige provides understated interest.

Behind one sofa, a bespoke room divider provides the subtle neutral decor palette with a wall of texture. Built-in display shelves are daintily adorned with a glass vase and a botanical arrangement.

A unique wall light glows brightly above the second sofa.

On the other side of the beige living room, a stylish TV wall is fashioned with smooth wood wall panels and a swathe of crowning travertine. Atmospherically backlit shelves hold a small library of books.

Beige wall stucco builds visual warmth around the room perimeter and across the vast ceiling space. Recessed spotlights are tucked away to achieve a streamlined effect. A lush green garden view and natural sunlight soak into the living space via the enormous windows.

Deep throw pillows add extra comfort to the contemporary linear sofa design. A unique floor lamp blends into the wood backdrop.

The TV wall and a modern staircase design separate the living room from a large kitchen diner.

A luxurious travertine kitchen island works double-duty as a breakfast bar. Wooden bar stools warmly complement the stone countertop.

A formal dining area is situated in front of the large windows, where it benefits from the light and the view. Strings of dining room pendant lights dangle in clusters above a modern wooden dining table.

Curved dining chairs flank the rectangular wooden dining table, softening the aesthetic.

The travertine-topped kitchen island design includes a volume of wooden cabinets, which creates tonal and textural contrast.

Large format floor tiles further increase the sense of space in the large room.

The modern kitchen faucet brings a dash of black and a glimmer of chrome to the travertine kitchen decor. A carafe and glass tumbler set adorn the smooth travertine worktop.

A travertine feature wall complements the kitchen design and adds interest to the side of the staircase.

The base treads appear to extrude weightlessly from the staircase column. A stepped stucco balustrade builds sculptural interest up one side.

Upstairs in the bedroom, a wooden platform bed is situated centrally in the space. A plain bedroom rug makes a soft island underneath.

A modern bedside table lamp shines brightly on one side of the bed. It stands upon a low-level wooden headboard unit. A taller, upholstered headboard design builds a partition between the sleep space and a home workspace behind.

Plush beige drapes thickly frame the edge-to-edge bedroom window.

The home workspace is fashioned with a sleek travertine desk design and a stylish modern desk chair.

At the opposite ends of the room, a travertine media console unit floats beneath the TV.

A second double bedroom is furnished with a chic travertine and wood headboard combination. Unique bedroom pendant lights are fixed on either side.

Round bedside tables complement the curved headboard aesthetic.

The upholstered bed perfectly matches the curtain material. The curtain tracks are neatly hidden away in the ceiling line to achieve a clean look.

Books and a stone paperweight adorn the bedside table. Outside on the terrace, modern sun loungers and a swing seat make an inviting relaxation area.

The spacious bedroom includes a small lounge area with a modern sofa. A wall of storage houses the TV, a tower of decorative shelving, and the wardrobe.

In the bathroom, travertine wall cladding creates a luxurious, spa-like vibe. A double sink bathroom vanity area is teamed with a full-height vanity mirror and a strip of soft mood lighting.

Glass doors tuck away the WC and shower area. The glass reflects the natural light from the bathroom window, as well as the serene green treetop view.

A beige bathtub melds beautifully with the travertine perimeter. A chrome bath tap adds a cool metallic shimmer.

The modern kid’s room is a playful space. A play loft is tucked away up top, with a slide that descends around the kid’s bed. The loft is accessed via a set of ladders that climb past a cute reading nook. Beanbag seats are set in front of small archways that accept light from the bedroom windows.

The built-in slide provides the first pop of contrasting colour in the home. Its blue surface glides in a smooth curve, set within wooden siding. A rope hammock offers another spot for relaxation and reading, as well as sensory stimuli.

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