51 Pendant Lights That Drop Style Into Any Setting

The right pendant light can transform the look of a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. An oversized dining room pendant light brings a dramatic sense of formality to the table. A sculptural ceiling light adds an artistic element to a living room design scheme. Kitchen island pendant lights help to stylishly define a breakfast bar, and bathroom light fittings bring an atmospheric glow. To help you choose a piece that will best complement your home, we’ve put together this collection of 51 pendant lights that drop style into any setting. Here, you’ll find colourful glass designs, industrial style fixtures, metal farmhouse shades, boho rattan domes, and much more.


Brushed Nickel Nautical Pendant Light: This nautical pendant light has a robust metal dome shade, which comes in shining brushed nickel, antique gold, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. An adjustable, free-moving chain makes the design compatible with sloped ceilings too.


Brass Farmhouse Pendant Light: Featuring a brushed brass dome shade with a striking wooden accent, this farmhouse pendant design has a warm, vintage appeal. Hang this pendant in multiples over the island of a farmhouse kitchen, or solo above a round pedestal dining table.


Handblown Blue Glass Pendant Lights: Create a dreamy blue glass lighting scheme to remind you of a clear sky. These captivating blue glass pendant lights are each handblown to achieve a fine and graceful aesthetic.


Green Ribbed Glass Plug-In Pendant Lights: Exuding a certain mid century modern charm, these eye-catching green glass pendants are attractively ribbed to provide added interest. Since these lights plug into the mains, you can hang them without calling out an electrician.


Art Deco Pendant Light: A gleaming golden art deco design gives this pendant a luxurious flair. Crystal shards sparkle under the illumination to construct an eye-catching focal point. Use this key piece to richly transform a minimalist modern kitchen design, or an underwhelming dining space.


Wooden Pendant Light: A handmade wooden cage gives this geometric pendant light some rustic charm. The cord and mount add a bold matt black accent to sharpen the aesthetic. This versatile design looks equally at home in a farmhouse kitchen, a country cottage lounge, or a modern entryway.

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Dimmable Kitchen Pendant Lights: These slimline pendant lights feature light-reflective bubbles inside, creating an atmospheric glow in an intimate setting such as a small kitchen dining area. They are also fully dimmable, so you can set your mood lighting at the perfect level. See more ideas for kitchen pendant lights.


Small Crystal Pendant Lights: Clear crystals, cut into irregular profiles, reflect and refract light. This set of crystal pendants scatter patterns of light across the ceiling and walls, transforming blank space into luminous art. Employ these textural crystals to elevate modern and classic interiors alike.


Hammered Metal Pendant Light: Featuring durable, baked-in color, this hammered metal pendant shade is perfectly smooth and free from impurities. The rubberwood trim follows strict FS environmental standards. It is glue-free, formaldehyde-free, and has a waterproof coating to avert warping in damp conditions.


Red Metal Pendant Light: Make your color scheme pop with a color-coordinated ceiling light. This glossy red metal dome shade and shiny brushed nickel chain really brighten up a rustic dining space or kitchen. If red isn’t your color, this standout design also comes in pastel blue, matt black, and a variety of metallic finishes.

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Ceiling Light With Oversized Glass Shade: A geometric metal yoke gives this modern pendant light a solid black structure. An oversized glass shade finishes off the striking piece with clear elegance. Use with a dimmable bulb to enjoy bright task lighting or a subtle ambiance.


Nordic Gold Pendant Lights: A simple design with a luxurious finish, these modern nordic gold pendant lights are all hand-assembled. A fine baking and vacuum glaze process guarantees a lustrous uniform color that’s smooth to the touch. Hang in groups to bedazzle.


Black Mini Pendant Lights: This black and brass mini pendant light design offers a crisp, geometric silhouette. The asymmetric hourglass shade is lined with a white finish to reflect and distribute light. Designed with adjustable hanger rods, this mini marvel can be customized to a desired length.


Farmhouse Gold Globe Cage Pendant Light: A metal globe cage gives this light a vintage, industrial feel. The openwork frame maximizes illumination over a dining table, desk, entryway, or living room setting. Available finishes include black, gold, and white oak. It’s also available as a convenient plug-in version.


