Westworld Season 3 Premiere House

A piece of living art, this spectacular luxury home on the bluffs of Southern California was chosen as the set for HBO’s Westworld Season 3 premiere. The Crescent House was prominently featured in Architectural Digest Magazine in April 2005, and went on sale in 2023 for 20M USD. It was designed by visionary architect Wallace E. Cunningham, a three-time Architectural Digest Top 100 designer, to fully embrace the magnificent ocean views from the wide 74-foot promontory. A unique, crescent-shaped infinity pool and rounded terrace give the property its name, while a large, angular counterpart sets the home aglow with a bewitching multi-sectioned fireplace.

Located just off Neptune Avenue, this sprawling double oceanfront lot boasts a breathtaking ocean panorama. A tiered format and curved concrete walls shield the crescent-shaped terrace and infinity pool from the street.

Constructed with concrete, titanium, and walls of glass, the extraordinary architecture expresses a curvilinear shape across the double oceanfront lot in Encinitas. Architect Wallace E. Cunningham describes his design as a home for all ages, where sweeping ramps allow everyone to get to where they need to be.

The 6,300 sq ft interior features a luxurious living space with a gourmet chef’s kitchen and a bar area for entertaining, plus multiple dining and hosting opportunities. Frameless floor-to-ceiling windows ensure that this is a living room with a spectacular view.

All living spaces are located upstairs, where the panorama can be enjoyed at its absolute best. The master bedroom and spa-like primary bathroom are also located on this level, where they open up to sparkling ocean vistas.

Raw concrete and titanium give the home interior a modern, industrial aesthetic. Large, roaring fireplaces create a cozy appeal.

Multiple sitting areas and eating areas are set up in front of the ocean panorama to take advantage of every angle. Dining chairs are upholstered in varying shades of gray and white to break up the expanse of furniture.

The crescent-shaped infinity pool embraces a sociable, circular terrace area, which is furnished as an outdoor living room and dining room.

The living areas are shaded by a large concrete overhang, which frames a wide ocean view. Modern chaise lounges are positioned out in the sunshine to catch some rays.

A large balcony with glass balustrades overlooks the crescent pool.

Another wide balcony looks out over the main terrace at the rear of the property, which soaks up fabulous sunsets.

The property contains four bedrooms and five bathrooms. There is an entirely separate guest suite that is accessed via the rear patio.

Modern outdoor chairs are teamed with dining tables and coffee tables along the edge of the property to maximize outdoor coastal living.

Steel fins construct awesome outdoor fireplaces on two sections of the patio, creating a disconnected wedge of flame from front to back.

A long outdoor dining table forms a formal al fresco eating area on the terrace. Lush green lawns unfold behind the outdoor dining room to create a fresh backdrop.

Glass balustrades almost disappear from view, giving the rolling waves full exposure.

A maple and steel kitchen features a cascading arrangement of countertops at varying heights. A breakfast bar is arranged upon an angular peninsular, where it looks out upon the ocean.

A walk-in wardrobe is uniquely shaped by the curvilinear concrete architecture. Wooden wall shelves skim the smooth perimeter.

The entire side of the building dissolves in favor of frameless glass.

The roof overhang provides shade from direct sunlight.

An extraordinary spiral staircase rises through the home. Steel treads clasp the main column like metal vertebrae.

Jute rugs offset the cool metal staircase design with natural tone and texture.

The side of the building is partially cloaked in steel columns that block out the neighboring house while still allowing daylight to enter.

Simplicity rules across the interior of the home. Lines are clean and sharp. Bespoke furniture items feature intriguing angles that always direct the eye toward the view.

The separate guest suite follows the same industrial concrete decor scheme as the main house. Steel doors hide away murphy beds. Edge-to-edge windows break open the front of the suite, connecting it with the terrace.

The bedrooms in the main house are connected to the terrace in a similar way. Stepping stones make a smooth pathway over a graveled border.

An Eames chair and footstool make a stylish reading spot next to a bedroom window.

A plush bedroom rug softens the decor scheme. An end of bed bench adds a moment of warm wood tone, while pale bedside units meld with the concrete wall.

In this bedroom, blue decor accents honor the coastal location. A blue bed throw and blue accent cushions match the spellbinding horizon.

In another bedroom design, a bed runner introduces a rich brown accent, which complements a soft, beige shag rug. Wall-mounted steel bedside units add metallic shimmer on either side of the room.

A modern console table supports a bedroom TV.

Bathrooms on the property are succinct and stylish. Here, a convex bathroom mirror complements the curves of an elliptical vanity unit and two modern wall sconces.

A linear layout shapes this bathroom design, where a custom-made concrete countertop coordinates with concrete wall render.

The primary bathroom on the upper floor features a sunken bathtub design, which disappears into the tiled floor as a triangular cutaway.

Take a tour of this amazing home with its creator, Wallace E. Cunningham:

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