Contemporary Ukrainian Home Interior In Kyiv

Mureli, an archaic Ukrainian word meaning apricots, became the name of this residential project near Kyiv. Construction was completed in the middle of summer when murelis are sweet. The interior design has the ambience of a warm July morning, and soft curves like a ripe apricot. Created by the architectural team at Makhno Studio, this 561-square-metre family home has a distinctive contemporary Ukrainian style. Many of the creative product designs come from Serhii Makhno’s workshop. 90% of the furniture and materials in the home are Ukrainian. The bathrooms are bespoke spaces with custom basins and adventurous wall treatments. The bedrooms are peaceful, and the home entryway is out of this world.

Photographer: Yevhenii Avramenko   

The living room has a laconic decor scheme that conjures a sense of peace and relaxation. The light decor palette, a tactile materials palette, and smooth curving perimeters create a soft summertime feel. A sectional sofa pulls around in an L-shaped formation to fashion a conversational setting by the fireplace. The fireplace is a simple, modern design, underlined by a long wall-mounted hearth.

At the centre of the living room, large and extraordinary living room pendant lights by Makhno Studio make a fabulous sculptural statement. Underneath the eye-catching copper Makivka lamps, a small coffee table displays gently curving sides. The table’s rounded silhouette complements the rounded edges of the room.

A modern black and white wingback chair completes the minimalist lounge furniture layout. The floor is clear of area rugs to maintain the uncomplicated, fuss-free aesthetic.

The indoor terrace features a floating chimney breast with a rounded profile. Cut logs are stacked nearby, which gives the room a warm and cosy touch. Sculptural living room wall decor is mounted in pride of place above the firebox. This piece is from the ceramic workshop of Makhno Studio.

The living room wall decor piece is due to appear in a new collection from the brand. A couple of comfortable armchairs pull up to the modern fireplace. A round coffee table is positioned to hold drinks and snacks.

A smaller round coffee table is made of wicker, which introduces an element of natural texture into the living room. A contemporary lounge chair with a low back allows glorious garden views to shine through unobstructed.

In the entry hall, a spiral staircase sweeps up to a mezzanine landing. Ukrainian craftsmen succeeded in forming a challenging handrail design from bent wood. A cluster of five Khmara lamps falls over the home entryway.

A modern entryway bench complements the beautiful pendant lights with a colour-matched and curvaceous form.

Towering walls give the home entryway a grand appeal to make a bold first impression. Sunlight pours in via double-banked windows.

A panel of 600 Tetrapods fashion a deeply textured feature wall.

The stucco around the staircase is perfectly imperfect.

Each Khmara lamp is strung at a different height, each textured white shade depicts an individual organic form.

A live-edge wooden dining table awaits behind sliding doors.

Modern upholstered dining chairs accommodate up to twelve people.

The enormous dining room pendant light stretches almost the full length of the wooden table.

Transparent sliding doors lead to the kitchen. The doors are almost airtight to prevent overpowering kitchen aromas from escaping around the home.

Perimeter cabinetry is arranged in an L-shaped layout around four monumental cubes.

The spectacular kitchen island lighting is Volcano ceramic pendant lamps by Makhno.

The porcelain stoneware cubes recreate the rough texture of natural stone but with a functional finish.

In the bedroom, a live edge wood headboard design gives the space a warm rustic appeal.

In this space, a 3D tile feature wall climbs behind the headboard.

The female homeowner requested her favourite colour be dominant in her bedroom, dressing room, and bathroom design. Pink accents give the spaces a soft, feminine aura. These elegant LED glass pendant lamps are handmade MAKIVKA ICE lamps by Makhno.

The curved walls in Mureli House created a challenge. Many joins were required to achieve the perfect shape. Shadow seams were made on the floors and ceilings. Plasterboard was precisely cut according to the architect’s pattern. Finally, bespoke cabinetry was crafted to perfectly skim the walls’ radius.

A unique bathroom sink is set on a custom-made vanity shelf. The basin is an original Makhno product. The bathroom vanity lights are Vulyk pendants by Makhno Studio.

Pink glaze tints each area.

The pink fluted glass shower screen displays the perfect colour gradient.

A closet system holds robes.

The pink wall treatment is Makhno Studio’s Flapjack 3D wall cladding.

This blue farmhouse sink design is reminiscent of Makhno Studio’s Kvitka copper pendant lamp.

All the bathrooms in the Mureli project have original Makhno basins.

Before the final basin or bespoke piece of furniture is provided, each piece is developed as a trial version. The trial piece passes approval by the designer only when it corresponds exactly with the original visualisations.

Whilst custom basins are currently only designed and produced for customer projects, a collection of inspired designs will be released for individual sales in the near future.

On the floor plan, we can see where the sliding glass doors separate the kitchen from the large formal dining room and the neighbouring lounge area. We can also see the scale of the indoor terrace room, which stretches across the back of the kitchen and living room.

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