Architecture Classics: Torres del Parque / Rogelio Salmona

Flickr user: sbstnchïng. Used under <a href=''>Creative Commons</a>

Flickr user: sbstnchïng. Used under <a href=''>Creative Commons</a>

By Rogelio Salmona

The construction of Torres del Parque began in 1968 and was completed in 1970. Between 1964 and the start of the project, there was a period of uncertainty, doubts, and successive trials to find the right form for the project, not only from an architectural perspective but also from urban and landscape points of view.

The site, characterized by its overwhelming topography, the Plaza de Toros, the abandoned Parque de la Independencia (for over 15 years), and the magnificent panoramic view of the foothills, still untouched by the multitude of towers and dense buildings, invasions, and senseless occupations of the area, should not only be taken into account in the development of the project but, above all, be exalted through architecture that is implemented in such a correct and sensitive manner that it transforms and shapes the city. It should be the heartbeat of the place and a meeting point between reason, enchantment, and poetry. Between clarity and magic, an architecture that can be discovered, that doesn’t impose itself, as it is more beautiful when discovered with surprise, like discovering nature. Ultimately, an architecture that integrates with the existing Plaza de Toros and allows transparency between the city and its foothills, reclaiming the steep street adjacent to Parque de la Independencia and transforming it into a pedestrian garden formed by stairways and ramps connected to the residential complex and the park.

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