40 Guest Bathroom Ideas With Tips And Images To Help Design Yours

No one ever regretted having an extra bathroom when guests come to visit. A guest bathroom keeps wait times for facilities short and can offer convenience on an extra floor of the house. Since this is a room where house guests are alone and free to linger over the details, this is a space that calls for special care and attention. If you’re short on inspiration, then fear not. This collection of 40 guest bathroom ideas comes with tips to help you design yours. We’ll explore half and full guest bathrooms to suit homes of all sizes. There’s a mixed bag of styles too, including modern, rustic, boho, industrial, and more.

Visualizer: Ricarcviz Studio  

Fashion a petite yet powerful powder room with texture and mood lighting. This design employs whitewashed brickwork and a backlit freeform mirror to conjure a unique aesthetic.

Make it all about the art. Here, humorous animal portraits form murals for the vanity area. Two bathroom mirrors form 3D spectacles over the furry friends.

Visualizer: Riko  

Make a wonderful living mural with a mini courtyard behind the bathroom sink. A lightwell showers uplifting beams of sunshine onto the homeowner as they begin their daily routine.

Designer: Olga Tolmach  
Visualizer: Alena Marmarchuk  

Rustic brick walls give a room instant depth. Install a stone bathroom basin to complement the rugged look.

Visualizer: apple745428  

Recreate the perimeter. Develop curves around corners and awkward edges to achieve a smooth and seductive setting. Outline with a ribbon of LED light to emphasise the effect.

Visualizer: Shady Salah  

Assemble a tall focal point with a full-length vanity mirror and a slender modern pedestal sink design. Use slatted wall panels or fluted gypsum on the vertical plane to draw the eye up.

Architect: A.T.O studio  
Visualizer: Sinitsa Visual  

Position task lighting exactly where it’s needed around a bathroom vanity area with swing arm wall lamps.

Visualizer: Marina Tsishyna  

Create a cool colour clash with mauve bathroom paint and teal tiles.

Visualizer: Moya Studio  

Source a statement mirror to give a small guest bathroom wow factor. This stunning live-edge wood-framed mirror is complemented by a rich ochre vanity unit.

Designer: Aiya Design  
Visualizer: Hālō Studio  

Add edge-to-edge tiling to fashion a cohesive look all round. It will expand the sense of space in a small room. Continue the same tile design within small storage nooks inside the shower or above a toilet cistern concealment wall.

Visualizer: Elena Maksimova  

Complete a cute and quirky colour scheme with pink-tinted mirrors, pink towel rails and matching bathroom pendant lights. Apply blue floor tiles as cool contrast.

Visualizer: Aamp Studio  

Position a freestanding bathtub directly underneath the bathroom window to be bathed in sunlight as well as bubbles.

Visualizer: Ab Architects  

Install a multitude of mirrors and atmospheric lighting strips to create a bright optical illusion.

Visualizer: 4balance design  

Build a hip-height planter inside of the shower area to enjoy a border of vibrant colour and natural texture.

Visualizer: KUT Studio  

Expand upon a love of bathroom plants with a botanical wallcovering. This fun tropical print forms an eye-catching backdrop around a unique bathroom sink.

Visualizer: Sergey Krasyuk  

Go glamorous with gold or brass cabinet hardware, an intricate mirror design, and an abundance of floral displays.

Visualizer: Candellabra  

This glamorous guest bathroom comes alive with red herringbone wall tiles and lustrous gold bathroom fittings.

Visualizer: Pujo  

Add the arch trend to your guest bathroom with precise paintwork or a mixed material wet wall. Complement with a rounded racetrack-shaped mirror and an elegantly arched faucet.

Visualizer: Home Design HD-m2  

Where a vanity unit is limited to small proportions, go big on bathroom vanity lights.

Visualizer: Cartelle Design  

Devise a dark and deluxe bathroom decor scheme with anthracite wall tiles and a glowing wall mirror.

Visualizer: Nikita Dragun  

Light and laconic bathrooms conjure feelings of peace and serenity. Achieve a simple yet stylish look with textured wall stucco.

Visualizer: Ekaterina Domracheva  

Hang an eye-catching bathroom chandelier and arrange a blaze of candlelight to set the scene for a luxurious bubble bath.

Visualizer: RUDA Studio  

Gallery walls aren’t just for the living room. Mount a display of art prints or photography around a small powder room to create interest.

Visualizer: Pujo  

Another arched bathroom decor concept, this time with a deeply framed vanity area.

Designer: gon architects  

Make every morning sunny with a bright yellow bathroom palette.

Visualizer: Dmitry Sobol  

This minimalist bathroom transitions from a simple design into something extraordinary with a wall of patterned stucco.

Visualizer: Insignia Design Group  

Curate a boho bathroom design with straw sunburst mirrors and natural wood elements.

Architect: Hossam Nabil  
Visualizer: Amany Atef  

The colour red can be restful when applied as mood lighting.

Visualizer: Serg Ushakov  

Play with pattern. This concept combines linearity and arches in a shapely counteraction.

Visualizer: Ab Architects  

Make a solid statement with luxe stone combinations.

Visualizer: Anastasiya Loginova  

Cut through strong colours with fresh white pauses to maintain a clean look in a guest bathroom.

Visualizer: Kostia Drevich  

Another marble-filled bathroom design, this time with a matching marble bathtub.

Visualizer: Taras Andrushko  

Let your mood define your daily bathroom colour scheme with colour-changing LEDs.

Visualizer: Line Design Studio  

An effective bathroom design can be more about what is subtracted than what is added. See more ideas for minimalist bathrooms.

Visualizer: Giri Dwi Cahya  

Ground a luxury bathroom design with a cool concrete floor screed.

Visualizer: 725 design  

Introduce wooden rustic gems to earth a gold and green bathroom decor scheme.

Visualizer: DENEW DESIGN  

Allow a linear vanity unit to float free of the wall at one end to break up the boundary.

Designer: ONG&ONG Pte Ltd  

You don’t have to forgo the vanity mirror when wide windows replace walls. Source a suspension-mount mirror or a ceiling-mounted version.

Visualizer: Elevation Architectural Studios  

Go gothic with highly decorative wall mirrors and candelabra wall sconces.

Designer: Nildo José  

An ensuite bathroom becomes a special feature in a guest bedroom when connected by glass walls or an open plan arrangement.

Visualizer: Nordes  

Construct an industrial bathroom with raw concrete walls and stainless steel sanitaryware. This design ditches the obligatory vanity mirror and replaces it with a message of self-confidence: “You look fine”!

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