3 Charming Small French Apartments

Cute, compact, and colourful, these three charming French apartments are little rays of sunshine. Designed by Neva Interior Architecture, each modest apartment design offers a fresh different set of ideas on how to tackle small-space living. We’ll take a mini tour through a 19-square-metre studio apartment with a mezzanine bed that’s lofted right above the front door and a small shower room/laundry room combo. Next we’ll enter a curiously shaped 30-square-metre attic apartment layout with a challenging tier-fall roof. Finally, we’ll finish with a bright and airy 36-square-metre apartment, which is tucked into a hidden pocket of flowery countryside in the city of Paris.

This welcoming 19-square-metre studio has a bright and airy aesthetic despite its compact dimensions. The well-formed layout features a mezzanine bedroom, which has been built over the front door and a bathroom block. The structure creates definition around the entryway, which helpfully separates it from the small open plan living space.

A window mirror is mounted on the living room wall to make the compact space appear brighter and more open. A breezy blue sofa adds a pop of colour to the predominantly white decor scheme.

Two wood coffee tables nest in front of the small sofa. A tribal print area rug adds pattern underneath.

An assortment of indoor plants make a tiny garden in the corner of the room. Botanical prints contribute more green accents from the floating shelves above the couch.

A white ladder climbs to the bedroom mezzanine. The slope of the ladder is complemented by a leaning console unit on the living room focal wall.

A small library of books and another revitalising display of natural greenery decorates shelves at the top of the console unit.

The mezzanine walls are painted green, which strongly contrasts with the white living room. This bold contradiction helps to clearly zone the small sleep space from the rest of the apartment.

A small dining area is set up beside the window, where it is pleasantly bathed in sunlight.

Two chairs pull up at the small dining table. White and silver geometric wallpaper provides an interesting yet subtle backdrop.

Hanging planters give the eating area a cheerful al fresco appeal.

A wireframe pendant light spreads a wide silhouette over the living room whilst maintaining a lightweight aesthetic. See more ideas for pendant lights.

The L-shaped kitchen slots in snugly behind the bathroom block. Pure white kitchen cabinets help to visually expand the small space. Patterned floor tiles add a touch of pizzazz.

A green tile backsplash complements the contents of a rail-mounted indoor herb planter and a shelf of indoor plants.

Limited floor space inside the bathroom is well utilised. A corner shower tucks in neatly beside a toilet cistern concealment wall. A washing machine is installed beneath the bathroom sink.

This cute 30-square-metre attic apartment in Paris features a quirky floor plan with a challenging ceiling shape.

Colourful accent pieces are employed to distract the eye from the atypical shape of the apartment. The bright interludes keep the eye moving and exploring.

A built-in sofa design fits artfully into an awkward corner of the room. A small built-in bookcase makes the couch into an inviting reading nook.

The green kitchen is given a larger appearance by continuing the green cabinetry above and around the adjacent dining area.

A charming wallcovering depicts a bird amongst a botanical backdrop.

The ​​wooden dining table is complemented by wooden siding on the green kitchen.

An assortment of colourful throw pillows give the place a relaxed feel.

Bespoke storage cabinets line the window wall beside the front door and further into the apartment. Whilst shallow, the cupboard keeps a lot of visual clutter at bay.

A cactus-shaped mirror makes a fun addition on top of the plain white units.

Tiny glass vases display colourful buds.

In the bedroom, a warm colour scheme of blush and golden yellow come together.

Pale yellow colour-blocking sweeps around the head of the bed on two walls. A blush duvet set is contrasted by yellow throw pillows and a yellow-tasselled throw.

Corner shelves attach to a chest of drawers to expand storage space.

An open wardrobe is accessorised with rattan baskets to create a neat and cohesive look.

A small vanity area tucks into an alcove by the window.

Pink bathroom tiles make a colourful feature behind a freestanding vanity unit.

Terrazzo tiles colour the floor.

The terrazzo floor treatment floods into the shower area. Pink tiles clad the walls.

Our final featured French home is the JOURDAIN project. This is a 36-square-metre renovated apartment located in a pocket of flowery countryside in Paris. The interior features a bohemian chic aesthetic. A jute rug lays down natural tone and texture, whilst plants bring in a hint of the outdoors.

A jade green sofa is teamed with a natural wicker chair.

A wicker pendant light hangs above a leaf-like coffee table design.

The kitchen features a peninsula. Beside it, a tower of open shelving serves as the pantry.

Bright green dining chairs and a row of vivid yellow cushions draw attention to a cosy dining nook. See more inspiration for breakfast nooks.

An interior window shares natural light between the living room and the bedroom.

The blue bedroom decor scheme is patterned by a floral wallcovering.

Blush pink drapes provide sweet contrast.

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