Lotus Flower Ceiling Pendant: This isn’t just a light, it’s a puzzle too. The pendant light puzzle kit comes with all pieces needed to assemble this glorious lotus flower lampshade design. The supplied plug-in cord allows you to install your finished piece anywhere that there’s a power outlet.

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Gold Elliptical Pendant Light: Two milky white globes are suspended within a gold ellipse to form this chic design. This piece is well-proportioned to have good presence when installed singularly as a bedroom pendant lights, or when grouped to span the length of a kitchen island or dining table.

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Dimmable Linear Wave Pendant Lights: Minimalist and mesmerizing, each linear wave pendant light strikes clean lines with bright LED illumination. 2400 Lumens can be adjusted from 10-100% through a remote control. A memory function remembers the last setting for ease of use.

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Asian Rattan Pendant Light: A seemingly infinite ribbon of rattan weaves to form this elegant shade. Available in 16″ and 19.7″ versions, you can choose the perfect scale to fit your dining space, living room, entryway, or bedroom.

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Brown Rattan Nest Pendant Light: Inspired by the intricacies of birds’ nests, this natural-themed pendant light makes a glorious choice for rustic interiors, boho decor schemes, and botanical-themed rooms. Its rich brown tone provides visual warmth, while its rattan construction adds deep texture and interest.

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Monkey Pendant Light: Made with resin, this cheeky monkey pendant hangs playfully from a thick 95.5″ hemp rope. The monkey itself measures 14 x 28 inches, making this a sizable piece to create a characterful first impression in the home entryway. Alternatively, invite your new friend to light up a private study, a reading nook, or to monkey around a dressing room.

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Black Palm Fibre Pendant Light: Palm tree fibers give this remarkable ceiling light touch of natural movement. The 23″ shade brings a large blast of organic texture under a bold black colorway. Choose this pendant to serve as a hero piece in a spacious room, where the magnificent silhouette has room to breathe.

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Wabi Sabi Pendant Light: A remouldable mesh shade demonstrates the Japanese philosophy that beauty and serenity are found in all that is simple, imperfect, and impermanent. The mesh pendant easily morphs under touch, so it can be uniquely resculpted again and again.


Hexagonal Brass Pendant Light: Champagne brass frames rotate to offer a 2D or 3D hexagonal pendant shape. The warm metallic finish offers an instant style update to any space, including those with sloped ceilings.

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Abstract White Pendant Light: Abstract and ethereal, this sculptural white pendant light adds immediate elegance to any space. The matte white acrylic shade produces a filtered ambient light, making it perfect for intimate meal times or nights in front of the TV.

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Wicker Globe Pendant Light: Combining upmarket elegance with the laid-back naturalistic tones and textures of wicker, this unique pendant design sets a woven disc canopy over a globe shade. This updated twist on the wicker trend offers a look of casual refinement.

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Pleated Pendant Light: Pleated pendant lights are back with a bang. No longer is this look reserved for retro rooms. The pleated light shade revival is ticking boxes in seriously sophisticated spaces. This one comes in small, medium, and large, so you can put it almost anywhere.

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Jute Drum Pendant Light: Available in black and natural colorways, this textural jute pendant light has an earthy impact on a boho bedroom scheme or living space.

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Black Jute Pendant Light: An open-weave design gives this jute overhead pendant an airy aesthetic. The beehive silhouette measures 20″ x 20″, giving it an adjustable hanging height of 26″ – 68″.

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Colourful Cylinder Pendant Light: Featuring a brass shade with squares of contrasting muted color, this lively pendant light design brings a touch of modern glamor. At the heart of the design, a frosted glass cylinder shade softly diffuses the light.

$1046BUY IT

Brass Cone Pendant Light: Large and twinkly, this luxe brass cone pendant is lightly perforated to emit tiny dots of light, like a constellation of stars. A ruffled edge gives this attractive piece a timeless twist.

$696BUY IT

Wicker Wave Pendant Light: Crafted from natural reeds under a coating of clear lacquer, this pendant features a curvy triple-bulb silhouette. A brass cuff tops off the design off with a lustrous touch.

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Hammered Glass Pendant: Hammered glass gives this pendant shade a beautiful dappled effect when illuminated. The subtle texture is complemented by a thick wrapped rope cord. See more inspiration for glass pendant lights.

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Silver And Gold Quatrefoil Pendant Light: Presented in burnished silver leaf and gild finishes, this cinquefoil-shaped pendant light has an impressive, deep profile. The robust design has a 28″ diameter and a 6′ chain.

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Antique Gold Flowering Lotus Pendant: Plant a blooming botanical touch with this luxe antique gold lotus pendant light. Its exquisite metal petals are intensely etched with detail to create depth and drama.

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Triple LED Pendant Light: Inspired by rugged volcanic basalt, this cluster of borosilicate glass pendants display rough hexagonal outlines. Dangling from a single plate, the mouth-blown shades are warmly highlighted by textured, sand-cast brass caps.

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Circle Pendant Light: A cutting-edge pendant light design, lined with ultra-slim LEDs. This elegant circle pendant light features dual polymeric diffusers at the top and base to softly diffuse illumination.

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Industrial Silicone Pendant Light: This modern pendant light may be made from pliable industrial silicone, but once suspended, it takes a sturdy shape. The design throws out a gentle and even illumination that conveys comfort. Available in 15 colors.

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Opal Glass Pendant Light: Combining modern concepts with a vintage vibe, this chic etched opal glass shade sits elegantly within a metal yolk. The framework comes in 4 different finishes, including heritage brass, brushed nickel, buckeye bronze, and black.

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Mini Pendant Light: Grab a bunch of these mini pendant lights to create an eye-catching display of color. They come in a selection of 13 different colors, which embolden their jaunty three-shade system, developed by Poul Henningsen in 1925-1926.

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Lacquered Disc Sculptural Pendant Light: Lacquered discs cascade around a chrome semi-sphere to create this ethereal light fitting. The floating discs reflect illumination onto underlying counterparts to sculpt a glorious light show.

$484BUY IT

Striped Pendant Light: Colorful and joyous, these irresistible pendant lights are inspired by all the fun of the fair. The design comes in 4 color combos and 3 different sizes to encourage creative clustering.

$519BUY IT

Industrial Style Metal Pendant Light: Stark, metal conical shades and heavy chains give this industrial light fitting a bold aesthetic. The fixture focuses light downward, making it a good choice for clustering over dining areas and kitchen islands.

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Large LED Pendant Light: Like a canopy of stars, tiny LEDs burn within this double-layer clear PMMA dome. A structure of slender steel braces holds the layers apart, and gives the pendants an appealing geometric framework.

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LED Kitchen Island Pendant Lights: Tall and slim, these machined aluminum pendant lights offer a simple and sleek look. An innovative click-button configuration allows for height adjustments after installation, with no wires to cut.

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Teardrop Pendant Light: A rounded white glass shade drips from a brass collar to create a mid-century modern inspired teardrop shape. A notched border gives the piece a flash of extra detail.

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Coloured Glass Balloon Pendant Light: Muted pink, yellow, smoke, and pearl white glass shades give this balloon-like pendant light a striking aesthetic. A polished gold frame and matching stem elevate the look.

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2-Light Brass Pendant: This two-part pendant shade is connected by short poles to create a perfectly balanced structure. Inside the brass shade, two lights burn brightly, reflecting across the exposed metal surface.


LED Globe Pendant Light: Understated elegance makes this LED globe pendant light a flexible piece for the home. Functional and aesthetic, this chic design can be repeated throughout an interior, from the living room to the bedroom. See more inspiration for globe pendant lights.

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Freely Hanging Pendant Light: Minimalist and modern, this sleek black and gold linear pendant light is suspended freely on its cord. This allows the piece to be reangled at any time, projecting light to where it’s needed.


Blue Globe Pendant Light: Bridging contemporary and retro style, this brightly colored glass pendant light has a smooth handblown design. A black canopy and cable strengthen the look. Available in 7 different colors.

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Gold Arch Pendant Light: Fitting right in with the arch decor trend, this u-shaped pendant light brings a stylistic touch to the home. Two globe shades balance on either end of the glamorous golden frame, creating an atmospheric glow.

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